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Year 2013 Selected Emails from Users for
Questions and Comments on Our Services and Packages

***** Email from Natalia on 12/29/2013

Dear Sir/Madam:

I came through your excellent website, and found some very good and detail material about EB1 category of Green card. 

I want to qualify under either EB-1a category or EB1b/NIW of US green card and presently I don't have any PhD, published materials, Journals, national or international awards.I have secured admission in PhD program in finance at New York University and Georgetown University. Now I am sure that during 3 years of PhD program, I will write several articles and many of those will be successfully published in top newspapers and journals. I will gain membership of several professional orgnizations etc. Will these things get me my Green Card approved under EB-1b category 3 years from now? 

As a Citizen of India, How much time applicant should estimate to get approved under NIW category? Can I qualify under NIW now because presently I have a MBA and B.Com? In addition to that I also have two years of diploma in Computer Programming. 

In addition to above explanation, I have have couple of other questions:

- While Georgetown University has accepted for PhD Finance, I am also hopeful to hear from couple of other universities about acceptance in dual degree program - JD PhD. Now does law degree with a PhD makes any difference to prove extraordinary abilities of an applicant with Indian Citizenship?

- As management is a very broad field and I can also be admitted into "PhD in Technology Management" or "PhD in information Systems" so while making selection, Should I prefer these technology based programs over finance to make my profile more favorable for Eb1b category? Please provide your genius advice.

I look forward to get reply from you.

Thanks & best regards.

***** Email from Jung on 12/16/2013

Hello William,

I am interested in ordering NIW package from you. I have a peculiar situation and wonder if you could comment on possible scenarios. I am currently on a H1B in a non-profit organization (a Postdoc at a university) and would like to change it for a Postdoc in a R&D department of a for-profit company. The questions are:

1) May I transfer my H1B employment authorization between the two or I better apply for another H1B?

2) How can it affect my recently submitted I-485 application for adjustment of status (based on a self-sponsored I-140 NIW).

I have looked around and figured that for employment-based petitions it results in invoked I-140 ... but I didn't have a sponsoring employer. Does this make it safe to switch from one employer to another?

I would appreciate your input.

Best regards.

***** Email from Pierre on 12/7/2013

Customer Service:

I have already bought a "do-it-yourself package" from you ( which I found it very helpful). Thanks so much for sending me the package, you know, now it is the difficult time, I HOPE your package can help me out.

I need more assistance from you. I am managing director (and owner) of a company who import foodstuff from US. I am planning to apply for L1-A visa to come to US and start up a company's branch to develop the business with US and then apply for EB1-C green card.

I need to consult with you, who has experience on this type of visa. 

With my best wishes.

***** Email from Bardan on 11/29/2013

Dear Customer Service:

After reading information on immigration through your website, I decided to go for Do-It-Yourself and based on the information ordered a package for EB1 Outstanding Researcher or Outstanding Professor Petition. However, now I realize this category is employer sponsored and may not suitable for me. I probably have to go with NIW (National interest waiver). 

Just a quick question about the EB1 outstanding petition, the reason I am confused is you mention the alien needs a letter of employment, which I sure have, Is this all that I need in terms of sponsorship or there is more to it? While discussing with friends what I understood is that alien's employer has to  file the petition, Is this right? I am asking this because with your extensive  experience in the field, you can answer this best. I am not all clear that EB1 Outstanding Researcher or Outstanding Professor Petition is employer sponsored. 

Best wishes.

***** Email from Kliton on 11/14/2013

Dear William,

I ordered the Do it your self package of NIW and went through some details, the package is very good. 

My time is tight, I do need your great help to make me feel confidence, I definitely will refer your service to everyone who is looking for. If I order the premium service, can you provide the service listed below in time:

1) Provide explanations, advice, and planning based on your background and circumstances, and also based on our comprehensive research and solid expertise in the immigration process. 

2) Provide sound and comprehensive suggestions about the best course of action to meet your objectives according to the overall situation, for a specific case or petition (such as Request For Evidence or RFE).

