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Year 2017 - Selected Emails from Users for
Questions and Comments on Our Services and Packages

1. Email from Ragutam on 12/23/2017

Dear Customer Service,

First of all, thanks for keeping a rather excellent site and helping people like myself. I have been a full professor at internationally renowned university in Europe and hold visiting professorships of several US Universities. I believe I qualify all the requirement of EB-1 category. I am currently seeking to apply for a EB-1(a) and NIW petition by myself using your DIY Green Card packages. 

I am considering setting up business (research laboratory) with these colleagues (US National). I would also like to know about the impact of such EB-1/NIW application on our stay in the USA if we are still waiting for the outcome of the EB-1(a) and NIW petitions beyond the visa time limit?

Best Regards.

2. Email from Rui on 12/17/2017


Firstly, I would like to thank you for your wonderful service. I have found your website very helpful. 

I am an assistant professor in a university and would really appreciate your opinion about one question I have. Is there any opportunity to apply for special handling for professors in an university? and Do I need to wait 6 months before applying through the RIR process (the school would show a "pattern" of "real world" recruitment done in the period of 6 months prior to filing the application)?

Thanks in advance for your insights,

3. Email from Yang on 12/4/2017

Dear William,

Thank you very much for your quick reply, I will buy the two DIY kits. If you have time, please let me know should I submit I-485 together, or it is same for me to submit after I-140 approval.

Thank you very much.

4. Email from Dusya on 11/15/2017

Dear Customer Service,

I am currently employed as a tenure-track professor at an University in U.S.A.  I am considering to file my I-140 self-petition in an EB1-EA category, by following the samples in your EB1-EA DIY package.

In its supporting letter, the University administration states that it expects to hire me on a permanent tenure position when my tenure-track appointment is completed. Do I have to fill in form I-140 petition which is "Basic information about the proposed employment" or do I have to mark this part as "N/A", since this is a self-petition?  

Thank you very much in advance for your kind reply. 

5. Email from Valeriy on 11/6/2017

Dear Sir/Madam
A friend of mine gave me your outstanding web site address. I would like to know if you can be of any help to me for the J1 waiver question. On my J1 form, it is mentioned that the two year residency does not apply to me. My question is:

If I apply for the job and get accepted, and the company applies for an H1-B visa, but somehow cannot get the H1-B visa because of the reduction in the number of H1-B visa allocated recently by the US govt., can I still carry on with a renewal of my J1 visa. Theoretically, I can stay for 3 years on the J1 visa at the university here.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards

6. Email from Kerry Qin on 10/22/2017

Hi William,

Thank you for the wonderful service you provide. I am very interested in your Do-it-yourself-packages. I want to ask you if I am qualified for EB1-EA application.

My brief information is as following: Ph.D. obtained 10 years ago in China; Assistant professor in physics. About 25 publications in scientific journals (total citations over 50), and some conference presentations; one national award in China, one national award in Japan.

Looking forward to your reply soon, Thank you,

7. Email from Zakirm on 10/10/2017

Dear Customer Service,

My friend gave me the reference to your website and I found it very professional and informative. I'm going to get the Complete Do-It-Yourself Package, but I am not sure which one to choose. 

My university is sponsoring my permanent residency application. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with the differences between categories. My understanding is that if my school sponsors me, then I have to apply as "Extraordinary Ability" category. However, I have a feeling that I can apply as "Outstanding Researcher/Professor", which is faster to get approved. Is it true? And another question: can I apply for the both? And which package should I get from your service?

Thank you in advance.


8. Email from Raj on 10/2/2017

Dear Sir/Madam,

With the recommendation from my friend for your superb service, I am interested in "do-it-yourself" package for green card application. But I am not sure which category is the fastest and best for me. 

I am not sure which category I should use against to file my green card application. Someone told me that my non-fixed term can be considered as "permanent job" to meet the requirement for EB1B. For NIW, I do not know how to link my research to the national interest. I would appreciate your suggestion and then decide which package to purchase.

