Is There any Way to Predict or Prevent
a "Request for Additional Evidence" (RFE) from USCIS? 

Dr. William:

I will apply for Green Card with the help of your Do It Yourself packages for EB1 Extraordinary Ability (EB-1A) and EB1 Outstanding Professor (EB-1B). Is there any way to predict or prevent a "Request For Additional Evidence" (RFE) from USCIS? 


It may be possible that the USCIS officer is not convinced that your petitioning under an EB-1 (EB1 Extraordinary Ability or EB1 Outstanding Professor) category has met the burden to prove that you qualifies for the EB-1 category. In such a case, they will typically submit a "Request For Additional Evidence" (RFE) seeking certain forms of evidence that the USCIS finds lacking.

Therefore, you should takes great effort to present a strong case when you file the EB1 immigrant application, so that it may be approved without a request for additional evidence. Nevertheless, there is no way to predict how a particular USCIS officer reviewing your case will respond. Sometimes, even some very strong cases receive a "Request for Additional Evidence". Even in such situations, a lot of cases are usually approved after applicants prepare and submit the additional evidence. 









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