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Year 2015 Selected Emails from Users for
Questions and Comments on Our Services Packages

***** Email from Naidu on 12/28/2015

Dear Customer Service,

I work as a Post-doc in space science in USA for almost three years. I was working as a a research scientist more than 3 years in Germany. I got my PhD in 2011.

When I have read the requirements for Green Card application in your very informative web site (www.greencardapply.com), I thought I am eligible to apply for it without an attorney. With the attorney, it may cost a lot for me.

I think applying for EB1 Extraordinary Ability petition is adequate for my case. I have more than 20 peer-review scientific papers and more than 130 citations. I also reviewed many papers in well organized scientific papers. I also got an award for post doctoral scholarship.

Please let me know whether it works for me if I would apply for EB1 Extraordinary Ability. I can buy the DIY EB1 Extraordinary Ability package by PayPal, since it is fast and much easy for me.

Thank you.

***** Email from Kim on 12/17/2015

Dear William, 

Thank you very much for your wonderful service and very informative website. I have a question that I have not found answers in your website.

I am a Medical doctor trained in my home country, but I also hold a PhD in Epidemiology from U.S. with a focus on infectious diseases. I am currently back in my home country to serve my 2-year home country services as J-1 visa holder. I have completed one year. I would like to apply for the EB2National Interest Waiver visa in a month or two with the hope that by the time I receive approval, my 2-year home country services will be almost over, and I would not need a J1 waiver.

I have read from you very good website, that you must stay within the 'national interest area' through which you acquired the EB2 National Interest Waiver Visa - in my case it would be infectious disease research. Eventually, I would like to apply for internal medicine residency. 

Will this be in violation of my EB2 visa? Is there a chance that the visa could be revoked? Knowing this is important before I embark on the lengthy NIW application process. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question.

Best regards,

***** Email from Dongre on 12/4/2015

Hello William,

I find many valuable information from your very well website. I am in process of filing my employment based green card application, and I want some advise on the process and stage. Can you help me and what will be the process to seek your advise? Would it be possible to seek some expert advise around some of the below questions.

1) If my PERM labor certification is already applied and not approved, can I switch my role and responsibility within the company?

2) If Form I-140 petition is approved, by when can I switch my role and responsibility?

3) What are some of the upcoming changes being made to PERM labor certification process as part of executive action?


***** Email from YanYu on 11/28/2015

Hi Customer Service,

I have bought your excellent DIY package for self-petition EB1 Extraordinary Ability package (EB-1A). Thank you for the very helpful package, it helps me a lot for preparing myEB-1A application.

I have almost done with the documents requires for EB-1A petition, but I still have some basic questions that you might help me out. Here they are:

1) How do I get the petition receipt number? once USCIS recieved my application, will USCIS notify me through email providing this number?

2) Since I am located outside U.S., can I write down a USA address of a friend who is in USA for the mailing address? I am afraid that mailing back to my home country address will take a long time with US postage.

Thank you so much for this help in advanced. Your package is a great value for the self-petition.

Hope to hear from you soon,

***** Email from Vicky on 11/16/2015

Dear William,

I am an international (with F1 visa) PhD student at an University in California state,  and I am applying for EB2 NIW Petition (National Interest Waiver), by using your very helpful NIW DIY package. 

I have noticed that after my Form I-140 approval based on the National Interest Waiver category, for Form I-485 application I have to pass a medical examination.

My problem is that I am physically disabled: I have a bone disease and use an electric wheelchair. I am wondering if I may have any chance to pass the medical exam.

I would be grateful to you if you could help me in this regard.

Best regards.

***** Email from Sampah on 11/7/2015

Dear Sir/Madam,

We would like to purchase DIY package of EB1 or NIW. I am currently working as a postdoctoral researcher, on F-1 visa, in environmental engineering. I has been living in U.S. for 6 years. I have completed my PhD environmental engineering. I am considering applying for green card under EB1 or NIW category. I was wondering if you would look at my attached CV, and evaluate if my case has a chance.

