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Year 2018 Selected Emails from Users for
Questions and Comments on Our Services Packages

***** Email from Raj on 12/30/2018

Dear William,

Thank you William for the response. It is encouraging to know this.  I am looking for different option I have to apply for permanent residency in USA. I came across your excellent website and it was much more helpful. Can you please provide your inputs on the options I have and suggest how to proceed? my profile:

1) Bachelors in Electrical and Electronics Engg. from India. 2) MS and Phd Electrical and Computer Engg. from USA. 3) Working for Electric Utility  as a Electrical Engineer. 4) Member of IEEE and PES. 5) Published two journal papers in Power System Transactions. 6) Published 9 papers. 7) citations:32. 8) 11 presentations at different IEEE and PES conferences. 9) Reviewed 11 papers. 10) Did research on National Science Foundation (NSF) and Office of US Navy funded projects.

I am on OPT extension. My employer did H1B but it did not get picked in lottery selection. Can you please evaluate and suggest in which category (EB2-NIW/EB1) I can apply and what are the chances of approval? And if it gets rejects, what are affects on legal status at present and in future ?

Thank you very much and Regards.

***** Email from Hachem on 12/17/2018

Dear Customer Service,

I want to order a "Complete Do-It-Yourself Package" from your website. I believe it will be very helpful. I am just having trouble with figuring out which P Visa to apply for as none of them seem to apply to my situation at the moment. I am an Australian musician looking to get a working visa for the US.

I have been playing in a band on a Cruise Ship in the US for the last 6 months and our band got offered a job based in Atlanta playing Wedding gigs. We have a booking agent who would be providing the gigs for us.

Just wondering which P Visa would be the correct one for this type of situation? Any information would help.

Kind Regards.

***** Email from Pilar on 12/8/2018

Dear Sir/Madam,

I had purchased your L1B extension kit last time, and because of your great inputs, I was able to get my extension approved. Thank you soo much!

Now, time is nearing for me to think for next options. My L1B extension will expire in 2 years, and I will also complete 5 years of maximum limit by then.

I was thinking of L1A conversion. Can you please advice me what all options other than L1 A conversion. I have to continue my stay in US.

If L1A conversion is the best way, can you please advice me the process and steps. I would like to purchase the appropriate DIY kit for the same.

Appreciate your help.

***** Email from Affaro on 11/28/2018

Dear William,

Hope you are doing great, and thank you for providing such a great information at your website www.greencardapply.com. I will be ordering the “Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for EB1 Extraordinary Ability Petition” tomorrow. In the mean time, I would like to discuss my credentials with you to know about my chances of success.

I have published 28 SCI papers so far, 4 books (edited/ authored), 3 Book Chapters, and hold 4 US patents. I have 297 citations as per google scholar .      

So I would also like to have your opinion that I should use during my application after receiving your Package. I have also attached my CV for your consideration.  

I am looking forward to hear more from you asap.

***** Email from Srinidhi on 11/14/2018

Hi Green Card Service Provider,

Since I am applying for green card, I found your website (www.greencardapply.com ) really very useful. I am writing your to ask to a particular question regarding my green card and O-1 visa.

I am applying for green card, and I know it takes several months to a year to get a green card for EB1A (Alien of Extraordinary Ability EB1A).

Simultaneously, I am applying for jobs in biotech industries, and wondering in case I get a job offer while my green card application is being processed, would it be possible at that point to file for an O-1 visa through the company if it offers?

I am on J-1 right now, and to start a new job, I will need to change my visa. I know I am eligible for O-1 visa that companies sponsor. So while my green card application is being processed, am I eligible to change my job and visa from J-1 to O-1?

Please let me know if any other information is needed to answer my question.

Thank you so much for your time.

***** Email from Yiwen on 11/5/2018

Hello Sir,

I am interested in your DIY Green Card application packages, getting my application evaluated for EB2NIW or EB1A or EB1B. Here are some details about myself:-

I am basically Doctor from my home country, and I finished masters in public health with biostatistics as a major in United States. Currently, I am working as Research Associate I in a Division of Nephrology, Clinical and translational research unit in a U.S. university. I have expertise of both fields: Biostatistics and Medicine.