3) Find the facts when your case is relatively complicated (ranging from a Request For Evidence for a petition to administrative difficulties throughout the application process), then provide guidance and suggestions for questions or requests before and after an immigrant petition, based on special explanations from immigration rules, regulations, and USCIS memos. 

4) If requested, we will review your petition cover letter or a RFE response cover letter, to provide effective petition strategies and arguments according to high standards of quality. 

5) Provide an unique Premium Customer ID number for your membership, and give careful and quick responses to your every petition question or problem. 

If I have questions and request to review petition letter or RFE cover letter, normally how soon I CAN get response from you? Currently, could you kindly go through every items of my RFE items and provide suggestion on how to argue and reply if I order this great service from your website?

If I need, could you review my RFE response cover letter and provide effective petition strategies eventually?

***** Email from Hiroshi on 11/9/2013

Dear William,

This is the 3rd time I write to you. Your are very helpful answers for my previous questions.

I already checked out on your web pages and known the details about the service of petition program, I trust your reputation, since in your website, You kindly provide lot of useful information and suggestion on green card application, and as well you always can reply and kindly answer my question in time. I am planning to order that service. 

Right now I am so sad to tell you I am having another problem that I have to handle at first. Last weekend I got my RFE mail from USCIS on my NIW self-petition which was submitted and received. Please see the attached file for the details. It made me feel difficult to reply. I saw you also have the package on how to reply to RFE, does that help me on my case? 

Please help to review all the questions on RFE, are all the questions specific on my case or normal questions for anyone? I am looking forward to getting your help.

Thanks and with my best wishes.

***** Email from Maedu on 10/27/2013

Dear Sir:

The NIW package I ordered from you is excellent. 

One question - the letters of reference in the package are geared towards scientists. Do you have any examples in the field of business? 

I am an Editorial Director working as a science writer and editor in the field of life sciences and biotechnology. I have received, since working in the US (H1B) a Science Journalism Laureate Award from Purdue University, which places me in an elite group of writers as very few of these awards are made, and produced several annual books that are of national importance to the US biotechnology industry and so it would be helpful to see how I might instruct my referees on the approach to their letters.

Thanks for your help.

***** Email from Anotoliy on 10/15/2013

Dear Sir/Madam:

I see your very informal web site, and I am glad after reading about your wonderful service for Green Card. I have been through your website www.greencardapply.com and studied it carefully. 

I am a UK citizen and fully qualified Manual Lymph Drainage therapist, and the first person from a non German speaking country to qualify in to use this treatment with horses. Equine lymphology is a neglected area here and in the US and I have the only English language website which provides detailed information about this and the conditions that arise. I receive enquiries from literally around the world, including many from the US, from horse owners and veterinary surgeons.

MLD is the treatment of choice for the condition lymphoedema, which is common in horses but because of the above, rarely recognised in UK and US veterinary practice.

In March I undertook a successful small, informal study at the Centre for Equine Health at the Veterinary Medicine School, UC Davis, into the use of MLD to control ‘chronic progressive lymphoedema’ a disease identified by the School. As a result a number of horse owners would like me to treat their affected horses, and I am keen to do this, and to increase awareness of the condition and its treatment. This is short term treatment, I would not be employed, the owners would be my clients, as is normal in this type of work. I was also approached to treat a person with lymphoedema as there are comparatively few qualified practitioners in the US. I have commitments in the UK so would only want to work in the US on a temporary basis.

As far as I am aware, I am the only person with this experience outside Germany. As I would not be employed, it has been suggested that I apply for an O1 visa and national interest waiver, and would like to confirm first that I would need to apply for both. I am not anticipating making a lot of money in the US so would prefer to try and do this myself at this stage if at all possible.

Thank you.

***** Email from Qiang on 10/2/2013

Dear William,

I happened to read your website about self-petition of green card based on EB1A. The reading is really enlightening. Thanks a lot for providing these useful information. I have a question about my situation which you might be able to answer. 