I have scientific publications: 5 published, 2 under review, 1 in preparation. I am a reviewer for 3 international journals and member of technical committee for a international organization. My work has less chances for citations but the industry experts and state organization employees can say great things about my research and its implications on the field.
I was able to gather 6 recommendation letters: 3 from professors I have worked with, 1 senior environmental scientist in department of transportation, 1 president of an engineering firm, 1 senior project manager in environmental engineering firm) . I have 5 years of teaching experience.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

***** Email from Viswan on 10/29/2015

Dear William, 

Your website about immigration application is very helpful for us. I have a question that I believe you can answer quickly.

My current visa is J-1, without the two-year home-country residency requirement, as a research scholar at a U.S. State University, which will expire next year.

If I have a university tenure-track job offer that is accepted and signed by myself, can I apply for a green card? such as Form I-140 & Form I-485, most likely under EB-1B Outstanding Researcher or Professor, and then start working for the new employer without changing to H1-B status?


***** Email from Woojae on 10/14/2015

Dear William,

I truly like your service and web site very much. I am an occupational therapist in U.S. on H-1B visa. I completed my Master's degree in the USA and I will be graduating with a Doctorate in Occupational Therapy (OTD) degree, this is a clinical doctorate degree and is different from PhD.

I have been working for my current employer for about 2 years. My employer has filed my first PERM application, but it got rejected by the office of foreign labor certification due to multiple reasons. Since then my employer has kept on saying that they will file my Green Card, but every time I follow up with them the company's lawyer says it is pending.

Though, my employer has started the process for my extension of H1B visa, but the green-card application is still pending. I requested them to file my green-card under EB2 NIW, but my request has been declined as it is not a standard procedure for the company. Now following are my concerns:

1) How to identify that I am a strong EB2 NIW candidate? 2) What is the success rate for candidates, equivalent to my profile, to get approval for the EB2 NIW program? 3) Can I file EB2 NIW independently, while my employer is working on my H1B extension visa and green card application?

Thank you for your patience in reading my email. I will be happy to answer any of your questions while you are working on my profile.

***** Email from Amlan on 10/6/2015

Hi Customer Service,

I have been referring to your extraordinary services and web site by several friends.

I am working as research scientist on H-1B visa status. I am a PhD holder with 7 accepted papers in peer-reviewed journal and 2 more papers in submission. I also have over 12 international conference papers. I have total independent citations of 58 as of now. I wanted to apply for EB2-NIW (EB2 National Interest Waiver).

If I apply the EB2 National Interest Waiver petition now, and if I lose my current job while the EB2 NIW petition is pending, what will be my status? 

Also can I get another job, or can any employer offer me any position, while my EB2 NIW petition is pending? In that case, what will happen to my current H-1B visa status?

***** Email from Preveen on 9/27/2015

Hello Sir/Madam,

I am an MD and also worked in the recent years overseas in a tech company as a director of a 12 professional team, including MD doctors and nurses). Next year, I will start a medical residency as a foreigner. The company which I worked for is also interested to employ me simultaneously during me residency under EB-1C
Multinational Executive or Manager visa.

The company is qualified for this EB-1C visa as it is located overseas, and it has a sister company in the US and personally, I will be a manager but in a part-time position in the U.S. since I will work full-time as a resident in the hospital.

Do you think that the
EB-1C Multinational Executive or Manager application is feasible for me based on my future part-time managerial /executive position which will be done in addition to my full time position in the hospital? or it could also be relevant for a full-time position? The hospital for which I will work will sponsor an H1-B visa for me.

Thank you and kind regards.

***** Email from Wandhu on 9/12/2015

Dear Sir/Mam,

I am working for last 3 years as an offshore manager for a company locating inside U.S.. I have to manage and monitor several websites for controlling almost whole business, so there are some concern about my availability due to dependency on internet connection, electricity, disasters etc. 

My employer interested to shift me to USA to work physically at office permanently. I also interested to migrate as there are some unfriendly situation here in my home country.

I have a 4 years honors graduation. So far from my study EB-1C Multinational Executive or Manager petition, is the EB-1C category suitable for me. Do you think it will be approved? 

***** Email from Anshuman on 8/23/2015

Dear Sir/ madam,

I would like to first thank you very much for your excell website, it is very helpful. 