Best regards

9. Email from Sladkova on 9/21/2017


Greetings. I came by your extremely useful and informative website. I want to apply for my Green Card at the earliest, but keep getting different opinions from different people, so I am confused as hell now!

I am at present an Assistant Professor, I have a total of about 13 publications (including 5 journals, 5 conference, and 2 book chapters). Couple are still pending review. All publications are in top-notch IEEE publications. I have reviewed various papers for journals and conferences. 

I would like to apply for my Green card by myself and use one of your do it yourself kits. Please advice as to what I should do. Eagerly awaiting your reply.

Best Regards

10. Email from Persikov on 9/13/2017

Dear Customer Service,

Thank you very much for providing such a great service to I-140 applicants. My question is: If I receive a RFE or a denial for the I-140 from USCIS, while I am appealing the case, would that affect the progress for my I-485?

Thank you in advance very much for your help.


11. Email from Anand on 9/2/2017

Dear Customer Service,

Thank you very much for answering my question on an I-140, EB1-EA petition some two weeks ago.  May I trouble you with one more question, please?

I wonder if USCIS is normally happy with my such heavy I-140 applications? Do they have any restrictions on the volume of the application material?

Thank you very much in advance for your kind help in this matter.


12. Email from Shuwei on 8/25/2017

Dear William,

I came across your website, which is very informative and helpful. I and my husband are currently working in the US, as post-doctoral researchers with J-1 visas. 

Could you kindly let us know as to which category we fit in the best to apply for green card, and also, do we both have to apply separately or can one of us apply and include the other person as family? If so, which one of us should be the primary applicant ? 

Hoping to hear from you soon. Thanks in advance.


13. Email from Valey on 8/15/2017

Dear Customer Service,

Thank you very much for giving invaluable advices to those of us who is going through a stressful immigration process. Thank you very much for your previous great advice for me to send a letter to USCIS with a request to expedite I-140, because of the danger for my son to reach 21 before the processing is completed.

Thank you again.

14. Email from Ashly on 8/3/2017

Hi, William,

I have bought your Do-it-yourself-packages for EB1-EA, it is very helpful for my petition. I have a question to ask you. How much salary is offered very high for a person like me doing research of physic engineering at an University? 60k, 70k, 80k or 90k?

Looking forward to receiving your reply. Thank you for your time.

15. Email from Antoine on 7/27/2017


I recently purchased the NIW application package and it's been very helpful. Thanks! 

I need some advise. What other, if any, supporting documents do I need for my wife, especially to the effect of getting her a work permit. Can I request an advance parole at the time I submit my NIW application?


16. Email from Valentine on 7/18/2017

Hello William.

I have subscribed to your Premium Customer Service. With help from the information contained in your DIY package, I applied for the GC in the EB1-OR category. The application was received by the USCIS in May. I have still to hear back from the USCIS. 

I have heard that the USCIS is currently slow in processing applications. Have you heard through your clients of faster processing times?

Best regards,

17. Email from Pande on 7/2/2017

Dear Sir:

Recently, I found your Website and am learning a lot.  I really appreciate it. My employment based I-485 has been filed.  I have two questions. If you could kindly answer my questions, it would be appreciated. 

Is it OK to change my job just after stamping? or do I have to wait until I get the real green card? Thank you.


18. Email from Hee Lee on 6/26/2017

Dear Sir:

I have previously purchased your EB-1 and NIW packages and find them very helpful.

I am currently on a J-1 visa and will complete my specialty training in June of next year.  I'm going to try to apply concurrently for the EB-1A, the EB-1B, and the EB2-NIW. Do I need to get a J-1 waiver if I am applying directly for evidence-based residency status?

Thanks for your help,

19. Email from Avinash on 6/22/2017

Dear Customer Service,

Your reply is very informative. Would you please tell me the other details (enclosures/application/fee) needed to apply? Can I apply through without my employer help? 

Once again thank you very much for your information.

20. Email from Shok on 6/10/2017

Dear William,

I saw your great web site. Thanks for the help you are providing to many of us. My I-485 is presently pending. I have EAD now. My question is If I get job in CA,  whether my I-485 case remains in Vermont or moves to other center? Does it affect my I-485 processing time? 

