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Year 2020 - Selected Emails from Users for
 Questions and Comments on Our Services and Packages


***** Email from Sergei on 6/14/2020

Customer Service:

Just wanted to thank you. I purchased and used your kit and got NIW approval within less than four months without any RFE. You were of great help even for my other questions. Thank you!

I have several doubts about what to do now. Can I ask you (if yes, then I will write another e-mail. Thank you.). For your feedback, here are NIW petition details:

Background: Master Degree (US Education), 15 years of professional experience in Asia, Europe and the USA (Combined), 

15 publications (10 journals, 5 conferences, I am the first author in all these publications), 

no books, one patent, citation details forgot to submit, 8 letters of recommendations (plus two I had kept ready in case of any RFE; but was none), Nominated/Elected Senior Memberships (Sigma Xi, IEEE, and SPIE), Best Paper Awards/Grants.

international invitations for lectures/presentations, reviewer for many journals/conferences, organizing/technical committee member in various international conferences, 

Research funded by/recently worked for the US Dept of Commerce, Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, National Security Agency and the US Navy; area of expertise related with intrusion management in all-optical next generation internet - a US Government initiative.

Thank you.

***** Email from Ragutam on 6/10/2020

Dear William:

I visited your website of www.greencardapply.com. Thank you for the information you posted on the website. It is very useful.

I am a F1 student in bio major. it looks like I am qualified in applying NIW. If I submit I140 form, can I apply OPT? and Can I change to a different lab in another state such as CA, NY during application?

Thank you very much for your help. I am looking forward for your reply.

***** Email from Shunan on 6/1/2020

I would appreciate your assessment of my qualifications and whether I should pursue EB-1 EA, EB-1 OR or NIW route.

1. Not a Ph D, but extensive research (10+ years). Non-US education.
2. 4 journal and 11 conference research papers in the area of Optical Networks.
3. One patent.
4. Can get letters of references
5. Membership to Sigma Xi (Member), IEEE (Senior Member) and SPIE (Member).
6. Reviewed 6 papers (have proof of it).
7. Not many citations (less than 5).
8. No national prize.
9. Presently on H-1B visa with a small company (as Application Engineer) and previously was on J-1 visa as a Researcher at a US Federal Govt. research organization for two years.

Thank you.

***** Email from King on 5/24/2020

Hello Sir,

I have been referred to your website by a friend who was successful in getting I-140 approved by using your DIY package for Extraordinary Ability. 

I would like to pursue NIW approach for my GC processing and I am planning to buy your DIY kit. I would like to know your opinion on my case for NIW, after reviewing my attached resume.

Thank you very much for your time and reply.

***** Email from Yesha on 5/12/2020


Really appreciate your help.

You suggested me to apply for EB1-OR, in which my employer is the petitioner. If I apply for EB1-OR, can I get another job offer and move to the company during the Green Card application process?  Or do I have to stay with my current employer until getting Green Card? 

Thank you very much!

***** Email from Reddy on 5/2/2020


I ordered the do-it-yourself package 2 months ago and found it is very helpful. I am now in the final step to prepare my I-140.  My question is:

As I try to apply for both NIW and EB-1EA at the same time, one question on Form I-140 is "Has any immigrant visa petition ever been filed by or on behalf this person?", what should I answer? "Yes" or "No".

Thank you very much for your kind help.  I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

***** Email from Namsoo on 4/27/2020


I purchased your "Do It Yourself: NIW" kit last month, and already applied to VSC. Wish me luck!

Now a question came to my mind. I accepted a job offer related with the highlighted area for NIW. I mentioned this in my petition letter as a proof that "this will help me in contributing for the National Interest in future even after grant of NIW."

Now, won't INS think that if I have a job, why don't I go through the labor certification route? If I receive the RFE, I will rectify this error. Your thoughts will highly be appreciated.

Thank you.

***** Email from Reddy on 4/14/2020

Dear customer service representative,

Your web site about EB1 - Extraordinary Ability and Outstanding Researcher is very attractive, and I am eager to order the "Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for EB1-EA or EB-OR". 

However, I am still not quite sure whether I am eligible and which one is suitable. I would appreciate if you can evaluate my attached resume or give me some suggestions.

Do you think I qualify for EB1 - Extraordinary Ability or Outstanding Researcher? If so, which one is the best choice for me?  By the way, I am in the J-1 status and whether I still need to apply for the waiver when I apply for the EB1?

Your reply and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

***** Email from Yan on 3/24/2020


After searching numerous web sites, I found that your site is very professional, informative, and convincing. Also, the content on your web site shows your extensive knowledge in EB1-EA, EB1-OR, and NIW.  It is why I am emailing you, with my confidence, to ask my personal questions.

I am very interested in your web site and the Complete Do-It-Yourself  Package, but I am not sure that I could eligible for which category (EB-1 Outstanding Researcher, EB-1 EA, or EB-2 NIW). Listed below is my background, please help me to evaluate:

  • PhD in physics from China

  • Post doctoral research in China for three years before came to USA

  • Three years of teaching and research experience in an university in China

  • 11 publications in scientific/engineering journals in English and in Chinese

  • No patent

  • Two USA scientific memberships

  • One award for best  PhD paper from China and its scholarship

  • As a senior researcher for two year at a small IT research company in USA 

  • Can get recommendation letters from my PhD advisors in China and from my current employer and another PhDs.

I like to file EB1-OR or EB1-EA, but I have a question on whether to file as Outstanding Researcher or to do Labor Certification for the Green Card application: do you think it is a good time to do Labor Certification right now? since there are many layoffs these days in IT industry.

Also, is it true that USCIS California Center has stopped processing EB-1 or NIW cases?

***** Email from Hua on 3/9/2020

Dear Sir:

Your web site about EB-1 Extraordinary Ability is very helpful, I am interesting in ordering "Complete Do-it yourself package for EB1-EA. However, I am still not quite sure whether I have the qualification. I was wondering if you can give me some suggestions. My background is listed in the attached document.

Do you think I could qualify for EB-1 Extraordinary Ability? Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

***** Email from Hongbo on 2/26/2020

Hi William:

I came through your web site and I got interested in purchasing do-it-yourself package. I came to know from your website about your extraordinary knowledge on EB1-EA, EB1-OR, and NIW.

I am a Graduate Student and am pursing PhD in Computer Science in a top school. I feel staying in student visa for long time to be quite insecure. Is it possible for a PhD student to obtain Green Card while in school? If so, could you please expose or direct me to some good information source relating to my concern. Any advice would be deeply appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


***** Email from Oleh on 2/1/2020

Hello William,

Thank you for the service you provide. Your web site has always been a help to me. I have a question about my H1B visa. 

Currently I am working with company A. Few days back, Company B offered me a job and have applied for a new H1B (not a H1B transfer). They have told me now that before I can start working with them I need to get my H1B stamped in my home country. Why is that I cannot start working as I have got the H1B approval papers from company B. Can you please advice.
Thank You,

With Best Regards.

***** Email from Karoly on 1/19/2020


Thank you for your reply. I will ask the questions about I-485  later on, if any. Thank you.

Yes, definitely I will recommend your kit. In fact I already did it today to one of my friend, a researcher preparing EB-1 OR and NIW both. I hope he will buy them and get benefited, too.

Thank you.



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