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Year 2019 Selected Emails from Users for
Questions and Comments on Our Services Packages

***** Email from Oleg on 9/10/2019

Dear William,

I am working as a Manager in one of the government based Gas companies in Dubai (UAE). I would like to apply for USA immigration through EB-1 (Extraordinary Capability). I have gone through the requirements online at your web site www.greencardapply.com, and would like to get your support / assistance.

I can showcase the following strong evidence as a part of EB-1 (EA) Eligibility criteria. I understand 3 out of 10 are sufficient for eligibility. However, i can give strong evidence to Authorities on all my strengths for their  reference in hierarchical order

1.  Membership of an association - Prestigious  Safety Membership in Institution of Occupation safety and Health (IOSH) - International level. I am a Chartered Member of Institution of Occupational Safety and Health - CMIOSH.

2. Publications in Major trade publications and Media - I am the author for 14 international journal publications on safety (Details can be provided). I am also an author for one book (290 Pages) related to my trade and published by academic publication house, Germany.

3. Participated in Panel as a judge to review others work -  I am a senior assessor for Dubai Quality Award (Government Entity) to assess Business Excellence / Operational Excellence of major companies in Dubai. 

4. Employed in critical capacity for an organisation that has distinguished reputation - I am currently employed in Gas company that has largest market share. 

5.  High Salary for my services - I am drawing 36% higher salary than average salary in UAE .

6. Displayed professional work in International Professional Exhibition - I have displayed my work in international professional exhibitions.

7. Scholar Articles in Professional Journals - I am an author for 14  research publications in 7 different international online research journals. list can be provided Significance of work  in terms of reference letters can be provided from university and industry.

8. National Award for excellence work - I am holding a world record in research publications under the category " most number of research publication in several international journals within short duration" by Amazing world records India. - details can be provided

I am seeking your help in filing my case. I saw your DIY Green Card package details online. Can you please review my case and let me know whether i can apply for EB-1 (EA) visa for immigration through your DIY Green Card package? If so, let me know how can i proceed. Also, let me if i need some sample reference letter can i get from you?

Please let me know more details and the next step.

Thank you very much and Regards.

***** Email from Gerhard on 9/3/2019

Hi. Greetings!

First of all, thank you very much for providing a very helpful resource for us on the internet.

I came to the US with a B2 Visa which was later changed to J1, so I can start Internal Medicine residency in the US.  At the beginning of my third year residency, I suffered from a debilitating combination of resident burnout and depression that led me to quit my residency training. I stayed in the US after that for some psychiatric treatment, and has been doing odd jobs here and there since.

My question is: Am I still subject to the 2-year foreign residence requirement for J1 Visa holders? Technically, I did not finish my residency training, and I am not practicing my medical degree. I did not finish my graduate medical education and training, so there is really no acquired knowledge or skills that I can impart as a medical doctor in my home country of residence. 

Thank you very much.


***** Email from Alia on 8/28/2019

Dear Sir/Madam, Greetings,

I would kindly like to ask you for information concerning attaining my H4 in a country that is not my birth country.

I was born in Africa and my wife was born in another country. We came to the United States on H-2B non immigrant visas. We met here and got married in January last year. My wife has in the meantime changed her status to a F1 student visa and graduated from a community college in New York 2 years ago.

We are currently living in Florida where my wife is working for a company that offered her an H-1B visa, I became her dependent and with the help of our lawyer applied for my F2 dependent visa. And soon afterwards also applied for my H4 visa.  However, it got denied because it was filed before my wife's H-1B visa got approved. Would it be possible for me to apply for my H4 visa in her home country?

Your advise will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you kindly. Appreciate your help.

***** Email from Chen on 8/15/2019

Dear William,

I have used your DIY package for my EB-1A petition, which got approved in 10 days! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Now I am filling up my I-485 forms. Both I and husband are filing the I-485, I-765 and I-131. I have a few doubts for which I cannot find answers to in the DIY package. Please kindly answer these at your convenience:

1) My husband and I are both on H1B visa but I applied for the I-140. We plan to submit our I-485 together. Should both sets of applications be in the same package?

