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Year 2016 Selected Emails from Users for
Questions and Comments on Our Services Packages

***** Email from Ganesh on 12/17/2016

Dear William,

I found your website very helpful and realized that you provide "Do-It-Yourself package" for EB2 NIW or EB-1A petitions, which I am interested in. 

I have PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry. I recently switched job function from research in the field of metabolic disorder/syndrome to technology transfer where I facilitate the translation of basic research to marketable products or services.

For example, I currently manage technologies including food sterilization & pasteurization, drug delivery, inflammatory disease therapeutics, biofuel etc, mostly in life science and agriculture. In fact, I am managing IP-related matters of a $40M USDA project on alternative energy involving numerous non-profit and for-profit organizations.

Do you have any suggestions as to how I should draft my petition letter, especially to address the third prong of NYSDOT - The waiver applicant must demonstrate that it would be contrary to the national interest to potentially deprive the prospective employer of the services of the waiver applicant by making available to U.S. workers the position sought by the waiver applicant?

I am thinking of claiming that I am an expert in the field of both metabolic syndrome and technology transfer. I do have 160 citations from 3 primary authorship and 3 co-authorship papers for the field of metabolic syndrome but since I am newer to technology transfer, the most prominent achievement I have is being a semi-finalist for AUTM Academic Technology Transfer and Commercialization Graduate Student Literature Review Prize.

I am also planning to ask for reference letters from technology transfer veterans who were once a professor or currently an adjunct professor.

I look forward to any input you may have.


***** Email from Satish on 12/11/2016

Hi, William,

I appreciate the guidance that you have provided on your website, it is very helpful.

I am currently working as the Director of Clinical Operations at a pharmaceutical. I am the project lead to develop an anticancer agent Crenolanib, a tyrosine kinase inhibitor, as a treatment option for patients with acute myelogenous leukemia.

I obtained my MS degree in biomedical engineering. In these two years, I accomplished two first author publications, six poster presentations, including recipient of graduate Dean’s award and a book chapter comprising of my research thesis on biomarker determination with next-generation DNA sequencing devices using nanopores.

After my graduation, I started working for a service business involved in conducting clinical trials. In the first month, I was awarded, employee of the month for significantly exceeding expectations in accelerating patient recruitment for ongoing clinical trials. Following this, I was offered a position in the sister start-up pharmaceutical company to work alongside the CEO. 
As a researcher this allowed me to become an expert in a biomarker driven bsubset of oncology. I now work closely with key opinion leaders in these fields both in US and internationally. I now have a total of 8 peer reviewed publications. I have memberships in American association of cancer research, American society of clinical oncologist, American society of hematologist, and Biomedical engineering students society.
Based on my achievements I believe there is likelihood that I could get an approval under the EB-1A category, with an appropriate support package. I am fully committed to provide you any information needed to help establish this goal. I have attached my CV for further considerations. Please provide an honest opinion if there is a likelihood for me to get an EB-1 approval.

***** Email from Pilar on 12/6/2016

Hi, William,

I bought do-it-yourself L1 visa application package before, and I like it very much. Now, I have some questions about L1A renewal. The situation is that, the petitioner filed extension was denied, for "beneficiary had 1 year visa for opening a new office". The I-94 dead line is passed. The petitioner now wants to file a new application to renew the L1A visa for the beneficiary.  The beneficiary now is in home country. My questions are: 

1) If we file a new application, is the application any different from the one of extension visa? In the form 1-129, should we still check the continue with the same employer or new employment? ( I think should check continue box).  

2) the starting date should be a proposed one (new date instead of the date after the expiration date of L1 status, right? 

3) do we need a business plan for new application?  

4) Do you have sample petition letter for this kind situation? if you could provide me one, I really appreciate it. 

Thank you very much for your help.

Best, Regards.

***** Email from Dilernia on 11/25/2016

Dear Sir,
I have read your wonderful website, and know that you provide many very helpful answers to general questions on U.S. immigration such as EB2 NIW application.
I am interested in applying Green Card under EB2 National INterest Waiver.  However, I  heard that USCIS will openly publish applicants information for those denial cases.  I am afraid that my personal application information may get published to the Internet if my petition is denied by USCIS.  This is of great concerns to me because I don't want to embarrass my organization in which I am currently working in.
Is it true that my application will get published openly if I fail the NIW petition?  If so, where will it be published?
Thanks a lot!

