What Should I Do for the NIW Request for
Evidence Notice with Incorrect Last Name?

Dr. William:

Two months ago, I filed a NIW I-140 form application with USCIS. I did not receive a receipt notice after three weeks, I called the USCIS Information Officer. They were unable to find my name, so I have to began preparing a new copy of the NIW application to resubmit. Then, three weeks later, I received a RFE (Request for Evidence) notice for the NIW I-140 form that I submitted.  

But I noticed that they had also spelled my last name incorrectly, so the USCIS Information Officer was unable to find my NIW case on the computer when I gave him my name . What should I do for the NIW Request for
Evidence notice with incorrect last name?


The typo errors on receipt or approval notices are not unusual. This can be minor or major in its consequences. Usually, such errors only are a problem if you are trying to track a case on the telephone with the assistance of an USCIS Information Officer. In those cases, if they try to find the case by typing in the name, then they will not find it. 

In some cases which are approved or get Request for Evidence (RFE) notice, there can be some problems with USCIS Service Center if files are created or processed incorrectly. I would encourage anyone with this problem to contact the USCIS Service Center, preferably in writing, and request that the error be corrected, For the RFE response, you also have to beat the deadline for filing reply.









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