Should I Ask the USCIS Service Center to
Transfer my I-485 Case to Another Service Center? 

Dr. William:

I have a question and would like to have your opinion: my I-140 of NIW has been approved, and I submitted my I-485 application a few months ago. Now I will be transferred to an affiliate of my current company, which belongs to another USCIS service center. My question is what will happen to my I-485 application? should I ask the USCIS service center to transfer my application to another service center? 


First, for NIW application, you need to work in the same field after the job transfer at another location, this is very important. Since you are still work for the same employer, not totally different employer, you may not want to transfer your I-1485 application case to another USCIS service center.

You can keep the case in the current service center without transfer. If your get a RFE later from USCIS service center asking for your employment situation, you can reply with your employment letter and job descriptions from human resource offices at both places, to explain that your job is essentially the same. 








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