I had worked in U.S. on L1B visa for total 5 years. After that I was transferred to India with the same employer. It has been already 1 yr since my L1B visa is expired. But I have been travelling to and out of usa couple of times for some days during this year.

Is it possible for me to apply for a new L1 visa at the end of the one year from the end of my last L1B visa?


***** Email from Bai on 8/12/2015

Dear Wlliam, 

Your website about Green Card application is very informative and helpful.

I am a postdoctoral fellow (on J1 visa) working on vaccine-based cancer therapy research at Mayo Clinic, AZ. I have done my masters and Ph.D from the best pharmaceutical institute of India. My current credentials are follow:

Total 18 publications in peer reviewed journals (First authored 10 and co-authored 8) with around 150 citations Total 8 Poster presentation at national and international conferences. I have 5 awards and 2 of them are really prestigious awards conferred by the USA-based renowned scientific society and India-based research foundation, respectively. These awards are conferred to the exceptional students in my research field. 

I am a member of 6 scientific societies; Ad hoc reviewer for around 9 international good journals. Serving on Editorial Board for 2 average journals.

Am I qualified for EB1-OR?

Thank you.

***** Email from Effendi on 8/3/2015

Dear William, 

Now I desperately need your help for my O1 visa application. I am writing to inquire about O1 visa application. I received an offer of a position in the industry, and would like to apply for an O1. 

Please review the attached CV and advise if I have met the criteria for O1. Please also let me know if your office would provide professional service for the application.

Summary: 5 papers (3 first-authors, 2 second-authors). 80 citations (google scholar). 2 paper review (Plos One, impact factor 3.7)


***** Email from Hong on 7/28/2015

Hi William,

I would like to first thank you for your services! I am a IT Manager for a multi national company that has offices throughout the US, canada, uk and australia

I am currently looking after the Australian operations and have a IT support analyst, senior developer, business systems analyst reporting to me with a junior developer and 2 business analysts to come. All including myself however are based in australia

We also have a IT managere for north america and canada. I am planning to relocate to the US to san francisco for family reason.  What are my chances for L1a visa and later EB-1C ? How soon should i apply for eb1c assuming i qualify for L1a ?

Would I need to have direct reports in the us to qualify for L1a ?

Thank you.

***** Email from Pasha on 7/16/2015

Hello William,

I am an Engineer working in employer's R&D center. I came to the US for pursuing my Master's degree and I graduated on 2012. I have been working in an R&D ever since. 

I have a questions regarding my qualifications to EB2 NIW. I do not have publications but I have a patent which is pending. My work at R&D center is for developing an engine with an advanced control algorithm to improve fuel consumption and reduce pollution. I am also a district level judge (for 3 districts) at US FIRST robotics competition which is one of the biggest, multi-million dollar non profit organization for improving STEM education for children. 

I am also working on an independent project for developing an emission compliant race car, which, if proves successful, will attract aftermarket automotive companies for the products/strategies involved in creating such vehicle.

I did not get selected in lottery for FY 2015, I applied for EB-1EA and I got an EAD card, but I am sure I do not qualify for EB-1EA and am afraid my petition for I-140 will get rejected soon. I am going to apply for H1B for FY 2016, but I would like to know my chances for EB2-NIW. I have attached my resume for your kind perusal.

Thank you!

***** Email from Miles on 7/16/2015

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am very glad to find your superior website for green card and H-1B visa application.

I need Do it yourself Kit for H-1b visa package. However I do not need the hard copy version but I need it to be emailed to my email address.  I could find any link to purchase it online (only paypal). 

I need it fast, is there any way that you can email it to me today? I also appreciate if you could provide me an email address..


***** Email from Wang on 7/3/2015

Dear William,

Thank you William for the response. It is encouraging to know this. 

I just have one more question, you said that my qualifications give me a better chance to apply under EB-1 Outstanding Researcher. This is what it says on USCIS website for this category to qualify - You must be entering the United States in order to pursue tenure or tenure track teaching or comparable research position at a university or other institution of higher education. 

I am currently working for a private company, although specializing in the area of my research that is, CFD, and they provide research services through their proprietery software but I am not employed by a university or research institute.