This helps me to do research projects independently, and also collaborate with other independent researchers. I have acquired national databases, and we have published 25 full original research articles and 72 conference papers in last 2 years.

My main focus is outcomes research in a field of medicine. I believe our research has national/world level impact as most of these articles are based on analysing national/world level epidemiology of various diseases, and how we can improve or prepare for future.

I have also attached my CV which includes all details regarding citations and media recognition. I am looking for your suggestion regarding my eligibility of either of these petitions and I would also be interested in your attorney services.

Thank you very much for your time. Please let me know if you need further information.


***** Email from Dilernis on 10/25/2018

Hi William,

I used to be professional badminton competitor, and now coaching U.S. junior national players and serving critical roles in the development of the sport in the country. I believe that I am qualified for EB-1 Extraordinary Ability.

I ran into the DIY Green Card package offered by Green Card Apply Service. I thought it would help me to prepare my application, but I need to confirm if the package includes any samples in athletics.

Hopefully with the helps of my lawyer and the DIY package, I can prepare better application.

Thanks and looking forward to your reply.

***** Email from Fischer on 10/18/2018

Hello Green Card Service,

I can see your RFE Response packages on your excellent website.

I am working with a reputed multinational company. My company had applied L1B Individual visa for me and after 15 days , I have received a status as "RFE". But, still I am waiting for the RFE questions.

I wanted to respond the RFE questions with due intelligence, so that chances of getting approval of my L1B visa should be fair.

Could you please let me know the details in responding the RFE questions and price details.

***** Email from Aparma on 10/6/2018

Dear sir,

I am trying to apply for a EB1C Green Card, and I like to order Complete Do-It-Yourself EB1C Package.

I want to know more about EB1C Green Card Application. My friend and his lawyer told me that I must have to stay in canada physically at least one year to run Canadian business with in last  three year, then after I can apply for EB1C. I will buy business in canada now while I am in USA on E2 visa.

As a executive officer, can I  take payroll both side? So this is confusion for me that whether I can apply for EB1C or not after one year?

Please provide me your detail. If any consultation fees I have to pay then I will pay but please provide me your contact number. Many of my friend  have same question.

***** Email from YanMin on 9/27/2018

Dear Madam or Sir:

I have obtained my Green Card about 3 years ago as an Alien of Extraordinary Ability. I did it through DIY self-petition, and I greatly benefited from your DIY package, which I purchased back then from your great website.

I have since been approached by several colleagues who would like to follow the same route. They turn to me for guidance and copies of my successful petition to use as a template. I am not a lawyer, nor do I dispense legal advice or offer immigration services. I simply share my story with people and let them fend for themselves. I charge no fee for doing so. I often direct them to your website and products, for further information and detailed instructions.

I was wondering whether you offer an affiliate program I could join, to eventually be commissioned for these types of referrals. I am preparing an article to share my story with my peers (I have a huge following online), and I expect a considerable number of orders to follow that effort.

Finally, I would also like to be reassured that your service is authorized to dispense the kind of advice it does, in the form that it does, and that I will be safe sending you referrals.

Thank you very much for your time. I look forward to your reply.


***** Email from Gott on 9/13/2018

Hi William,

Hope this finds you well. I need your help!

I got a question for you regarding L1B petition renewal. I recently moved to USA on L1B visa and I got Visa for 3 years but  the I-94 is issued only for 2 years.

Upon checking my petition approval notice, I got to know that it will expire in 8 moths. For Good or bad reasons, my company is planning to close its branch operations in my home country from next month. Now my question:
   1) Is it possible to renew the petition in next year without the company in my home country?

   2) If yes then what are  the options for renewing the L1B petition by U.S. employer?

Thanks for your help.

***** Email from Melhem on 9/8/2018

Respected Sir,

I am interested in your EB-1C Executive/Manager Green Card DIY package.

