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Outstanding Professor and Outstanding Researcher Application

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The Procedure to Get Green Card after the Petition is Approved but I am outside U.S.?
Form I-140 Priority Date Retention for Subsequent Employment-Based Petition 
How to Handle the Request For Evidence in the Green Card Process?
It Is Difficult for Me to Get Independent Reference Letters, What Can I Do? 
How to Response the RFE Request for Judging the Work of Others?
I Have a PhD Degree, Will It Help My Green Card Application?
Date For Filing vs. Final Action Date, the Two-Tiered Visa Bulletin
The Processing Time for EB1 Green Card Application
Can I File EB1 and EB2 NIW Categories at the Same Time?
Does EB1 Outstanding Researcher or Professor Petition Need Employer Sponsorship?
Our Premium Petition Service Program for EB1 and EB2 NIW petitions
Request For Evidene from USCIS for Employer's Ability to Pay
Can I File a U.S. Green Card Application for Myself?
Three Year Experience in Research and Teaching Requirement for EB-1B Application
Request for Evidence (RFE) Question of Reviewing Journal Articles
Permanent Position for EB1 Outstanding Researcher or Professor and the Employment At Will
Can I File a Motion to Reopen or Motion to Reconsider after Form I-140 Denial?
The Three Years of Experience in Teaching or Research for EB-1B Application
How to Effectively Organize the Evidence Accompanied with Form I-140 Petition
Qualified Employer for EB1 Outstanding Professors or Researchers Green Card
The Final Merits Determination in the EB1 Two-Step Adjudication Process
Is It Necessary to State I Have a Permanent Position At Will for EB1-OR Application?
The Quality of the Evidence Considered by USCIS for EB1-EA and EB1-OR Application
The Procedure of Form I-140 Petition by Using USCIS' E-Filing
Is It True that an NIH Employee Cannot Write Reference Letter for Green Card Application Purpose?
The Criteria Used by USCIS for EB1 Prizes or Awards with National or International Significance
Do I Need to File Form I-864 as an Affidavit of Support?
Should I File Green Card Application in EB1 Outstanding Professor or Researcher (EB1B) Now?
What Kind of I-140 Applications Can be Filed by using USCIS' Premium Processing?
What Are Restrictions for EB1 Outstanding Researcher or Professor Petition?
Major Differences between EB1-Extraordinary Ability and EB1-Outstanding Researcher or Professor
When We Can Get Our A#, and What It Is Used for?
How Could I Use the Citations as Strong Evidence for My Green Card Application?
What Are the Current Application Fees for Form I-485, Form I-765, and Form I-131?
Are There Anything more I Should Know about the Reference Letters for EB1 or NIW Applications?
The Permanent Position for EB1-OR Petition and the Employment At Will
What Is the Definition of Outstanding for EB1-OR Application?
How to Summarize the Reference Experts' Qualification in My I-140 Petition Cover Letter?
Does My Sponsoring Employer Has to Withdraw My I-140 or Inform USCIS?
Can I Use My PhD Time Counting towards the Three Year Experience for EB1-OR Application?
Does It Weaken My EB1-OR Case If My Employer Is a Small Start-up Company?
What are the major difference between EB1-Extraordinaey Ability and EB1-Outstanding Researcher?
Should I Appeal My I-140 Denial to AAO or Refile I-140?
Change Job in the Same or Similar Occupational Classification
EB1 Green Card Application, But not the First Author for Most of Published Papers
The Permanent Job Position Requirement for Applications in EB1 Outstanding Researcher Category
Is There any Way to Predict or Prevent a Request for Additional Evidence (RFE) from USCIS?
As an Applicant, Should I Draft the EB1 (EB1A or EB1B) and NIW Reference Letters by Myself?
Be Careful Certain Words or Language in Reference Letters for EB1-Extraordinary Ability Application
Filing EB1-Outstanding Researcher Petition, and Use Priority Date of the Labor Certification
Will My Citation Records Weaken the Importance of My Publications and My EB1 Application
The Employment Letter for RFE (Request For Evidence) of EB1-EA Petition
Can I File Multiple I-140 Petitions in Different Immigration Categories?
Is It Still Available to File the Concurrent I-140/ I-485 Applications with Premium Processing?
The Launch of Form I-140 Premium Processing Services Will not Affect I-140/ I-485 Concurrent Filing
The Retention of the Earlier Priority Date is Permitted for a Later Filed EB1-Extraordinary Ability Case
After April 1, all Applicants Need to File I-140 Form to the Nebraska Service Center
I Want to Know if I Can Take This Job Without Affecting the Pending Green Card Process
I am Really Confused for the Meaning of the Request For Evidence Letter
I Am not Sure Whether I Should File an Outstanding Researcher Petition or a Labor Certification
What else I Need to Know Before Send out the I-140 Petition Materials to Avoid Rejection or an RFE?
The Unauthorized Employment and the Section 245(k) Eligibility for I-1485 Application
May I Submit a New EB1-OR Application to the CSC Service Center
What are the Requirements of USCIS for the EB1-Outstanding Researcher Category? 
Good Reference Letters are very Important for the EB1-OR Petition Success
Is There Any Risk if I Change Employer Now?
Substitute Previous I-140 Petition in The I-485 Application with the Approved One
Filing Two Green Card Petitions at The Same Time
I Never Receive a Receipt Notice from USCIS Service Center
Is It a Disadvantage If a Company Is Small for The EB1-OR Application?
A Permanent Job Is a Job Without a Clearly Defined Termination Date
Can I Change to Another University After One Year of I-485 Filing?
Do I Need a Sponsorship from my Current Employer for NIW or EB1 Application? 
Is There Any Requirement That A person Has To Work In The Same Area Of His Ph.D?
Is It Possible For Me To Apply For Green Card In EB1 With J1 Visa?
You Do Not Have To Send Any Originals To The USCIS
I Got Request for Additional Evidence Notice From USCIS, But My H-1B Will Expire
Submitting Applications In NIW And Outstanding Researcher
Do I Have To Notify The USCIS For My Job Change?
What Is The Procedure For Me To Get Green Card And Continue To Work In U.S.?
Applying For EB1-EA Or EB1-OR
The Prevailing Wage Is Not Required For EB-1 Outstanding Researcher or NIW
Can We Apply Green Card Separately So That If One of Us Gets Denied, We Can Rely On Other Person? 
EB1-EA And EB1-OR Petitions At Different USCIS Service Centers
EB1-OR Application Compared with EB1-EA Application
Can I Work For Another Company After My EB1-OR Approval On A New H1-B?




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