***** Email from Yiwen on 11/13/2016

Hi William,

I found your website very helpful. I have recently applied fro my OPT Extension, and got a Request For Evidence (RFE) yesterday asking Employment Verification Letter (EVL).

Details what they need are :Copy of job descriptions including job title, duties, location, pay rate, and proposed number of hours to be worked per week.

Question thats haunting me  from yesterday is that do I have to submit my pay stubs as well? Because I have changed my job, and I doubt if my pervious employer will give me my pay stubs - I had some issue while leaving that firm with employer.

Since in the RFE it only mentioned about the EVL, do you think its possible to submit the pay stubs or the EVL is just fine.

Thank you.

***** Email from Abe on 11/5/2016

Dear William,

Hope this finds you well. I need your help! I hired a lawyer and applied for green card in the category of EB2 National Interest Waiver. I wish to consult you for one question regarding the Request for Evidence (RFE) notice I recently received for my EB2 National Interest Waiver.

On the letter, the USCIS officer mentioned the need for the petitioner to strengthen the argument that the national interest would be adversely affected if a labor certification were required. In support of this request, the USCIS officer cited reference letters in detail to illustrate the point.
I am not quite sure whether it is common for the applicant to request referees to submit reference letter again in order to fully address the RFE. In my case, I wonder whether petitioner's explanation without submission of new recommendation letters might suffice.
Any of your advice would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance for your consistent help.

***** Email from Thomos on 10/23/2016

Dear Customer Service,

Good evening. I am interested in your L-1 visa DIY package. I would like to know how much it will cost and how can I access it. Additionally I have 2 questions for the L-1 Visa.

1) how much is the normal and premium filing fees for the petitioner, spouse, and 2 minors?

2) the main company is located in France and has another location in Brazil. The company wants to bring an executive from Brazil to Miami to open a new location there. The executive in Brazil manages the Brazil office but gets paid directly from the France office. The document requirements are from the France location, Brazil location, or both?

Please get back to me as soon as possible as I would like to begin using the package soon.

Thank you.

***** Email from Amarilys on 10/15/2016

Hi William,

My friends suggested me to buy your DIY package for application of green card for my wife. I would like to know If my wife qualifies for either EB-1 or EB-2 NIW category of Green Card. Actually her employer has already filed for her LCA under EB2 Green Card and It should be done within next 3-4 months.

She has done Bachelor of Science and Master in Business Administration (MBA). And also have done Master in Business Administration with Major in Finance (M.B.A. in Finance) and Master of Science in Management and Information Technology (MSMIT) from USA.

At present she is working as QA in a reputed Bank in USA. Does she either qualifies for EB-1 or EB2 NIW, as she has a bachelor and 3 Masters degree.

She also has work experience from India as well in USA. Appreciate your guidance and help. Waiting for your reply.


***** Email from Liyan on 10/6/2016

Dear William,

I have completed my 5 years in H1B without green card filling. I have checked your very imformative website for  EB2-National Interest Waiver and have few questions related to it.

1) Please let me know if I am eligible for National Interest Waiver – My qualification and accomplishments are as followings. I have completed my Post Graduation and have 5 years of work experience from the Unites States.

2) I have worked as Obamcare Navigator and helped nearly many poor community members by successfully enrolling them into Health Insurance. I have partnered with University of Illinois in their research study on new immigrants from South and East Asian and European countries.

3) I have partnered with a University in their Research study called as Lifestyle Intervention. I have partnered with University and Medtronic Foundation in educa.

At present, I am working as Media Coordinator and Social Service specialist for one of the Not for profit organization. Please let me know if I can apply myself in EB2 - National Interest Waiver?


***** Email from Liyan on 9/27/2016

Customer Service,

I found your website and knew that you provided excellent services for many people. Please share your opinion and advice on the topic where I need some clarifications regarding EB1 in parallel with approved EB2 PERM. My company filed PERM in EB2. I have received PERM approval. I have 180 days to file I-140 application.