Do you still think I can apply? Is this category not exclusive to employees of higher education institutes and research institutions? Do you know of any candidates working for private companies apply and get approved through this category?

You input would be much appreciated. Thank you again!

***** Email from Chiran on 6/29/2015

Dear Customer Service,

Thanks for providing detailed help on your websites. I have two questions. First, let me give some background as mine is slightly different.

I finished my PhD in Computer Engineering from a top 10 school in the US and towards the end of my PhD started a company that commercializes my dissertation research. As part of the startup, I wrote a research proposal  as sole principal investigator that won a SBIR Phase I grant from NSF of $150K. I also raised other funding from state government and private sources of another $200K.  Can the NSF grant be considered as a nationally recognized award? 

I have 1 US issued patent and 3 US patent applications pending. I have 14 publications, out of which 6 published at top venues in my field and have over 110 citations according to Google Scholar.

I am on OPT and haven't changed my visa status from F1 yet.  My lawyer said I better apply for O1 before applying for EB1 EA. My questions are as follow:

1. Have you heard of successful cases in which the candidate got green card through EB1 EA (extraordinary ability) while on OPT (F1- visa)?

2. Based on your experience, how strong is my application for EB1 EA, assuming I can get 6 strong letters from mentors and outside experts?

Thank you.

***** Email from Sigy on 6/14/2015


I want to order a "Complete Do-It-Yourself Package" from your website. I believe it will be very helpful. 

My Wife is bharatanatyam dancer(Performing arts) and she is performed at various India national level shows, she has done masters in dance. She has judged in state board dance exams. She don't have international performances but has national(INDIA ) level. 

Her couple of events are covered in print media. She has done thesis for masters and it captures "music contribution to dance". She learnt this dance from past 21 years. My questions are

1)  Is she eligible for EB1?

2)  I would like to use your program  for applying EB1, please can you provide few success stories of Performing arts?

Thanks for your time..

***** Email from Aine on 6/6/2015

Dear William,

I had applied an Appeal for denied RFE and I 485 (EB1-EA category) so that I continue to have EAD & Advance Parole.

But my I 485 appeal have been denied with a reason that I-140 is still in process. Unfortunately, I am travelling outside US and returning on 6th September. My 30 days time to apply for Motion to Reopen are till 13th September.

Can I take the plea that I am applying Motion before 13th September, will they allow me reentry.
I have a valid R 2 status also which we had got adjusted when my wife got R1. Since I had an Advance Parole so I didn't see I-94 which says I need to surrender it when I leave US. So I didn't surrender that also.

Can you please help me what should I tell USCIS when I return tomorrow. Secondally I need a template to file motion also, can I pay thru credit card as I am in Europe right now.

I will appreciate if you could give me a business oriented case because mine case is not research but related to business.

Thanks & Regards,

***** Email from Campbell on 5/26/2015

Hi William,

I was surfing on net and found your contact and have some queries related to Eb1 eligibility. Hope you could help me. I wanted to order "Complete Do-It-Yourself Package..

I have almost 14 years of experience in IT industry. Had worked on Managerial Position in India for almost 3-4 years. I am currently in US on h1b as a computer systems analyst. I was going through eligibility criteria for applying GC under EB1 and was interested to know if I could however get eligible to apply under this. Or may be some other options which could help.

Please let me know if I am eligible to apply under EB1 or not or may be some other options through which I can get eligible for EB1 as I don’t have PHD or any papers published. But do specialize in computer science..

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

***** Email from Pathak on 5/18/2015

Hi William,

I love your site, I’ve been referring to it a lot in the lead up to submitting my EB1-GC application.  

I’m a fashion model who is on an O-1 and I am thinking seriously about submitting myself by following the Do-It-Yourself package. I just have one concern.

If my application were to be rejected, would it effect my next try for the EB1?  Is there a lockout time or would it mean that they may look unfavourably upon my second attempt?

Any advice on this would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,

***** Email from Park on 5/7/2015

Dear Sir,

I like to order Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for EB-1C. I am currently on an L1 Visa for a US Multinational Company, Allergan ($66bn market cap company).

