What else I Need to Know before I
Send out the I-140 Petition Materials to Avoid Rejection or an RFE?

Dr. William:

With more than three month preparation, collecting reference letters and related materials, I am now ready to send out the self-petitioned I-140 application documents to Vermont Service Center. As a last check, what else I need to know before submitting the petition materials, to avoid rejection or an RFE?   


To prevent rejection of I-140 filing, you need to know that USCIS can reject the filing for the following failures: 

  • missing forms;
  • outdated forms;
  • no original signatures on the forms 
  • no check or not appropriately prepared check for payment of the filing fee. 

For all other deficiencies, including insufficient initial supporting threshold documentation or missing information on the forms, the USCIS will issue RFE (Request For Evidence) but not rejection of the filing. You may want to double check your documents before sending them out.







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