2) My husband is not a dependent but a derivative family member. So, what eligibility category does he fall into for the I-765 line 16?

3) Are there any other specific forms that he needs to file because he is not a dependent?

4) In our G-325a forms, we cannot fill up the complete name and address of the employer in the space given. Do we use an additional sheet? If so, what is the format for that?

I really appreciate your help with my green card application and am really grateful for your comprehensive DIY packages.

Thank you so much.

***** Email from Cronin on 8/4/2019

Hi Green Card Service Provider,

I am really thankful to you for giving such a incredibly useful information on your excellent websit - www.greencardapply.com.  I have a situation as described below, and really appreciate if you could advise me so that I follow the rules correctly.

I am an International Medical Graduate (Physician) who might be starting my medical residency in United states in July as an Exchange Visitor. In order to pursue the medical residency, I will be applying for J1 visa sponsored by ECFMG (EVSP).

I have been living in Canada as a permanent residence for the last 2 years and according to the process of obtaining J1 visa, I should be applying from Canada as this is my recent place of residence. However, during my medical residency, I will lose my permanent resident status in Canada as I won't be able to complete residency days requirements in order to maintain permanent resident status of Canada.

Hence, I won't be able to do 2-year Home requirement as I won't be able to come to Canada as a permanent resident. I can return only make permanent residence after my residency in the country of my origin (country of my nationality). In this case, which country (Canada or country of my origin/nationality) I need to return to.

I will really appreciate if you could guide me so that I don't jeopardize my chances to pursue training in US.  

Best regards. Thank you so much for your time.

***** Email from Dhillon on 7/25/2019

Hello Sir,

I am interested in your DIY Green Card application packages, getting my application evaluated for EB1C Green Card for executive or manager. Here are some details about myself

I am struggling to find an answer to my question regarding which employer can file for my GC under EB1C Category. All the below companies have offices in my home country  and US and are of multinational category.

Employer 1 - Worked for 5 years in my home country as executive and left; Employer 2 - Worked for 1 year in India as senior executive and left; Employer 3 - Worked for 1.5 years in India executive and now in US on L1A since last 1.5 years

Please clarify if all the above 3 companies can file for my GC under EB1C considering my executive/managerial role abroad with the subsidiary company in the past 3 year preceding my entry to US on L1A. Can I have Employer 1 and Employer 2 also file for my GC under EB1C category?

Thank you very much for your time. Please let me know if you need further information.


***** Email from Kim on 7/16/2019

Hi William,
I am in Korea at this time. I’d like to purchase your products including Do-it-yourself packages (NIW and EB-1 Extraordinary ability).Hopefully with the helps of your DIY package, I can prepare better application.

However, there are some problems with purchasing the products. Please give me a response with respect to the following inquiries.
Regarding the payment method with respect to purchasing the products, your homepage says that we need to send the payment to your PO Box address. I contacted the post office and other courrier services in Korea, such as DHL and Fedex. They told me that they cannot provide services in case of US PO Box address.

Only the post office in Korea says that they may provide a service which usually takes more than two weeks. Furthermore, I have not used Paypal. Because of the reason, I do not trust final safety in using Paypal.

Is there any other address which is not PO Box address for us to send the payment to you in couple of days? If yes, please let us know that.  If we send to you an international money order as a payment method, is it acceptable?

Best Regards. Thanks and looking forward to your reply.

***** Email from Jazmin on 7/3/2019

Hello Green Card Service,

I can see your Green Card & Visa Application packages on your excellent website. I'm based in San Francisco, found your articles while researching the green card process online and would love to get your expert feedback on my chances at O1 and EB1 and work together if it makes sense.

I have a degree in Economics, and I'm currently on H1B visa and feel limited in terms of the roles I can pursue on my H1B because I'm interested in programming and founding my own startup and H1B won't allow either.