Meanwhile, I have converted my visa to L1A. My company is in process of filling EB1 with in next 3 months, since I satisfy the EB1 eligibility as well.

Considering this situation, is it advisable to file I-140 in EB2 when I am about to file EB-1 in next 3 months? Assume that I file EB2 I-140 first. In such case, Is there a chance that EB1 I-140 can be rejected if EB2 I-140 is approved earlier?

On the other hand, if I wait for EB1 I-140 approval, then I will loose a chance of filing I-140 in EB2, need to file within 180 days of PERM approval.

Kindly advice how to proceed in this situation?

***** Email from Sandeep on 9/16/2016

Dear William,

I came across your outstanding website in search for immediate answers and possible prompt action. Currently, I am in an H1B status and was given lay off notice good for one-month.

I am not optimistic about getting another employer in one month time. What are my possible options-to stay in status?

1) File an 1-485 adjustment of status? on what ground? is one month  enough to stay-in-status?

2) File an F1-Visa? I check with local schools, now is way past deadlines for Fall sessions. Even if i can find schools that would be in winter sessions, which is approximately 3-6 months from now.

Awaiting reply.

***** Email from Eddy on 9/3/2016

Hi, Customer Service,

I read in the EB1-A DIY package that there are denied cases due to missing letters from editors of journals for reviewed articles, and evidence for judging the work of others. May I know if you have sample letters that the editors need to provide as part of EB1-A evidence?

Also, in the list of documents to be provided, there is requirement to provide spouse information and documents. May I know what specific spouse documents need to be included in EB1-A application?

My last question is on ETA-750B. For EB1-A is this form necessary? If yes, is this form filled up by previous/current employer or we fill it up ourselves and send together with form I-140 to USCIS?

Thank you for your clarification.

***** Email from Zhirong on 8/29/2016

Hi William,

I have a question regarding EAD application. In your website FAQ section (http://www.greencardapply.com/question/question03/year03_0401.htm ) you mentioned that for EB-1A application if the valid visa running out before I-485 is approved then I-485 will be denied.

"If you file EB1-EA and NIW by yourself without employer sponsorship, after I-140 approval and before you get I-485 approval, you should always has valid visa status, like H-1B. Additionally, you always have an option to apply for EAD to work legally as your I-485 pending. But If you lose your valid status, you will have trouble for your I-485 approval."

However, in the DIY I-485 kit you stated as follow:

"It is important to note that, although the permanent residence processing time at USCIS can often be quite lengthy, you are entitled to apply for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) along with the I-485 application, which is typically received within approximately two to four months."

The EAD, which may be continually renewed until your I-485 residence case is completed, serves to keep you in lawful status in the U.S., and is valid for employment authorization throughout the time you are waiting for finalization of your residence status application. Therefore, with an EAD card, you do not need to concern the expiration date of maximum stay in H or L status. Your dependents who wish to seek employment are also entitled to the same type of EAD document."

May I clarify that for EB1A application if we file I-485 and EAD(I-765) concurrently, and have EAD before our current visa running out, then can we legally stay in the US based on this EAD while waiting for EB1A and I-485 result?

Appreciate your advise on this.

Thank you.

***** Email from Frankel on 8/15/2016

Hello William,

I came across your excellent website, and found the information very useful! I would be very glad if you could go over the following details about me, and let me know your thoughts as to whether I would be a good candidate for EB-1B petition.

Current position- Post doctoral fellow at a University. 5 articles published in international journals. Total 38 citations. Published abstracts in 6 international conferences. Was selected as the recipient of a yearly award within University.

I read in your web page that I could highlight if the achievements are above average. In my case, I have managed to establish all of above in 5 years which is very unusual in my research area. I am wondering if that would be helpful
I also have two questions:

1) What are my chances? If there needs to be improvement to make my case better, where should it be?

2) Would an Adjunct teaching position help my case? If yes, to what extent?

Thank you.

***** Email from Satish on 8/7/2016

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am working as a postdoctoral research associate in one of the top universities in U.S., and I am thinking of applying for green card soon. As I do not have any employer to file on my behalf, I am seriously giving a though to go with EB1-EA category. I have heard a lot about your very informative website and services through several public forums.

