Any Suggestions to Reply the Request For 
Evidence Letter from USCIS for my EB1-EA Application?

Dr. William: 

I wants to ask your suggestions to reply my RFE (Request For Evidence) letter for my EB1-EA application. The RFE letter says my initial evidences qualify for only two criteria out of the four criteria I had tried. I am going to argue the other two criteria back. The criteria, 1) my original contributions, and 2) judge of others work, are accepted by USCIS. 

I have five first authored paper published, and some cited 15 times and highlighted in review papers, but it did not get much credit, because USCIS said in the RFE letter that researchers like me ďare supposed to have publications and need to show the impact." Do you have any suggestions for my RFE response?


Many alien applicants fought with USCIS on the publications issues in the EB1 and NIW petitions. USCIS' adjudicators keep sending these RFE requests about publications. In your situation, you need to show that your publication record is exceptional,  meaning that only few in the field have such a good publication record -  five first authored papers.

In same cases, the first authorship of publications does not exactly mean the real scientific contribution to a field for the USCIS' adjudicators, unless your co-authors write recommendation letters to clearly specify your critical role in these publications. The magazines which published your papers should be elite or on the top of the field, and it should accept only good research papers. 

Also, the reviewers that recommended your papers for publications should clearly state your important and scientific contribution to the field. If you saved these reviewers' comments, you should send them to USCIS with your RFE response.






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