Thanks a lot in advance.

21. Email from Xiao Dong on 6/6/2017

Dear William,

Thank you very much for your quick response. I heard that there is a new rule about the concurrent submission of the 140 and 485. As for EB1-Extraordinary, can I apply for the work permit immediately after the Receipt Notice of the I-140 and I-485?  How long it takes? 

Thank you very much! 

Best regards

22. Email from Venkat on 5/29/2017

Dear William,

Thank you so much for your prompt answer.  Would you mind if I ask you one more question? 

I heard that if Form I-140 has been filed, and if I don't hear for 60 days, I can go to the local USCIS office and get the EAD card there. Is that true?  Or I-140 must be approved before they allow us to apply for the EAD?

Thank you very much.

23. Email from Peter on 5/24/2017

Hello Sir:

Thanks for your message. It's very nice of you to provide me with this information. I really appreciated your great help and the web site. I did check your web site and found it very helpful. 

I am in the process of conducting a research and writing an article that will be sent to a referred journal in my field for consideration on publication. It takes about a year to complete the project and see the result including publication.  When I find I have enough evidence to qualify for "EB1" type of visa, for instance, what do I need to do next? 

Thanks a lot for your help.

24. Email from Lucy on 5/20/2017

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you very much for your services. I got the NIW package that was ordered by me. Thanks a lot for such a great DIY tools. 

Thank you very much for your attention, and I will greatly appreciate your prompt response.


25. Email from Guang Lin on 5/14/2017

Dear Customer Service,
Thanks for the great web site and service. Here is my question:
I have recently submitted an EB1 petition through a law firm in Washington DC. Can I submit another EB1 petition in Minnesota, the state where I work now using your do-it-yourself package?
Thank you very much for your help!

26. Email from George Lee on 5/1/2017

Dear Sir,

I would like to thank you for keeping your web site alive and for posting most typical questions. I have just visited your web site where I found information on a "Do-It-Yourself J1-Waiver" package. 

I might well consider to buy the package. Before that I would like to be sure that the information (they price per package + address) on the web page is correct, and that you continue to provide this package and service to your customers. Please confirm. 

Thank you in advance very much.


27. Email from Michael Liu on 4/21/2017

Dear William,

I found your website through www.google.com and I'm impressed by your extensive knowledge on immigration laws and do-it-yourself packages. I'm interested in immigration petition under NIW. I have explored many websites of lawyers, you are one of the best.

I have one question about my case: Which way has more possibility of succeed? on my own behalf or employer-sponsored? Could you give me advice? I appreciate your time and help.


28. Email from Valery on 4/15/2017

Dear William,

Thank you very much for your services, and thank you very much for your quick reply.

My company will be closed in the near future. If I find a job from a company at California after finger print before closing date of my company, and if my I-485 application is less than 180 days, should I start it over again from the beginning? or Should I file new I-485 application?

Thank you very much for your attention, and I will greatly appreciate your prompt response in my critical situation.


29. Email from Hai Wen on 4/8/2017

Dear William:

After studying many web pages, I find that yours is the most informative one and am interested in your Complete Do-it-yourself Package. However, I need your suggestion on applying for permanent resident through EB-1 OR, EB-1 EA, or EB-2 NIW based on my achievement in the attached resume.

If I am eligible, I would like to file EB1-OR or EB1-EA. Or do you have any suggestions on which is the best way for me for applying green card? Thank you for your help.


30. Email from Dolma on 4/2/2017

Dear Customer Service,

Your website is very helpful, and thank you for your prompt response. It's really clear. 

I have one more question: Which one is better (in terms of possibility of being accepted) to go ahead with EB-1A right now or wait until I get a permanent job and apply for EB-1B?

I just graduated for my PhD degree at the beginning of this month and am still looking for a full-time permanent job in the US. Thank you so much!


