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Year 2012 Selected Emails from Users for
Questions and Comments on Our Services and Packages

*** Email from Saeed  on 12/28/2012

Dear Sir/Madam,

I had a chance to visit your outstanding web site where I came across very helpful “Do It Yourself Package”. 

My question is that presently I am employed with a university as Associate Professor, having landed here from Australia with an E-3 visa while my wife and daughter are on E-3D visa. Before I order the packages I would like to know which one best suits my case under EB-1. I have been given to understand that it would be Outstanding Researcher or Professor Petition.

I would appreciate if these are clarified.  

Thank you.

*** Email from Yong on 12/17/2012

Dear Sir.

I am very glad to find your website on green card application and I am sure it is very helpful for people like us. I am writing this email to get your best suggestion for our situation. I am a PhD candidate on F1 visa status. I have been offered a postdoctoral position at a government lab and I was told that my status would change to J1 after accepting the position (after OPT I guess). I had some queries about the status and waivers.

Is there going to be Home-residency requirement for me. I didn't take any funding from my home government or the government of US at anytime. Also, Pakistan is not in the revised "Exchange Visitor Skills List". My question is am I still subject to Home residency requirement? Will I still have to take a J1 waiver, if I want to switch to H1 after my postdoc position ?

Please let me know.


*** Email from Aboud on 12/4/2012


I have ordered your I-485 package and have prepared all my paperwork, the package helped me the process a lot!. I have one more question before I'm ready to send it all in. I hope you can help.

I got married to my wife in January (last month). She is German and has been in the U.S. on a visa for almost 5 years. Her I-140 has been approved as well, but the category she is in is not current and it has been taking forever. So even though the marriage was a little sooner than we had planned on, it made sense to do it so she could apply with me for the Green Card rather than waiting on her category to be current. Now, we both live in Atlanta, but since we are both still in our own leases, officially we have separate addresses. Do you think that will be a problem or a reason to ask us to come in for an interview? I'm trying to avoid that since an interview will slow down the process.

I look forward to hear back from you! Thanks again for all the great help!

*** Email from Munieyong on 11/26/2012

Dear Sir,

I have a question related to L1A visa and Green card. I had been in US for 5 years in H1B visa. I joined my present employer and had been working there past 2+ years. I would like to purchase a Complete Do-It-Yourself package for EB1-EA.

I am Senior Manager in the organization. At the juncture of 6 years completion of H1B visa, my employer transferred me to Toronto, Canada office to lead the Information Technology practice. But I often require to travel to my head office which is based out of Mountain View, CA. And hence my employer is planning to file L1A visa for me so that I can travel between US and Canada. And also my employer is planning to file Green Card under EB1 category since I will be transferred in L1A. My question is:

1) When can my employer file Green Card under EB1 category? 2) Is there any qualification requirement to file Green Card under EB1 category? I have 2 years Bachelors and 1 year Diploma, and 15 years of work exp including 5 years in Managerial / Senior Managerial capacity. 

I will be grateful if you kindly respond to my question. 


13. Email from Sai Lu on 11/14/2012

Dear William,

I would like to thank you for keeping your web site alive and for posting most typical questions.

I also have a question with regard to the I-140 / I-485 forms. Suppose I file I-485 before I-140 is approved but after I have received the receipt. I cannot figure out if USCIS will issue me the EAD, or it will wait until the I140 is approved. If it does issue the EAD, it is for 1 year. What will happen if the I-140 is denied before the 1 year?

Thank you very much.


14. Email from Zeifman on 11/3/2012

Dear Green Card Apply Service,

It's happy to see your business and service running great. I ordered a Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for Extraordinary Ability and now I got the I-140 approval after 6 months waiting. Your package helped me very much for my I-140 self petition, THANKS.

This time, I would like to ask you some advise related to the I-485 application: Do they request any Affidavit of Support for myself and/or my dependents to file I-485 in the Extraordinary Ability situation?

I am looking for your advise in your earliest convenience.

Best wishes.

15. Email from Michael Zhu on 10/23/2012

Dear William,

Thank you so much for your encouragement! I'm starting to collect persuasive recommendation letters and to see if my research could relates with some NASA program in National Interest of USA. 