We are in Real Estate and Hotel Business since 1995 in my country. We want to expand our  both business in USA.

We own a private limited company in my country. Now, we want to expand our business in USA, For our business expansion program, we like to buy/ joint venture /equity partnership for our new business expansion in USA in real estate and hotel business.

For our business expansion program,  will we eligible for EB1C immigration visa for our Owner/Executive Manager ? Or please give us guidance for suitable business immigration visa for our business expansion program.
Hoping for your prompt reply.

***** Email from Grace on 8/28/2018

Hi, William

I am a postdoc working in a hospital set lab, at the Department of Ophthalmology, in a Medical School. I am currently on J1 visa, and have J1 waiver.

I have been working in the US for 4 years. I have 9 journal publications, one of them is the cover paper and has a comment review on a high-rang journal; 2 conference presentations; 20 peer-reviews for more than 5 different journals; 40 citations found on Google Scholar

I hope to apply for EB1A Green Card, and I have consulted several lawyers. But I was told since my citations were not good enough, I was not qualified. Today, I searched your website and found some approved cases only have 35 citations. So I was wondering if there is a chance for me to apply. Since Ophthalmology is a small research field, so it's hard to accumulate abundant citations.

Please help me evaluate my credential.

Thank you very much! Attached please find my CV and Google Scholar link

***** Email from Kashish on 8/13/2018

Hello Sir/Madam,

I am a postdoctoral fellow at a U.S. National Lab, and a researcher at the STAR experiment at the National Laboratory. I am planning to apply for permanent residency in the U.S.

I would like your professional evaluation of my profile. I was initially planning to file for an EB1-A with: Publications: +50 publications; Original Contribution: internationally recognized expert on measurements of open heavy flavor. Collaborators and independent reviewers attest to that; Critical Role: Play a critical role in the Heavy Flavor Tracker project, see attached profile page 4.

However, I gathered that the critical role is not an easy criterion to satisfy while on a postdoctoral fellow. I would like to know what you recommend for me case, EB1A or a NIW? or both?

Please note that I do not have paper reviews. So this is not an option.

***** Email from Boigher on 8/5/2018

Dear William,

I would like to self petition EB1 Green Card, I do not have any other options as EB3 and EB2 are really backlogged for my country. Currently I have EB3 - I 140 approved with current employer. I am not too optimistic on my employer if it will be sponsor of EB-1B even if my current job requires masters degree and involved in research.

So with that uncertainty, I would like to buy EB1A Green Card from your excellent website at www.greencardapply.com. Questions:

1) Will documents (reference letter ..etc) prepared from EB1A kit will also work in EB1B case, just in case I get sponsorship? As you know it is quite tough to get reference letters again.

2. Also what is the best way to pay/receive the EB1A kit?

Here is my current profile. I would like if you have any advice from vast experience. Masters and PhD from US university ( Mechanical engineering). 6+ years of research and engineer experience. 7 publications in peer reviewed international journal and conferences. 24 citations for national and international researchers. 2 reviewed journal articles.  technical advisor of 3 research projects in university and company

I appreciate any help on this. Have a great Sunday.

Thank you.

***** Email from Fola on 7/15/2018

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am very interested in the do-it-yourself package for EB-1C.

I am a sales manager of a reputable machine making company in my country The company intends to send me to the US to open a representative office for sales and aftersales services.

I have read conditions of L1 Visa on many websites including yours, and I believe my company and me are eligible for this type of visa. Please let me mention some points and then you could tell me the possibility and terms of cooperation.

I prefer to arrive with my wife in the US, the reason is that my wife is pregnant and this date is the last date she is allowed to fly. The target place for the office is California.

I will wait for your terms and the offer for DIY package.

***** Email from Kumar on 6/16/2018

Dear William,

Thank you for your prompt reply and feedback. My employer will be applying for a 3 year extension to my H1B in March. We are also exploring the EB2/EB3 option with employer sponsorship through labor certification. My specific questions are:

With my credentials which option is suitable, EB2 or EB3, if I rule out both EB1 and NIW at present? I am assuming requirements for EB2-NIW and EB2-employment based are different. How about approval chances and wait time?