I just graduated with a Ph.D degree in engineering. I am hold OPT now. My Ph.D research is subarea in optics, which is closely related to military defense. Companies working in my area require green card or citizenship. So, I did not get a job in my Ph.D research field since I am an international student without green card. Instead, I got a job in data analysis, which does not relate to optics at all, even though I will use some analytical skills in the new job I learned and used in my Ph.D research. The company I will work in may or may not support me H1B visa. 

Now I am considering to apply for green card based on EB1A as soon as possible. I have a relatively strong academic background with over 20 articles, 3 patents and reviewing over 30 papers for 7 different journals. If I get the green card, then I will be able to look for job in optics. 

My question is that:

1) My current job is not in my Ph.D research field. Does this affect the EB1a application? If yes, how can I solve this problem? 

2) Doe I need to talk about my current job and current company I work in? If yes, what strategy should I use when talking about my job and the company in the petition letter?

3) When submitting I-485, do I need to submit the job offer or job description of my current work in data analysis?

4) After I get the green card, do I need to quit my current job in data analysis and find a new job in optics?

I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Best regards.

***** Email from Zhao on 9/22/2013

Dear William,

Thank you so much your reply. I will take your advice in my petition letter. I had heard that EB-1A application does not require a job offer. 

Does it mean that you don't really need to have a job when you are submitting your I-140 application form? Or, you don't need to have a job in your field, optics for me, when applying? For my situation, my current job is data analysis (apparently, it does not relates to optics, even though it uses some skill set I learned from research in optics). So the feasible and practical strategy for my case when writing the petition letter is that:

1) have to discuss my current job in the petition letter?

2) have to relate my current job to my optical background from before?

I received a lot of emails asking my immigration status after optical companies found my resume impressive and interesting to me. However, they decided not to move further for an interview since I am not a citizen and don't have a green card. So, if I can get a letter from these optical companies stating that they would like to hire me if I have green card; or they can not hire me because I don't have a green card; 

Do you think this kind of letter or the emails I got from them during job seeking will help convince immigration officers to offer me the green card? Maybe, if I am able to tactically relate my current job to my optical research experience, I don't have to seek this kind of letter or use those emails asking my immigration status during job seeking.

Please advise me. I really appreciate your valuable advice and comments. It means a lot to me.

Have a great day.

***** Email from Winter on 9/18/2013

Dear William,

It is so nice you could answer my questions in your busy time, indicating you are a considerable and very helpful. I have a very happy experience with you, your excellent website, and the do it yourself package of EB-1A, and would like to refer you to anybody I will know. I am going to file my application in EB-1A.

My brief background, Ph.D. in pharmaceutical science, having more than 10 years research background in drug research and biomedical analysis. Published 24 papers and presented many of conference abstracts and posters, 4 of them in first author, others are coauthored papers in the good journals in the endeavored research. Members with several professional societies. I have finished four times of reviewing process for journals.

I am going to claim the qualifications in (1) contributions; (2) publications; (3) member ships;(4) review . Actually I played important roles in many coauthored papers, even I am not the first two or three authors, how can I emphasize my role in these works?

Do you normally provide service in reviewing and revising petition letter, and what is the charge for that?

Thanks so much and have a nice night

***** Email from Lee on 9/9/2013

Dear Sir:

I am a Canadian citizen currently completing law school in WA. I am now considering green card applications. After reviewing your very helpful website thoroughly, it appears to me that the most suitable category may be the EB2-NIW.

I’m currently on an F-1 visa and will soon apply either for OPT or for a TN visa. I noticed on your website how applying for an EB1/2 may detrimentally affect an application for OPT since it evidences intent … do you think that applying for and, being denied, an EB1/2 visa would detrimentally affect a TN visa? If I were to obtain a TN visa and then subsequently be denied an EB2-NIW visa, would there be a high chance of being refused re-entry if I were to then temporarily leave the US and re-enter on the TN visa?

Finally, you’ll notice that my wife is a Japanese citizen, and currently a holder of an F-2 visa. Which leads to my final question … when applying for an EB1/2 visa for myself, is it possible to get an equivalent dependent visa for my wife as well?