Someone recommended the O1 visa and making a case for "being an individual with extraordinary ability", though O1 seems employer specific and if my employer shuts down, then I'm stuck. At least, my H1B will let me find another job within 3 months and keep my visa. So I wanted to check if I have a good case for EB1 green card. It seems that the processing time is about 8 months.

I have an offer from a friend to be a CMO at her early stage startup GetSudzy.com but they haven't raised money so what happens if they shut down in a few months? How does that affect my visa status? If my friend sponsors me as an agent as opposed to an employer, will that allow me more flexibility to work for any employer and in any job function?

What do you think? Do you need any other information from me to determine if we have a good shot at EB1 green card(strongly preferred just because then I'm set for good)?

Could you please let me know the details in responding the questions.

***** Email from Dutta on 6/26/2019

Dear Sir,

I have applied for a NIW (National Interest Waiver) Green Card, by ordered your Complete Do-It-Yourself NIW Package. Thank you very much for your help.

I am in very critical position. My I-140 under EB2 approved. My new employer not ready to continue my GC process. I appreciate if you can help me to file my GC under NIW. I received CEO award for my research and outstanding product delivered for them. This is electricity company(25% government). I have Masters in IT and PG diploma in Computers, PMP Certification from UC Irvine.

Let me know I am a good candidate for EB2 NIW and appreciate if you can provide detailed information on how you going to handle my case and fees etc.

I appreciate your quick response.


***** Email from Harris on 6/17/2019

Dear Madam or Sir:

I want to obtain my Green Card as an Alien of Extraordinary Ability. I like to go through DIY self-petition, and I want to buy your EB1A DIY package.

I am a postdoctoral associate in an academic institution, and I earned my PhD in US. I was told that I might get my green card through NIW. But most of my friends would hire an attorney and cost around 7000-8000 dollars, which scares me out.

1) I want to know how much help that I can get from the kit comparing to the attorney.

2) If I have questions after purchasing the DIY kit, is it possible for me to get help from you based on my personal case?

Thank you very much for your time. I look forward to your reply.

***** Email from Ann on 6/3/2019

Hi William,

I am working at the University of Florida on J-visa. This is our 2nd year on this visa with new DS-2019 form. We came as Fulbright scholar to the UF and took up the current position after completion of the Fulbright program and now our DS-2019 is sponsored by the UF. I am qualified to work as a Postdoctoral Associate.

Can we apply for Green Card under EB category even before we apply for 212(e)waiver? Can we apply for waiver now even though we are just in the second year of our J-1 visa?

Our visa stamp has expired and we work in the US based on the new DS-2019 form, are we allowed go out of the US and get new J- visa based on the current DS-2019 form? 

I look forward to your valuable answers and opinion, if any.

Best regards.

***** Email from Ping on 5/28/2019

Dear Mr. William,

Thank you for the very important answers. I need one more point clarified in relation to the 3rd question. You said we can still stay in the US using J- visa program even if our waiver application gets rejected. We get our DS-2019 on a yearly basis.

I am interested in your EB-1A Executive/Manager Green Card DIY package. My question is can my employer issue new DS-2019 form after our waiver application gets turned down? I am asking this because one of our office colleagues told that new DS-2019 from cannot be issued if waiver application is rejected.

Accordingly, he advised us to apply for the waiver at the end of 5 years when we would have used up the maximum benefit of using J-1 visa in the US. Please let me know your comment/answer on this. If everything goes in right way, we would soon be filing for the waiver and/or EB-1A.

Best regards. Hoping for your prompt reply.

***** Email from Hurun on 5/13/2019

Hi, William

My US-based parent company is planning to sponsor a foreign manager who has been working as a full-time, freelance consultant (rather than a direct-hire employee) for our wholly owned subsidiary located in China. Can she meet the "1 year employment in the past 3 years" requirement as a full-time independent contractor/consultant under the control and management of our Chinese subsidiary? Or must she be hired as a "regular employee" by our subsidiary?