I work as Senior Vice  President in Finance and am paid at an executive level (package $500K+).  I have a Bachelors Degree, a Masters Degree and am a Qualified Accountant from the UK.

My company is being acquired and my L1 visa will expire in August 2015 and currently I will need to return home at this time.

I would like to secure employment in the US (California) prior to having to leave and am targeting senior Finance roles including CFO opportunities for small/mid cap companies.

Would a EB1C visa be applicable in my case and how quickly does one take to get?

Thanks in advance.

***** Email from Pace on 4/28/2015

Hi Green Card Application Services,

My employer has submitted I-140 for me in last month after approval of PERM certification. But they do not pay lawyer fee for filing I-485.  My country of origin is Bangladesh and it does not have long waiting period. 

Now I am considering to add my and my wife’s I-485 applications in my pending/under review I-140 application. Can I do that now? It seems to me that I can. If I can then I have little confusion/few question regarding the I-485 filings. So would you please provide me suggestion about the followings?

1) While I was student, my wife got state sponsored health insurance during her pregnancy and also my son’s health insurance was also from state until I graduated and joined my job. Also we received WIC food stumps until I graduated and got my job. So how does this issue affect my I-485 application? Also I am wondering that is there a sample explanation/clarification letter specifically for these issues in your I-485 application package?

2) Since I would like to add I-485 into my pending I-140, do I need to provide the documents like employment letter or any documents related to my job or employer?

3) Do I need to do my medical exams and include those in the I-485 application or we have to wait until the applications approval?

I would like to buy an I-485 application package from you. But would you tailor/identify the specific supporting documents that I (and my wife) need for my above specific situations or can I consult with you while I am preparing my application package.

I highly appreciate your reply and thank you very much in advance


***** Email from Rajya on 4/15/2015

Hi Green Card Application Services,

I was working on H1b initially with an employer by doing consulting. And I transferred my H1b to a company and then went to work in there INDIAN office for more than 1 year and then came back and working in the same manager role.

Again I went to India to work in the same company for more than 1 year again in the same manager role. Am I eligible for EB1-C category, I lead a team of 8-10 people, is that ok?

Its been more then 4 years Indian office is set up and 6 years US office is set up.

Please let me know if you need any more information.

Thanks & Regards,

***** Email from King on 4/6/2015

Hi, William,

I got most of valuable information from your well designed web-site.

I will apply for the EB-1 green card as a  Finance Manager at a Multinational Company and my subordinates are overseas . 

I would like to know what the Governmental verification process consists of .Will they send e-mails to my coworkers directly or will they contact human resources? 

The reason that I want to know is that some of the information that I have provided in my application packet does not correlate with Human Resources current information as some of my team are recent hires . 

In case you don't know could you suggest somebody that I can contact?


***** Email from Renato on 3/28/2015

Hi William,

We would like to purchase DIY package of NIW

Do you know where I can get up-to-date USCIS regulations or guidelines about proper timeline that a H1B holder should follow to apply EB2 NIW?  

What I want to know are, for example, whether I-140 needs to be filed and approved before H1B expires and I-485 needs also to be filed in the same fashion. In addition, when is the latest time to file NIW without any concern about expiring HIB status. I found some info from private law firm websites but not sure what they say is official.   

I'm also interested in I-140 andn I-485 concurrent filing. Is your I485 DIY package good source on this matter?  

Thank you.

***** Email from Sharmi on 3/14/2015

Hello William,

I have Doctor of Music Art of the University of Illinois,Master Degree of Rutgers University,active artist in NYC area-i have portfolio of performances in Manhattan with my group (I am a band leader)-articles in magazines,ads,letters of the recommendation from Jazz Journalist association and from famous jazz musicians.Also I own music company since February 2015.

I just filled taxes and have confirmed personal income 23,000 annual,and company income 66,000 annual.

I am currently on EAD as postgraduate OPT. I am thinking about to apply for green card via EB2 NIW petition. 

How do you estimate my case and what kind of assistance you can propose.

Thank you and have a great day!