Thank you.

****** Email from Genkov on 8/27/2013

Dear Sir

I had submitted I-140 by myself with the help of your wonderful Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for NIW. The USCIS received my application and issued an RFE on. I saw it online, but the RFE letter is on the way and I should be receiving by the end of this week. I have no idea what to do about this. Does this mean that the case is weak? If so, can I withdraw the petition? Or, is it likely that most of the applicants get RFE.

I would like to submit the response to RFE letter with your help of your RFE package for NIW petition. What type of responses are required? Can you help in this regard? Because they may give me limited time, Please advise. I have a PhD in Applied Physics.

Thank you so much.

***** Email from Grad on 8/15/2013

Dear William,

I am glad to purchase your DIY package on application of green card in EB1-EA. This package is very helpful and guide me to prepare my documents.

Now I have questions on the New I-140 form that being released from USCIS recently. On part 4, item 7, how should I select the answer? Since I am preparing to apply for EB1-EA, with labor certificate waiver, should I select no to both of these items? On part 6, item 7, for EB1-EA, It is not necessary to have a permanent position to qualify for this, is that correct?

I think this is very common question for EB1-EA applications, expect to receive your answer as early as possible.

Thanks and have a nice day.

***** Email from Banga on 8/7/2013

Dear William,

I am considering EB-1C Green Card application by using of your EB-1C DIY package, for my family and have few questions before I start the process, I am L1-A visa holder and work in a international US company in US.

I had been a communism party member in China from 1997 to 2003. Is there any impact about my application with this history? Should I offer the evidence that I quit it from 2003? I didn't turn in party fee from that time and may difficult to find a evidence to support it. Can I hire a attorney to apply to GC even I'm a L1-A holder? How much is the total expense to get your support to apply GC for my family (3 guys)? How long?

Thanks a lot for your answers and your very informative web site.

Best regards.

***** Email from Minda on 7/25/2013

Dear Sir/Madam,

Greetings! I am currently working as Scientist/Research Associate in a University near Philadelphia. I entered this country through Post Doc fellowship from University in Baltimore, on J1 visa and got waiver and converted to H1B, and since then i was working in H1B. I am married and my husband is in H4 visa and he is in India now.

I am interested in applying for Green card on your EB-1A Do-It-Yourself package. I read your website carefully, and I am qualified for the same according to the rules and regulations stated - My work has been published in reputed international journals (5-6 publications total); My work has been published in news papers; I have judged the work of others. I am member of 2- 3 reputed scientific societies.

Expecting your reply. I don't want to spend so much of dollars in filling. So please let me know whether am I eligible for the same. If you want my resume I can send it for your valuable review.

Thanks and regards.

***** Email from Sundary on 7/14/2013


My fiancee is looking to apply for a green card via EB1-Extraordinary Ability (EB1-EA) Petition. She is a lead performer in a show in Las Vegas and many of her co-workers have received green cards successfully. We ordered your do it yourself EB1-EA package a few months ago and found the material very informative and professional.

We also saw in the documents that you provide additional service of reviewing the app and giving and independent advice. Can you provide a custom service of preparing the application, letters, strategy. We understand that the application would have to come from us directly and your company cannot put your name on it, but were still wondering if such service was possible as your experience & professionalism would be of huge help. We'd like to bypass going the attorney route, but would like to be a step above self-preparation.

Please advise. Thank you.

***** Email from Alex on 7/3/2013

Dear Customer Service,

I am very highly appreciate your help with the provided green card application DIY packages and instructions. They are in very high professional level. I ordered and used two your packages I-140 and I-485. Thank you very much!

At the step I-485 adjustment of status arose problem and I am not able to submit my documents because I need to understand properly. I decided to ask you if it is possibly. Very briefly I am explaining to you bellow.

My category is EB2 - National Interest Waiver. I filed I-140 by myself (employer in this category was not required) and I got approval. Now I am filing I-485 - adjustment of status with all supporting documents. Is it necessary I to have I-864 for myself? I am not supporting family members, but do I need to have I-864 for myself? I have evidences that I am employed and have a salary, savings, and tax returns. If necessary to file I-864, who can do for me as well as my category did not require employer?

