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When Is the Good Time to Begin an J1 Waiver Application?
J-1 Two-Year Home Residency Requirement Waiver for Foreign Medical Graduate
How to Calculate the J1 Status Accruing Unlawful Presence?
The Grace Periods for F-1 Students and J-1 Exchange Visitors
The J-1 Waiver Application on the Financial Hardship Ground
How Could I Make Arguements for J-1 Waiver based on "Exceptional Hardship"
Can I Apply for J-1 Waiver Based on Exceptional Hardship?
Can I File EB-1A Petition before the J1 waiver Approval?
Form I-140 Petition for J-1 Visa Holder Subjected to Two-Year Home Country Residency Requirement
If I File a NIW Petition and My H-1B Will Expire Soon, Can I Stay in the U.S.?
In Which Countries Could I Satisfy the J1 Visa Two-Year Foreign Residence Requirement?
J-1 Physicians Subject to the Two-Year Home Residence Requirement
The SEVIS Collects Current Student and Visiting Scholar Information
Foreign Physicians Applying for Green Card in National Interest Waiver or Labor Certification
After J-1 Waiver Approval, what are Options for a Foreign Physician to Apply for U.S. Permanent Residence?
After My J1 Waiver Approval, Can I File I-140/I-485 First and H1B Later on?
If I Go Home for the J1 Visa 2-year Residency, Can I Apply for a J1 Visa Again?
What Should I Know Before I Apply for the Exceptional Hardship J1 Waiver?
Do I have the Status Problem after the J1 Visa Expiration and Before the H-1B Approval?
May I Start to Work for a Company with EAD, but without the Social Security Number?
Is There Any Other Visa Type I Can Change to Before Returning to My Home Country for Two Years?
How to Apply for a J1 Waiver Based on the Fear of Persecution?
Can I Begin My H1B Visa Application Before the J1 Waiver Approval?
Do I Subject to the Three-year Bar to Enter US?
The Unlawful Presence in the U.S. for 180 Days or One Year
Is it Possible to Submit Another Application for Green Card? 
What Are the General Requirements for an L-1 Visa Application?
J-2 Visa Application and the EAD Work Permit 
IGA J1 Waiver From U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Can A J-1 Holder Selected In The Green Card Lottery Receive A J-1 Waiver?
May I File I-485 Before I Get J-1 Waiver Notice?
What Are The Options For J1 Waiver?
Interested Government Agency (IGA) Waiver for J-1 Holder
J1 Waiver of "No Objection"
J-1 Status Works For A Company With H-1B
I Am not Sure Whether I Am Required for 2-year Home Residence Requirement
Check J1 Waiver Application Status
I Am in J-1 Status, May I Change to O-1 Visa?
Is It Possible For Me To Apply For Green Card In EB1 With J1 Visa?



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