Thank you very much for your precious time!


16. Email from Zhou on 10/17/2012

Dear William,

Your web site has been a constant help in living through the difficulties of immigration green card applications.

My question is: I have a J-1 waiver application pending (already submitted).  If I apply for a EB-1 now (I will work 3 years at a medically underserved area), do I have to inform the State J-1 department that I am applying for the EB-1?

Thank you,

17. Email from Zhou on 10/9/2012

Thank you for your reply.  I am finding your website very useful.  I have previously met with an immigration lawyer and was discouraged both by her lack of organization in the approach to my specific situation, and her failure to fully examine my credentials to recommend the best strategy for my situation.  

I am trying to decide whether it would be helpful to order two of the EA, OR and NIW packages (I do not anticipate any difficulty attaining my prospective employer's sponsorship). In addition, I have a few more questions:

1) Will my spouse and 2 children automatically be considered for a green card with my EB applications?

2) In addition to letters from the experts in my field, would it be helpful to have letters of recommendation from a) the Dean of our medical institution, or b) government officials (congress/senate)?

Thanks again,

18. Email from Sheth on 9/27/2012


Thank you very much for your last email and valuable information on your web site. They are very helpful.

May I have other questions: from your recent answers on the web, it seems that if applications are under EB1-EA or NIW, applicants can change job in the same category (category means same research field?) at any time; while if application is under EB1-OR, applicants can only change job after I-485 is filed 180 days or more, right?

Thank you very much for your kind help again.

19. Email from Alex on 9/16/2012


Thank you for your quick and nice reply! I have learned a lot from you. Thanks a lot!

My other question is:  If I lose I-485, EAD is invalid, can I still apply for H1? Is now Okay to apply for 140 and I485 at the same time?  My friend is using his OPT to work and he is not sure if he can get H1 in remaining time, somebody suggested to apply I140 and I485 at the same time so that he can use EAD to work. What's your opinion on this issue?  do you have package for it?


20. Email from Xia Min on 9/5/2012

Hi William,
First of all, I really appreciate all the information on your site. It's helped me a lot.
I have a question regarding my EAD. My green card is under process under my husband's name as he is the primary beneficiary and he is on H1B status in the US. My EAD was recently issued. I would like to know if I get a job and make use of my EAD, will it change the status of my husband as well?
I shall highly appreciate for your prompt reply. Thank you very much!

21. Email from Carlos on 8/26/2012

Hi, William:

I have read a lot of information at your web site. Thank you very much! I should have gone earlier to your site. But anyway, I have submitted the petition to USCIS at VT, last December. My question is that if I accept another job in the same field but in California. What is going to happen to me? I guess it is not good to move anyway, right?

Thank you very much for your help!


22. Email from Carlos on 8/12/2012

Dear Williams,

I have purchased the "complete-do it-yourself" package for the EB1 EA petition. It is exact what I need. I would like to file it myself. 

Currently I am a Postdoc and I do not have any 'job offer'. My question is about the I-140 form, Part 6.'basic information about the proposed employment'. Should I need to give my postdoc details or is it about the 'job offer' if any? I would greatly appreciate your help.

Thanks you for your help

*** Email from Ajay on 8/5/2012

Dear Sir,

I have been through your very informative website www.greencardapply.com . I would like to know more about the Complete Do-It-Yourself Packages for US Immigration and Green Card Application.

I would like to know if I can help to file my green card under “EB1 Multinational Executive or Manager (EB1C)” quota. Currently I am working as a Project Manager / Business Analyst in a company for Delta airline for Northwest and Delta Air Lines integration.

Previously, I worked in my home country for couple of year at one of the multinational company. Please let me know if you need any further information. Please let me know if I can get an appointment with you for further discussion.


*** Email from Sadeep on 7/26/2012


You have a great Web Site here helping people with their question. I have an unique situation and need your help and advice.