31. Email from Mary Sun on 3/20/2017


You gave me previously several useful advices regarding preparation of I-140 petition. I have been exploring your web for a long time. Currently I'm learning instructions for I-485 application. My question is the following:

Considering about the easiness to change job and other possible benefits, what difference is among EB-1A, EB-1B and EB2 NIW categories, in case that all the petitions for I-140 are approved?

Thank you for your suggestion.

32. Email from SJ on 3/12/2017

Hello William,

I have just found your web site and becoming convinced that I can apply myself for EB1-EA application (just can't afford to pay $7000 attorney fee) However,  I like to know your comments whether I qualify for this category. Please review my attached resume for my qualification. 

I understand that EB1-OR was a better choice.  My school is back logged and I will have to wait about 10 more months be eligible for the sponsorship; although I have accepted this position with the condition that they would sponsor me.

Thanks for your wonderful service.

Best Regards,

33. Email from Santoso on 3/2/2017


It was very nice visiting your Web and reading some very useful information on it. After visiting a lot of web sites, I fixed in your site, it is very informative, and helpful. Also, your web site shows your extensive knowledge in EB-1A, EB-1B, and NIW. I have some thing to ask you about my personal position.

Would I get trouble for the approval of my immigrant petition if I change job after submitting I-140 while the result is pending? and Can I get recommendation letters from my PhD advisors in Japan and from my current employer and another 4-5 Ph.Ds. Would you please help me to find a the appropriate category.

Thank you for your help.

34. Email from Zakir on 2/24/2017


I am very interested in your web site. Thanks for your quick reply. Sorry to bother you again. Hope you can answer this question again. 

I (a US Citizen) am intending to marry a girl here on a J-1 visa who has obtained an advisory opinion  that she is NOT subject to the 2-year HRR. Can I marry her here in the U.S. and file for adjustment of status without problems?


35. Email from Grace on 2/13/2017

Hi, Customer Service:

I am very interested in your web site and plan to order the Complete Do-It-Yourself Package. I am wondering what will happen to my application after my current employment is terminated?

Thanks a lot for your help. Have a great day.

36. Email from Tong on 2/3/2017

Hi William,

I have read your website with great interest. I visited your website several times, I want to order Complete do-it-yourself-National Interest Waiver. 

My H1-B is about to run out in a little more than a year, and I am working to get the letters together for the National Interest Waiver application. My question is: Can I translate some of my materials by myself from Chinese to English? or only the certificated person can do it?


37. Email from Gunter on 1/28/2017

Dear William,
As I was surfing the internet for information on applying green card, I came across your wed site which has a lot of useful information. Based on this information I wanted to find out if I was eligible for applying for green card in the National Interest Waiver category. To judge my candidacy I am enclosing my resume which might help you judge my application. 

Do you think based on these qualifications, I am qualified to go through the NIW category. I very much appreciate your valuable feedback.

38. Email from Xiao Wang on 1/15/2017


First I would like to thank you for making all this information available to us on your site, and also for letting us email you with question before taking any decisions. 

I am currently a software/web developer for a company. I am also currently working towards my Masters on Electrical Engineering part time. My question is, what should I do in order to have better chances, when I do decide to apply for a green card? I probably plan to apply within the next two years, but no later than that.
Thank you for your time,
39. Email from Solorzano on 1/7/2017


I have purchased your do-it-yourself package, and it is a great package! I just submitted the I-140 in the category of EB1-EA. As you know, the current economic climate drives many people to plan ahead for the unexpected events. I want to ask you questions that have never been asked and answered in your website. 

The question is: What about if I change job after I-140 is approved but I-485 is sill pending? (I submitted I-140 and after I got the receipt for I-140, I submitted the I-485).

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Yours truly,

40. Email from Solorzano on 1/2/2017

Dear William,

I have filed my EB1 I-140/I-485 at a same time, 6 months ago after following your excellent do-it-yourself packages. Recently, I received I-140 approval (thank you so MUCH!).

I want to know when is the starting point of 180 days after I-485 filing? Is it filed date of I-485? Or approved date of I-140 even though I filed those concurrently?

Thanks again!




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