While surfing your webpages, it came to know that you do provide a free evaluation of the CV for a potential applicant. Please find attach my current CV along with a summary page with the silent features. Hope to get a critic evaluation/comments/suggestions from your side.

As I said, this is my first step in the process of green card, your response would be, certainly, very useful to me.

Thanks and regards.

***** Email from Ravi on 7/22/2016

Hello William,

I am currently working in the U.S. Currently am working as a QA Manager, managing the QA function and leading a team of 10 to 15 professionals.  Before relocation, I have worked in the subsidiary company as a Project Manager - leading and supervising professionals for about 2 years. 

I moved to U.S. on L1 visas - Manager in Subsidiary company in India and QA Manager in the US company. I am working with my company to explore the possibility for  a Green Card in the EB1-C Category. Is this posssible?

I would like to order a DIY package for EB1-C from your site.

Please let me know. Thank you.

***** Email from Wand on 7/15/2016

Dear Sir/Madam,
I just came across you wonderful website while I was searching about H-1B extension. Here is my situation:
My Initial H-1B started with employer A. Meanwhile, I got a better opportunity and another employer B filed my H-1B which got approved. I quit first employer A thereafter, and joined the employer B.
My current employer B is willing to file an extension for me. My job title and duties are exact same as mentioned on the original petition filed by this employer. My question is: Can I file for an extension? Is yes, this extension will be valid through what date?
Please also let me know which Do-It-Yourself package I should buy in order to take care of my situation?
You quick response will be highly appreciated.
***** Email from Oliver on 7/2/2016


Thank you very much for your response. Greatly appreciate it.

Based on your response, my interpretation is as long as the future job requires the same/similar skill set compared to the current job skill set that my I-140 was filed/approved (under EB2 NIW), USCIS would not be critical about the job classification names such as "technical expert" versus "manager". In my case, can I interpret that job duties depend on skill set?

Is my understanding correct? Can I take Position Descriptions/requirements for both the jobs and compare them word by word to make sure percent of overlap in job duties and can I seek your services to develop a justification on the same/similar job duties? Please advise.

Additional details: My current job title is Transportation Planning Specialist (Lead Systems Analyst) - Codes used for my H1B and I-140 are SOC: 17-2051

Thank you for your patience and kindness.


***** Email from Xianjin on 6/24/2016

Hi William,

I am working at MIT. I am currently living at Boston on J-1 Visa. I have completed my PhD in the field of bioscience. Currently, I working in the field of cancer biology and drug development.

My wife is on J-2 visa, and the cross-chargebility may apply in my case. I have significant research experience and accomplishment in my carrier. I am planning to apply for green card ASAP in EB-1 or other category. I am sending my short CV with this email for your decision process.

I like to order your Complete Do-It-Yourself Package. I would very much appreciate, if you could suggest in which category I should apply for green card, and help for my Green Card application. Please send us your answer for this case.


***** Email from Anup on 6/17/2016

Hello, Customer Service,

I would like to apply for NIW as soon as possible. I would like to use your great service for my case. A brief description about me:

I have finished my PhD at Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of a University. I started working for a compoany right after my graduation with a job offer which requires minimum Master degree. I am currently on my OPT.

In my job, I provide leadership and technical guidance for the company’s energy program, including power resiliency, microgrid/energy storage, and other advanced power applications. My areas of technical expertise include renewable energy and distributed generation support for public and private sector clients and utilities. 

At my current job, I do the study, analysis, and design to increase electrical grid resiliency (in order to keep power for people when the grid is down for example during natural disaster) and incorporate renewable energies in electricity generation (for example solar and wind energy) in a safe and economic way. My work is to maximize social welfare by improving electrical infrastructure (in more resilient and environmental friendly manner). My work can help and improve economics, energy security, environmental concerns, and critical infrastructures’ resiliency in so many ways. I will keep working at this job in long-term run.