Is it possible to extend H1B beyond 6 years? My H1B after renewal will expire in August 2020. What can I do to meet the eligibility? How can my wife who is currently in US on H4 can get an EAD based upon my status? How soon that could happen?

What is the timeline and the services you can provide in my specific case? I would also like to know about the similar cases you have handled from the professors in a community college.

Thanks for your time.

***** Email from Ava on 6/8/2018

Dear William,

I was surfing on net and found your contact and have some queries related to EB1 eligibility. Hope you could help me. I want to order "Complete Do-It-Yourself Package.

First, I have a question regarding Immigration status changes, and I am looking for the best/safe way to make it happen:

Currently I am on F-1 Visa and I will obtain my PhD in Computer Science in 3 months. I am actively looking for jobs, and I have obtained an offer from a company which is NOT e-verfiy . I know I can switch to my OPT to start there, but the issue is that I can apply for H1b only once (as I can get at most 12 months of OPT). Considering current situation of H1b, it is highly possible that I won't get selected, and my question is what is the alternative/better option for me to that:

Can I apply for O1 visa, even before completing my PhD (within next 3 months)? Or is it better to first apply for H1B and wait for its results and apply for O1 after that only if H1B fails. The issue here is how long does it take for an O1 application to be processed).

I am also open to switch to any other solution, if there is a better one available in your opinion.

Thanks for your attention in advance.

***** Email from Lucas on 5/28/2018

Hi William,

I love your web site, I’ve been referring to it a lot in the lead up to submitting my O-1A Visa extension application.  

I am trying to get more information on what I need to submit as far as documentation of evidence for my O-1A Visa extension. I am staying with the same employer. Do I just need to complete the I-129, and Premium Processing For, my last 2 pay stubs, money in the corporate account/current bank statement and provide a letter from my Employer stating that I have a project that they want me to continue my stay which is a continuation of my current visa employment.

Do I need to show my past 0-1 files approvals or can I just list them to Immigration? I am wondering whether I can just do this filing myself with your O1 visa DIY package vs hire an attorney, and I am up against a deadline as my visa expires by mid September.

Please advise. Looking forward to hear from you soon.

***** Email from Nghia on 5/19/2018

Hi William,

You have a great informative website that helps many people around the world every day, thank you for what you do!  I have studied your L-1 section ( http://www.greencardapply.com/l1visa.htm ) and have got a question about the L-1 visa, if possible:

Would I become eligible for an L-1B visa after 1 year of working remotely (via the Internet) in a highly specialized engineering position for a U.S. based company?  The contract (think freelance) will be with the parent company in the U.S. They do not have any branches or offices in my country of residence, but de facto I will have worked abroad for that particular company for one continuous year.

If it does not qualify, would it help if I contract with their subsidiary in a third country (different from my location)?  I do not have B.S. in my field, neither 12 years of experience, so I would not meet the requirements for an alternative H-1B petition..

Many thanks.

***** Email from Bricier on 5/5/2018

Dear Sir,

I like to order Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for Green Card application.

I working as a research fellow in a UK university and also hold BSc(Hons) Physics from India, MS in Nanolectronics and Nanomechanics and PhD in Material Science from  UK. I currently have 11 publications with 4 as first author and five as co-author. The total number of citations to these articles is 39 to date. In addition, I also have 15 international conferences (9 as first author). I have 3.5 years of work experience, which includes 2 years in University and 1.5 years in the R&D department of a US company based in the UK.

I am considering applying for EB2-NIW petition for permanent residency. By birth I am an Indian national, however I will be eligible for the UK citizenship in about 18 months. I am wondering if it is wise to apply for the green card now or wait until I receive the UK citizenship?

How long in general is the approval process for EB2 category for an Indian born UK citizen and for only Indian citizen?  Could you please advise me the best way to proceed with the residency petition. Also do you process the application on behalf of the applicant? if yes, how much would you charge for this service.