A quick scan of the relevant information on the internet suggests the following view:

"All L1 employees must have been employed by the your company outside of the USA for at least one of the three years preceding the transfer unless the beneficiary of a blanket. It does not matter if the worker was directly employed by the sponsor, or paid through an agency or personal service company, or even on a freelance basis, provided the sponsor had management and control over the worker during the qualifying year."

Do you agree with the above view? Thanks you in advance for your help!

***** Email from Smurny on 5/5/2019

Hello Sir/Madam,
Hope this finds you well. I would like to self petition Green Card.

I am a J-1 holder and also a permanent residence petitioner; the form I-140 I submitted has been approved and right now I'm waiting for the priority date becoming current. I wish to consult you about a J-1 waiver related question, if at all possible. I learned that once waiver approval is received (with respect to the 2-year home residency requirement), the J-1 visa cannot be extended.
I would greatly appreciate if you could elaborate on the effect of waiver approval on the J-1 visa status. Does it mean one's valid visa status gets lost immediately once waiver is received or only that visa for the coming year cannot be extended. Related (and if the former is true) I wonder whether J-1 holder should wait till the priority date becomes current to submit the waiver request, even that means several months' additional waiting time.

***** Email from Pillai on 4/25/2019

Dear William,

I am a post doctoral fellow at MD Anderson Cancer center. I am planning to order EB2 NIW package from the site. I have few questions before i order the package, I tried to search on the web and had mixed answers so wanted to make sure before i place the order.

I am on my F1 OPT-STEM extension- Can I still apply EB2 NIW 140? If my 140 is approved under EB2 NIW category, Does the approved 140 have any positive affect if I apply for EB1 category in future. Say: since 140 approved in EB2  will they consider that or again review my application ( EB1 acceptance rate is only 50% so wanted to make sure)

Please do let me know


***** Email from Rajesh on 4/16/2019

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a Post-doctoral researcher in a leading University in Florida and have spent about two years as a Post-doctoral researcher in Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Department of Chemistry at the University of California Berkeley. I also spent a year and three months in Nagoya University on a highly prestigious fellowship; Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).

I am very interested in the do-it-yourself package for NIW or EB-1A. Currently, I am on a J-1 visa but would like to apply to become a permanent resident of the United States of America under the National Interest Waiver (NIW) (especially EB-1A Green Card). I am a trained Computational Physicist and have distinguished myself in my field with a total of eighteen scientific publications in reputable Physics and Chemistry journals in a very short time span.

I am reaching out to your law firm to become my attorney in this matter. For that, I have a few questions - What are my chances based on my background and education? What are the associated costs for the processing?

Please feel free to give me a reply if you see the need to. I will wait for your terms and the offer for DIY package.

Thank you for your time. Kind regards.

***** Email from Vivek on 4/2/2019

Dear William,

I am an Endocrinologist who will start practicing in Al. I am on a H1B visa and am applying for National Interest Waiver to file for I-140. I had a question regarding filing for NIW-EB2 and will greatly appreciate your response.

Can you please explain what is NIW-EB2 filing with Delta regional authority (DRA)? If I need to file in Alabama, do you think the Alabama state dept of health will be able to issue me an attestation letter or do I have to file it to a federal agency like DRA to get the attestation letter? Which one do you recommend?

Also, will appreciate if you can please let me know what will be the total filing cost including legal fees and USCIS filing for NIW EB2-140?
Thank you so much. Looking forward to hearing back from you.
Best Regards.

***** Email from Ioutia on 3/26/2019

Dear William:

I am a third year PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT).

I heard about your great website greencardapply.com from my friend and I am interested in getting evaluation for my petition to EB2-NIW.Hope you could help me. I want to order "Complete Do-It-Yourself Package.

I attach in this email my resume, work experience, publications and list of peer-review experience. Please let me know if you need additional information. I look forward to receiving your response soon. Thank you so much.

Thanks for your attention in advance.