I will also be teaching 2 courses (one undergraduate course and one graduate course) at a University, as an adjunct professor.
I have done internship at National Grid USA during my study. I helped them to develop a software package which is a new software and is applied a group of specific projects related to renewable energy applications. The copyright of the software belongs to the university as an intellectual property. Developing that software for National Grid help them to understand my skills and abilities.
In my CV attached, there is a list of my publications. My total citation is 21 so far. What is your evaluation about my chances to be approved in NIW application?

Best regards.

***** Email from Rejesh on 6/1/2016

Dear William,

I am looking for details about employment -based immigration, and I came across your outstanding and very informative website. I am an occupational therapist, and I am currently on my H-1B visa. I completed my Master's degree in the U.S., and I will be graduating with a Doctorate in Occupational Therapy (OTD) degree soon (this is a clinical doctorate degree and is different from PhD). I am working for my current employer for about 3 years. My employer filed my first PERM application for me, but it got rejected by the office of foreign labor certification due to multiple reasons.

Since then my employer has kept on saying that they will file my Green Card, but everytime I follow up with them the company's lawyer says it is pending. Though, my employer has started the process for my extension of H-1B visa, but the green card application is still pending. I requested them to file my green-card under EB2 NIW, but my request has been declined as it is not a standard procedure for the company. Now following are my concerns:

1) How to identify that I am a strong EB2 NIW candidate.

2) What is the success rate for candidates, equivalent to my profile, to get approval for the EB2 NIW program (is it a tough procedure).

3) Can I file EB2 NIW independently (or should I negotiate with my employer), while my employer is working on my H1B extension visa and green card application. If yes, do I need to keep my employer in the loop?

Thank you for your patience in reading my email. I will be happy to answer any of your questions while you are working on my profile. Looking forward for your reply and services.

***** Email from Hsieh on 5/24/2016

I am very glad to find your superior website for green card and L-1 visa application. Yes, I wanted the do it yourself package for L1. I had a few questions.

1) How long will it take to receive the package.  Is it download able online? My B1 visa expires in 2 weeks so I need to expedite the application.

2) I have been in the US for 2 years, extended my B1 visa 3 times already. Will I still qualify for L1?  I work remotely with my foreign company from the US, can that qualify?

3) My U.S. business was set up in 2015 and is established. Will this be a problem? If I apply for L1 visa, do I still apply for extention of B1 since it expires in 2 weeks?

Thank you very much.

***** Email from Kunchok on 5/17/2016

Hello Sir/Madam,

Thanks for providing detailed help on your websites. I am an Aeronautical Engineering graduate working as Business Analyst. I applied L1 visa through my company and I have received RFE notice from USCIS with following questions. I need some guidance in filling up these questions,

1. How the knowledge for the position is different than that for similar positions in the industry.

2. State in detail the product, service, tool, research, equipment, process, or procedure the beneficiary uses that involves specialized knowledge.

3. Describe how the knowledge involved in the position is "advanced" within your organization's processes and procedures.

Please help!

***** Email from Mike on 5/6/2016

Hi William,
I played hockey in the NHL for 5 years, and I have worked in the United States as a pro hockey player. I also went to Europe and continued playing through to 2010. Thereafter, I moved to Canada, where I have worked for the last 5 years, while my wife retained permanent resident status to allow her to work here.
I have an opportunity to be the Director of Hockey Operations for a practice facility in U.S. I would bring the whole family with me. The job's opportunity will begin soon.
My question is:  should I apply for an O1 visa, or EB-1A Green Card?  I would like to purchase the correct DIY package from your service.

***** Email from Feng on 4/27/2016

Dear Green Card Apply Service,

I am very interested in the do-it-yourself package for EB-1A (under extraordinary ability). I saw that I should Only pay through PayPal if I am residing overseas or need it urgently. 

I am currently residing in US, and I am wondering if I can still pay it through PayPal, so that I can get it by the weekend (than waiting for the money order to be cleared). 

Also, are the any differences between the packages that are paid through PayPal and through money order? Looking forward to hear from you soon with more information on the packages.

Thank you.

Best Regards.

***** Email from Chavan on 4/14/2016

Hello Wiliam,

I received the L1 visa application package, thank you very much. I have seen several cover letter samples, and sample I-129 Forms for business. 

I would like to get advice on how to ask USCIS examiner for expedite processing. I will have my show in different venues and states. Any idea on how to have pettion for multiple venues?