Thanks in advance.

***** Email from Sufan on 6/21/2013

Dear William,

Thanks for your kind reply. I already checked out on your web page and known the details about the service of premium petition program, although I don’t know how well it is, I trust your reputation, since in your website, You kindly provide lot of useful information and suggestion on green card application, and as well you always can reply and kindly answer my question in time. I am planning to order that service. 

Right now, I am having another problem that I have to handle at first. Last weekend I got my RFE mail from USCIS on my NIW self-petition. Please see the attached file for the details. It made me feel difficult to reply. 

I saw you also have the package on how to reply to RFE, does that help me on my case? Please help to review all the questions on RFE, are all the questions specific on my case or normal questions for anyone?

I am looking forward to getting your help.

Thanks and with my best wishes

***** Email from Andrea on 6/8/2013

Dear William,

Based on your very helpful EB1A package I prepared the petition for my EB1A. I claim four of the criteria, awards, publications, judge work of others and contributions. Now I get the RFE from CIS. The awards and contributions need REF. I do not know how to answer them, so I bought your EB1A RFE package. I found it is also very useful. I am preparing the answers for RFE. However, I am a little puzzle. Does my RFE need more reference letters? Because the RFE mentioned that the reference letter has less weight. Their questions are,

"For example, if you believe that you met the first criterion please submit evidence which establishes that you have won prizes or awards and which establishes that they are consistent with one who is among those at the very top of your field. Your evidence does not establish that the grants and fellowships which you have received are properly considered prizes or awards. Furthermore, what seems to be your most prestigious fellowship, that from the Delta Electronics Foundation, appears to be restricted to doctoral or postdoctoral students and further appears to be restricted to only students of Chinese heritage. If that fellowship is available to anyone in your field, regardless of stage of development or country of origin, please submit documentary evidence of this."

Could you please give me any suggestion? How to answer their questions? Need more reference letters? 

Thank you very much,

Best regards.

***** Email from Kim on 5/29/2013

Dear William,

Thank you so much for your prompt reply.

I am an Assistant Professor of a university. I am thinking about whether I can apply in the EB1 Outstanding Researcher or Outstanding Professor category by using your DIY package. It seems that the requirements are relatively lower. I do have a four-year experience as a Assistant Professor , and I think I will be able to get a letter from my department chair saying that they plan to grant me tenure. 

The two categories you mentioned seem too demanding. Even after I publish a journal article, I am afraid I still do not have enough. If you can help me explore the possibility of applying in the category I mentioned above and advise me on what I must do, I would appreciate it. I have learned from the instructions for Form 140 that a letter demonstrating that I will continue to work at this university is required. Do you think a letter from our department chair is enough for that purpose? Again, I appreciate your help.


***** Email from Yeon on 5/15/2013

Hello William,

I have been reading your excellent website since last year all the wonderful, inspiring comments that you have been receiving on every GC approval that's posted which is I find morally motivating. I just have few questions for you before I order my EB1 DIY package. 

I have an O1 visa approved last year. I am still employed under my petitioner as a martial arts instructor/trainer. As you know, I used to be a national athlete and represented my country in different Int'l competitions. Won numerous local and int'l medals. I hired a lawyer when I applied for my O1 visa and now they are asking me to pay $7k for my EB1 to be processed which I cannot afford anymore. 

My questions are what is the first step to get my GC? Should i start working on changing my status now before my O1 visa expires next year? What are the packages that I need to order for the whole process? Have you ever had a testimony in an approved GC based on the EB1 extra ordinary ability sports? If the need arises with regards to answering the application form can i contact you? Thank you for taking time reading my message. Your response will be a big help. I hope to hear from you soon. 


***** Email from Jone on 4/26/2013

Dear William:

I am working as a Research Engineer II position for the past 6 years. I have few abstracts and 4 journal articles written. My job duties include performing complex finite element analysis for all of the companies implants and performing other activities. I would like to know if I qualify to apply under EB2 category. I would like to order "Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for NIW". I believe it could be very helpful.