Please feel free to contact me in case you need any further information.

Thank you very much for your help.

Best regards.

***** Email from Perzhu on 4/25/2018

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am Vinay Patel currently working on H1-B visa. I think, I am eligible and would get approval under NIW. I have BS-Chemistry, MS-Oil Technology and MBA degrees with about 5 years of experience in this field. I believe, my case would get approval under NIW because the area of work that I am involving is unique and will improve the US economy, environment.

Also, I am just curious that if I decided to move forward with EB-2, NIW then how much approximate time would take to get green card as I am Indian citizen. (if we consider no any RFE).

Please feel free to advocate me about your DIY NIW package and advise if NIW is an appropriate route.

Thank You, I highly appreciate your reply and thank you very much in advance

***** Email from Wang on 4/14/2018

Hi Green Card Application Services,
Hope this finds you well. I wish to consult you concerning the requirement of medical examination report when submitting Form I-485 to adjust my status.
My permanent residence application under the category of national interest waiver (NIW) was approved last month (great thanks to your kind advice). While waiting for the time when immigrant visa number is current, I noticed one requirement of a medical examination report when submitting form I-485.
I wonder how long it may usually take for the whole process of medical examination (from finding a doctor, making appointments to obtaining the examination report) when applying for adjustment status in the U.S., whether the examination content could be known in advance and how early the applicant could have the medical examination results at hand.
Your consistent help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

***** Email from Ahsan on 4/7/2018

Hi, William,

I got most of valuable information from your well designed web-site.

I am J1 visa holder now and trying to start J1 waiver. I found your website by accident and I saw your service has good comments. So I would like to order the DIY package for J1 waiver application.

I am kind of confused about how to write my statement of reasons since I will apply marriage green card in the next step,my husband is an American citizen. Before I place the order,I just want to make sure does the package include any sample of "statement of reason" which has the similar situation of mine,or either I can seek the suggestions from you after I place the order?

Thank you so much. Best Regards.

***** Email from Reghimi on 3/25/2018

Hi William,

We would like to purchase DIY package of J1 waiver. I am an international medical graduate that is working in under-served area after finishing my training in psychiatry. I finished a year at my job already and has 2 more years according to the contract.
My husband is moving to Texas as he had some emergency at his work. We have a son together and he is going with my husband as I won’t be able to take care of him with the schedules I have. I am very worried about this change and wandering if my J1 can be waived because of extenuating circumstances for my husband who has a green card and my son who is born here.
Any help in this matter will be helpful.

***** Email from Alea on 3/12/2018

Hello William,

Thank you so much for your J1 waiver DIY package. I just have a question about the statement of reasons for my J1 waiver application.The DIY package has a sample but my situation is kind of different.

I have a job in the university and my husband is a U.S citizen,so I am wondering do I need to write both reasons in the statement? I have many friend who did J1 waiver for H1 application, they just needed to provide the reason about the research. So I am just wondering is it appropriate for me to put my marriage as a reason?

Thank you so much and looking forward your reply.

Best Regards.

Thank you and have a great day!

***** Email from Ben on 3/9/2018

Customer Service,

I am a product design student from Germany and right now performing an internship in the bay area as part of my master program. My J1 Visa is not a trainee visa and I am not subject to the two year home residence requirement.

My plan is to finish my Master program back in Germany, but the company I am interning at, would like to sponsor me for an H1B visa right after my internship. This is the first time that the company is sponsoring an H1B and they would like to know more about the process.

Besides the H1B would the O1 Visa be another option for me? I received four design awards with my student work, which would proof of my extraordinary ability.

I have read about the process of an H1B or O1 Visa, but at this point want to talk to a professional to see what the best step in my position would be.

Thank you very much for your help!

Best regards,

***** Email from Sigy on 2/26/2018


I got most of valuable information from your well designed web-site.

I came across your very helpful website, and would like to know if you feel I have a decent chance of getting a Eb1(b) approval. Please see my below summarized profile. I would like to know your fee structure etc. as I need to pass it onto my company HR to get approval. Your honest feedback would be needed here.