***** Email from Mary on 3/7/2015

Customer Service,

I am here working as a Math-Science & Special Education teacher on h1b visa from Oct. 2009 and on 2012, I got an extension for next 3 years that expires on Sep. 29, 2015. My I-140 was applied on 2012, is in process for more than last 2 years.
My sponsoring company says now you should go back to your Native country as the maximum extension for h1b visa is only for 6 years. But I came to know if my I-140 is still in process then I can still get my h1b extension or not? Do I have any other alternative than going back to my home country?
I just want to know when can I file for another h1b visa extension, while my I-140 is still in process. I mean when to file my h1b extension if any, as my current h1b visa will expire on Sep. 29, 2015. Kindly help!

***** Email from Patel on 2/28/2015


I got most of valuable information from your well designed web-site.

I am requesting assistance about my O1 visa application. I am a performing artist and applied for O1 last year which was denied. 

I fulfill all the criteria such as awards, newspaper articles/ reviews, membership. We submitted all the evidences and more info about venues, about my art form which is Indian Classical dance, recommendations from Gov. organization and experts, newspaper readership and more.. 

Yet the USCIS has issued RFE notice to my second application which is baffling.

I would really appreciate your advice.

Thanks! Regards,

***** Email from Heyuyan on 2/16/2015

Hello William

Thank you very much for your kind reply. I truly appreciate it very much. As I informed you earlier that my current sponsor who has given me the h1b Visa told me to go home. If they want me to go home then I cannot continue my current job.

On the other hand, if I transfer this of my h1b to another employer/sponsor for one more year additional extension then I will have to move to a new job, I may not be able to retain my same job without getting the additional one year extension with my current sponsor. 

So I am in a critical situation. I communicated so many lawyers, but no one is so much sure. Everybody is saying if your current sponsor don't want then Go Home! How it is possible if it is the law of the land to get additional one year h1b extension while I-140 is in process then there must be a provision to get the things done, irrespective of wrongly exercising Power.


***** Email from Kirta on 2/4/2015

Dear Dear William,

Thank you very much for keeping this outstanding website. I plan to apply NIW for getting green card. I am looking for the best way.

I am planning to file NIW petition. I am a PhD holder and my current VISA status is OPT(F1).  Unfortunately, I do not have a job right now. However, I have 12 publications in top notch journals with 130+ citations and participated in 10+ regional and national scientific conferences. 

My PhD work focused on energy related materials and devices. I have a MSc degree too (related to environmental chemistry, computational, and analytical).

Since I am not currently working but live in USA, what are the chances of getting PR? Will they consider my petition without a "verified certification of employment".

Thank you very much.

*** Email from Renya on 1/23/2014

Hi William,

I have been with a company for more than 3 years now. I have EB-2 NIW I-140 approval, but I can not file I-485 because the immigrant visa is nit current for my country.

Currently, the EB1-OR immigrant visa is current for my country, and I-485 can be processed after 4-6 months depending on the approval/non-approval of EB1-OR. I am also beginning to teach as a Adjunct Faculty at a University in Spring 2013. All my degrees, B.S. (Civil Engg); M.S. and Ph.D. are in Industrial and Systems Engineering with Aviation research as primary area and Firefighters/First Responders as my secondary research area.

So please let me know what do you suggest if I can file EB1-Outstanding Researcher? If you think my case is strong, (at least I am confident), I would like to self-apply by using your excellent DIY EB1-Outstanding Researcher and Professor Package. My company will give me letters and will sign Form I-140 for me.


***** Email from Bei on 1/16/2015

Dear William,

Could you please guide me based on the following facts what should I do? I am Bachelor of Commerce, plus having about 15+ yrs IT work experience. Worked for last 5 yrs with IBM and currently in USA on L1A. Working as Project Manager and worked as Technical Analyst, Business Analyst and System Administration role. I am also performing People Manager role which has authority to hire, terminate.

My employer told me that they will not sponsor green card/PERM and this has put me down and worried about my family and kids who are studying. Could you please help me to understand whether I can use your "Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for EB1 Multinational Executive or Manager Petition," and what is success rate based on my facts above. 

Your reply and guidance will be a life changing event for me. Thanks in advance.




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