Thank you for your time.


***** Email from Kulkarni on 4/3/2016

Dear William,

I came across your email on the extraordinary www.greencardapply.com website while doing some research on immigration, and hope you could assist me.

I have been living in the U.S. for 5 months. I work for a large company under an L-1A visa, and I am interested in asking the company to sponsor my family for a Green Card. Hence, I had two questions:

1) How much would it cost the company to sponsor me and my wife to settle in the US? - A ballpark figure or a range would do fine and a breakdown of the cost would be very much appreciated.

2) How long would it take to get a green card if I were to apply today? - I am a citizen of a small west African country, and my research indicates this might help reduce the time to green card.

Thanks. Best Regards.

***** Email from Thapa on 3/27/2016

Dear Customer Service,

I really like your site, I have been referring to it by a friend

Attached is a brief summary of my educational and professional experience with latest resume. Upon verification please advice which category better suits my case and enhances my options to obtain a Green card.  Also please list few criteria if needed to be worked or focused on to increase the acceptance or shorten the waiting time under certain category.

Currently, I am on H-1B, active from 10/2015. My company is postponing my request to initiate the Green Card processing, and as per  company guidelines they will start processing after the renewal phase of H-1B. Hence, I am approaching you to help me mitigate the pathway and direct me under which particular category I should apply.

Let me know if you need any additional information, and once again thanks a lot for such a great help.


***** Email from Patel on 3/18/2016

Dear William,

Your website greencardapply.com about Green Card application is very informative. Hope this finds you well.

I am currently unemployed on my F-1 optional practical training (OPT) post-completion and my OPT expires soon.  I filed National Interest Waiver self-petition half a year ago which has a Request for Evidence (RFE) notice recently mailed to me.

I am afraid there might not be enough time for me to find a new employer who can sponsor my H-1B visa however. If this is the case, could you kindly let me know whether RFE may be able to grant me any benefits such as a valid visa status so that my RFE reply review is not affected after OPT period ends?
In addition, I am aware there is a maximum time limit for the unemployment status and wonder what consequence it will have for my future if I might use a few days more than the maximum dates before the OPT expires.
Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

***** Email from Ghonaim on 3/10/2016

Hi Customer Service,

I am currently on H1B visa and working with IT firm. My current PERM Labor Certification based Form I-I40 application has been approved. Thank you very much for yourPERM Labor Certification DIY package and Form I-I40 application DIY package!

My H-1B visa got expired last month and filled 1 year extension based on approved Form I-140 application. My filled Form I-485 currently going on. The finger print already completed. I am waiting for AP and EAD.

I need to travel abroad for sometime during this month. Is it ok to travel? since I do not have any valid visa stamp on my passport, I need to go for visa stamping in the U.S. consulate? how I can re-enter?

If that is the situation, what would be the issues on my pending AOS. is the statuts will be abandoned.

Please help me out.

***** Email from Taranjit on 3/6/2016

Dear Customer Service,

Thanks for detailed help information on your websites. I would like to seek your opinion of my eligibility on EB1 or EB2 NIW application. I have 10+ years in research, which includes 3+ years H1B, currently working for a billion dollar company.

I am a PhD Graduate Student, Dept. of Materials Engineering., woth total 5 U.S. patents and 35 citations. I also have commercial products: two commercial products, energy saving and safety application, applicable across North America. These products are new to the company and one product is new to NA utility industry. Project lead for multiple commercial development projects.

I can get 6 recommendation letters, from high profile industry experts and professors. Please let me know your view on case, looking forward your feedback.


***** Email from Andri on 2/27/2016

Dear Sir/Madam,

I went through your excellent website, and really impressed with it. I have a quick question before I buy the do it yourself package.

I worked in the subsidiary of the US company in my home country from as Manager. Starting January 2014, I am employed in U.S. as manager.

Am I eligible to apply U.S. green card under EB-1C? because the alien beneficiary for EB-1C classification must have been employed by a foreign employer in a managerial or executive capacity for one continuous year of the three previous years.

Do you think that I am still eligible under EB-1C classification since it is already two and half years passed from the date that I got employed in the US parent company?