I have a bachelors and masters degree in Textile Technology. I don't have a doctorate, however, this is such a niche and specialized field of science that not many researchers have that expertise. I am working with a private company that is willing to sponsor my EB-1B filing. Our department has 3 full time researchers working in other areas. They don't work on textile research.

I have till date 5 publications and 33 citations. It may look like a modest number, but this is a highly specialized field. I don't think your law firm has ever filed a textile researcher green card under eb-1, that's probably because there are not that many around the world. I have 5 US patent pending till now.

I have reviewed 5 technical papers from the biggest textile conference. I am currently on the panel of 3 other textile journals waiting for them to send me papers to review. I would hope to review atleast 5 journal papers and 5 more conference papers in the next 3 months or so. So, total 10 conference papers and 5 journal papers reviewed. These may not be high impact journals though!

I would really appreciate your advice.

Thanks! Regards,

***** Email from Bitan on 2/17/2018

Hello William

Thank you very much for your kind reply. I truly appreciate it very much. 

I am an MD with a PhD in Molecular Biology. I have been doing research for 10 years in various interrelated fields of Molecular Biology, 7 of these years in the U.S. at Boston University, M.I.T. and Harvard.

I am considering applying for a green card under the EB-2 NIW category. My concern is that I do not wish to remain in research indefinitely. If I was issued a green card and briefly thereafter switched to a different field, e.g. I have always wanted to be a medical writer, could that cause problems when the time would come to renew my green card?

Thank you in advance for your help.

***** Email from Elsaeed on 2/5/2018

Dear Dear William,

Thank you very much for keeping this outstanding website. I plan to apply for J1 waiver and getting green card. I am looking for the best way. 

I'm a German FMG. I completed my urology residency on a J1 visa. I just started a 2 year urologic oncology fellowship at the NIH g one year basic research, one year clinic.

The NIH sponsored an O1 visa that I obtained one month ago. At this time, I am wondering what your recommendation is regarding a potential waiver option of the section 212e?

I could not find anything in the O1 documents that states that I'm still subject. Where can I find it, our is that only in the database of the government/immigration department?

For further information, I attached my current CV that I'd like you to keep confident.

Thank you very much.

*** Email from Vidal on 1/24/2018

Hi William,

I am a musician that was just approved for O1-B Visa Temporary Worker status in the US. I have attached my Resume and my Visa application with some of my achievements attached for your interest. I did not include ALL of my achievements in the Visa Application but you can see more details in the Resume attached.

I would like to apply for a Green Card at some point and think the EB2 NIW or EB1-A would best suit me. My plan over the course of the next two to three years working in the US is to set up a saxophone teaching website that provides videos and information that anyone in the US can avail of based off my expertise and experience as an award winning performer and international artist. I will also be providing private lessons at an increased rate (double the standard cost for lessons) in Los Angeles.
I also plan to do other significant endeavors in my area including: Composing for Film, TV and Commercials, Performing Nationally around the US as a musician
I have a Bachelors Degree in music from Berklee College of Music in Boston. I also have 10 years experience in the music industry but not through a specific employer. I have been a self-employed freelance musician.
Do you think I am or will be eligible for the Green Card? Do you have any suggestions as to what I need to achieve in the coming years to increase my chances of being approved for a Green Card? Is the EB2 NIW my best option?
Thank you for your time.

***** Email from Liu on 1/8/2018

Dear William,

I am residing in the USA with E2 visa and would like to get a green card and it seems EB1C visa is the most suitable option with my status.

Before I go ahead and order the petition package I have a question, I am at an executive level in the subsidiary of our company in the US for 1.5 years but since the parent company is international I am still in the payroll of the parent company even though I have an SSN I have never been in the payroll of the subsidiary here in the US. Do you think that would cause an issue with my application?

Do you have any suggestions? Appreciate your kind response.

Your reply and guidance will be a life changing event for me. Thanks in advance.




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