RFE of NIW - Establishing that Your
Current Work is in U.S. National Interest

Dr. William:

I got a Request For Evidence (RFE) form the USCIS Service Center, the RFE is very general, and it lists 3 NIW requirements. I believe that my current research is in U.S. national interest. My problem may be that I do not have many publications - 5 papers in English, and 3 papers in Chinese, and only 5 citations. I have no idea of how to reply the RFE, please help!


The key point to remember in crafting a reply of your RFE of NIW is to establish your current work is in U.S. national interest. Each piece of additional evidence should speak to that standard.

The USCIS believes that a NIW applicant could not benefit the U.S. national interest by virtue of engaging in the field or seeking an as yet undiscovered solution to the problematic issue. Your additional evidence should establish that you are a researcher who is recognized as outstanding in your field.

Since the RFE you received is very general, it means that the USCIS will not approve a NIW petition simply because you meet the basic NIW requirements. Therefore, your reply of RFE should always show that:

1) you seek employment in an area of substantial intrinsic merit;

2) your employment should be national in scope;

3) you are recognized as outstanding in your field.








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