I would like to know if there is any contact information that I can have to discuss in further. Also my application was filed under EB3 before. Apart from few duties that I listed, my duties also include performing "virtual surgery" which will help the orthopedic surgeon to perform the surgery in a more efficient way. I believe this duty itself can be a milestone in improving the health care by assisting the surgeon perform the surgery in a better way. So I believe that I can be filed at least in EB2 NIW. I just want to know if I can also use my previous priority date. I would appreciate if I can get back your feedback/suggestion.

Many Thanks.

***** Email from Avinash on 4/12/2013

Dear Mr. William;

I am glad to find your superior website for getting green card in U.S.A.. I plan to apply a visa for getting green card. I am looking for the best way to save time. Please give me some comment about my case.

I am a visiting scholar at University now in U.S.A. Please find my attached resume. I hope that I can hear of the good news from you.

Thank you very much.

***** Email from Mengyan on 4/5/2013

Hi Dr William,

Based on your supreme Do-It-Yourself package, I have filed my I-140 (EB-1, extraordinary ability) and after I received the I-140 approval notice from USCIS about the I-140, I filed my I-485.

Now, more than 180 days have passed since USCIS has received my I-185. But my I-485 are still pending at a USCIS Service Center. I want to know Is AC 21 applicable for I-140 self-petition case (EB-1)?

Many thanks, William.

***** Email from Tong on 3/25/2013

Dear William:

Your web site is very helpful in regard to my questions about immigration matters. I have already applied for I-140 and I-485 by myself  with the help of your Complete Do-It-Yourself package and waiting for the response. I have a question: Normally, how long does the process of the "National Interest Waiver" take?

Thank you.

***** Email from Sasikuma on 3/11/2013


I really appreciate your web and your work. Thanks for the information. It was really helpful. I am going to apply by myself with the help of your package. Can you please clarify one more doubt.

Can I continue to work in Company A until my OPT expires even after my H-1B with Company B is approved?

Many thanks

***** Email from Soon Hee on 3/3/2013

Dear Sir:

I recently visited your very helpful web site and was very impressed by the comments left by the individuals. My case is that I recently finished PhD. I am working as a post-doc in a state university on H1B. Is it possible for me to apply for the green card?


***** Email from Harsha on 2/24/2013

Dear William:

It is a great piece of information to me. Thanks a lot for your reply. In your mail, you mentioned that  "As an Assistant Professor, your employer should sign both I-140 Form and the cover letter for EB1-OR application." So, do I need to ask the university to do it for me?

Thanks. I will purchase the package of EB1-OR soon.


***** Email from Kayani on 2/17/2013

Dear William:

Your website about green card application is very informative and helpful. And thank you for your prompt response. I have one more question about EB2-NIW: Do I need to submit Form ETA-750A as well?

Thanks a lot in advance for your answer.

***** Email from Chien Sung on 2/4/203

Dear William,

Thank you very much for the timely and very helpful reply. I have one more question:

I have only one year experience of being a professor. Would that be enough for "outstanding professor"? Can my 10-year research experience in the aerospace industry involving high-profile project (Space Station) count?


***** Email from Asghar on 1/25/2013

Dear Customer Service,

First, thank you so much for your prompt reply to my question. I am planning on purchasing your DIY package.

My qualifications seem to fit EB1-EA and EB1-OR. I have two already published articles in peer-reviewed journal, a third in press, and two are being submitted. I have 4 international conference articles. Do I need to apply for both EB1-EA and EB1-OR?

Thanking you in advance,

Sincerely yours,

***** Email from Zhong Yi on 1/14/2013


My I-140 has been approved with the help of your very powerful Do-It-Yourself package, thank you so much.

Now I am just waiting for the I-485 to be approved. I have applied last week for the "Application for USCIS travel document." The receipt notification letter I received from the office says that it takes 150-180 days to process this kind of case. What can I do to get the travel document fast?

Thank you very much again!




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