***** Email from Kiran on 3/18/2019

Hi William,

I love your web site, I have been referring to it a lot in the lead up to submitting NIW application.  

I am currently a J-1 student in academic training which finishes next year in September. My plan is that before September next year I will have applied for the NIW EB-2.

I am also applying for my two year rule waiver now. However if the NIW fails I wish to apply for an H visa.  Are there any objections in this scenario?

Please advise. Looking forward to hear from you soon.

***** Email from Yong on 3/9/2019

Hi William,

I have a question for EB2 and EB2 NIW.

I am a pastor and just finished my study with two master degrees and PhD. Currently I am staying with religious visa, but when I transferred it to my current church there is 8 month break. My local attorney tells that I need two years to apply green card. So I consider EB2. Do you think that I am eligible to submit EB2 NIW?

I don't have any world record, but I have good experience at several church for more than 10 years in Korea and in USA. I also had Malcolm award and several awards during my military service with US soldiers in Korea.

And if I do it by myself for EB2, is it right that I need EB2. Perm, I-140 and I-485?


***** Email from Ming on 2/25/2019

Dear Sir,

I like to order Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for Green Card application.

I would like to self petition EB1 as unfortunately, I do not have any other options as EB3 and EB2 are really backlogged for India. Currently I have EB3  I-140 approved with current employer. I am not too optimistic on my employer if it will be Sponsor of eb1b even if my current job requires masters degree and involved in research. So with that uncertainty I would like to buy DIY EB-1A package from you.

My Questions - Will documents (reference letter ..etc)prepared from Eb1a kit will also work in EB-1B case just in case I get sponsorship? As you know it is quite tough to get reference letters again. Also what is the best way to pay/receive your EB-1A package?

I appreciate any help on this. Have a great day.

Thank you.

***** Email from Jason on 2/13/2019

Respected Sir/Madam,

I got my I-140 cleared through EB1A. Thank you very much for your help of your great EB1A DIY package! I will applying for I-485, EAD and AP next week.

There is an issue with my job. It is uncertain after end of July what is going to happen. What will happen say if I get EAD before end of july but I lose my job. My friend told me that he got recently  two months ago EAD in one month. Can I be jobless with EAD for 2-3 months when my I-485 is pending.

Thank You, I highly appreciate your reply and thank you very much in advance

***** Email from Sujeewa on 2/4/2019

Hi Green Card Application Services,

I am considering to order an EB1B DIY package. Before putting the order, I have a question about this package: does this package include the information and documents for applicants from a startup company?

As I am working in a startup company, we have 3 fulltime scientists and 1 CTO. I need to make sure the package can be helpful for my situation.

Your consistent help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

***** Email from Abbas on 1/17/2019

Hi, William,

I have few questions. My I-140 got approved under EB1A category. I am going to send the I-485 petition today or tomorrow. I heard that EB1A don’t need an employment offer.

I am expecting that I will lose my job by end of July. If I file I485 and My EAD application is still pending, will I be considered that I am still under “legal status”.

If I get EAD, do I still have to have an employment or can I be on EAD without job for some time (more than a month) as it is EB1A.If I start a company will that be sufficient till I get my GC to prove that I am working.

Thanks for your Do-it-yourself package. And I got most of valuable information from your well designed web-site. It is very helpful. I request you to keep updating these questions in the package. It will be useful for others. Very nice job.

Thank you so much. Best Regards.

***** Email from Ghimi on 1/5/2019

Hi William,

We would like to purchase DIY package of J1 waiver. I am an international medical graduate that is working in under-served area after finishing my training in psychiatry. I finished a year at my job already and has 2 more years according to the contract.
My husband is moving to Texas as he had some emergency at his work. We have a son together and he is going with my husband as I won’t be able to take care of him with the schedules I have. I am very worried about this change and wandering if my J1 can be waived because of extenuating circumstances for my husband who has a green card and my son who is born here.
Any help in this matter will be helpful.




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