Please advise. Thank you.

***** Email from Cameron on 2/14/2016

Dear William,

I received a lot of valuable information from your well designed website.

My school has agreed to apply EB-1B Green Card for me, but I felt our lawyer is not experienced nor positive enough, I just don't feel confident to apply with her.

The lawyer was reluctant to apply for me in the beginning, as she said I am not outstanding enough yet, I haven't had any international presentations, nor obtained any prizes. She also said I cannot apply within the first 3 years after graduation, which means technically I can't apply before next January.

She said if I want to apply before then, I have to sign a document so that she is not taking the responsibility if I don't get it. She also said all the recommendation letters should come from the actual people who recommended me, I shouldn't draft any letter myself, which is technically true, but almost impossible for them to do that.

I feel the school I am at is a white dominate place, there's really only 3 foreign faculties, and I am the only one who asked for EB1 Green Card application. I was hoping school can change lawyer for me, but they refused to do so.

I knew that I should be qualified mostly to EB-1A, as when I was a postdoc there were other postdocs applied by themselves and successfully got approved, and they were of similar situations with me. That's why I thought I'd probably do it myself.

If you would give me some guidance in this situation, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks so much for your help!

Best Regards,

***** Email from Kai on 2/4/2016

Dear Green Card Services,

I am pleased to write a letter of support for a remarkable candidate for the EB-1A Extraordinary Ability Petition. I have two questions and would appreciate your feedback.

1. Can you please let me know who or which department I should address my letter of support to? I have reviewed this website: http://www.greencardapply.com/ea/extraordinaryability-referenceletters.htm. I didfind some information I was looking for, and would like thank your guidance.

2. Is there a preferred length for the letter?

Thank you.

***** Email from Senev on 1/24/2016

Dear Sir/ madam,

Thank you very much for keeping this outstanding website. I am planning to file National Interest Waiver (EB2 NIW) petition or EB1 Extraordinary Ability (EB-1A), by using your excellent DIY petition package. I am a PhD degree holder and my current visa status is OPT for F1.  Unfortunately, I do not have a permanent job offer right now. 

However, I have 13 publications in top notch journals with 140+ citations, and I participated in more than 10 regional and national scientific conferences. My PhD work focused on energy related materials and devices. I have a Master degree also, related to environmental chemistry, computational, and analytical.

Since do not have a permanent job offer but live in United States, what are the chances of getting a Green Card? Will USCIS consider my petition without a "verified certification of employment"

Thank you very much.

***** Email from Heynyan on 1/15/2016

Hello William,

I hope you are doing well. Thank you very much for your excellent website, and being so kind and prompt answer. I truly appreciate it very much. 

I was familiar with the fact that I can get the additional H-1B extension even after 6 years of stay as my I-140 is pending. But my H-1B sponsoring company says NO now, that I have to return my home country just before your 6 years of H-1B. When I told them to get my one more year of H-1B extension, then they said NO.
Now, I am planning to transfer my H-1B to another employer. I have a school who wants to hire me as Math and Science teacher, but I am concerned if my current sponsor would come to know that my intent is not returning home, and I am looking for another employment with another sponsor, then I think they may cancel my H-1B before it expire.
Kindly guide me if I am thinking correct, or I am wrong. Do I have the freedom to transfer my H-1B to a new school employer? and get one more year extension on my H-1B as my I-140 is still in process. Do you think it can be done?
Kindly guide me very effectively and strongly. I believe with your supervision I may get one more year extension soon. I look forward to hearing from you.

***** Email from Saeid on 1/3/2016

Hello Sir,

I am trying to apply for a Green Card, and I like to order Complete Do-It-Yourself Package. I have completed two masters degrees, one in my home country and second Masters in United States, and a Ph.D from my home country. I have 5 journal publications, 7 in conference proceedings, and 2 papers that are currently under review. I have also given several talks at conferences and invited venues.

In addition, I have taught courses at an University in my home country for 5 semesters. I have 12 Years Information Technology experience. I can request my international colleagues to vouch for my scientific abilities/contributions.

I would like to know if I should apply for my green card in the EB1 Extraordinary Ability category. Could you please let me know the details?




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