I was working in a State University, which applied my green card under NIW, EB2, and my I-140 under NIW got approved in May last year. As I am from India I have to wait for actual green card for really long time. In the mean time for personal reasons I had to come back to India taking leave. In this situation my questions are:

1. My NIW 1-140 will be still valid for future use right if I change my green card processing from AOS to consular processing? My understanding was NIW is not employer specific and when my visa quota is available I can get green card and go back to US for work right?

2. My second question is, as I am a researcher I need to collaborate with faculties in the US and I am getting several offer for collaboration. Now the question is when I visit them in the US at various US universities, what type of VISA I need to apply for for my entrance to US? I had H1B for three years, but now of course I don't have a H1B. So shall I go in J1 visa? If I apply for J1 visa in the mean time when I wait for my green card, will it hamper my green card application in any way?

Thanks so much for your assistance.

*** Email from Sham on 7/18/2012

Dear Sir/Madam;

As a Postdoctoral, I plan to apply for a green card in the next six months, and I want to use your Complete Do-it-Yourself package. My details are:

I am an Indian National but was born in the Bahamas; I hold a PhD degree in biochemistry with 25 publications and a book chapter on a incurable disease of pancreatic cancer; My citations are also high (about 200); Total 3 & half Years of Cancer Research Experience in the USA; Reviewed other researchers work multiple times; Acted as a Judge in scientific meeting on two occasions; I can obtain very strong recommendation letters; Currently I am member of prestigious associations such as American Association for Cancer Research and American Pancreatic Association

I wish to purchase the "do it your self package from your website" please advice whether I should apply through NIW or EB1.

Based on your response I will purchase either one of the DO-IT-YOURSELF package. Looking forward to your response.

*** Email from Jadhav on 7/6/2012


Several weeks ago, I bought EB1-EA do-it-yourself package. Before that can you please take a quick look at my profile and see I should go for EB-1A at this time. A quick synopsis of my profile:

24 publications (6 Journal + 18 Conference; 4 first author and rest second or other); 15 Citations; Reviewer for JVST-B, JCG, and MRS; Co-PI on a project sponsored by AFRL; 2+ years of postdoctoral experience; Currently teaching as an adjunct faculty; 8 Recommendations Letters (3 from Air Force Research Labs: 1 from Chief and two from staff scientists; 1 from a Director of Technology of a private company; 2 from university professors/research center directors; 1 from scientist at PNNL).

I am attaching my CV and publications list, so please update me at the earliest so I can start the petition. I have all the recommendation letters except one that I will get soon. 

Thank you.

*** Email from Oliv on 6/23/2012

Dear William,

I got the package. It is really great. I have two questions regarding the NIW petition. I have some questions regarding green card application. 

Here is my situation. I just got my Ph.D. in electrical engineering and am currently looking for a job. My area is in wireless sensor networks, worked on a NSF funded project. I have 4 conference paper and 1 journal paper (all first author), no citation. I reviewed 2 papers delegated from my advisor, and has been invited twice to review and submit articles (has emails), but didn't respond. Member of IEEE. I am wondering if I qualify EB1 or NIW.

My spouse filed I-140 through EB3 a few years ago. I'm wondering if my NIW gets approved, can I use his priority date. If I apply NIW, how to define "same field", I plan to look for jobs in industry, academia and part time teaching. For teaching job, it is less likely I will do much research.

My spouse (has a master degree) filed EB3 and got I-140 proved through labor certificate, however, he switched employer. Now can he apply for NIW?

Thank you very much for your responses!


*** Email from Anu on 6/14/2012

Dear Customer Service,

The information provided on your website is very impressive. I am interested in your "Complete Do-It-Yourself Package". I was thinking of applying for EB1 and EB2-NIW. Here is some vital info. 

I did my MD in India, it is a bachelors degree. Then I did orthopedic surgical training in UK and gained membership of royal college of surgeons. I am about to finish my MBA by distance learning from Indian university. I have done advanced diploma in management studies too.

Currently I am doing research in the Top ranked orthopedic research lab (no 1 NIH funded) of USA on H1B. I have 1 original publication, 1 is being peer reviewed and also expecting few more publications from my pioneer work in fracture healing in next 6 months or so. I have presented in several national and international conferences. I am a certified trauma course instructor ATLS and also a reviewer of an international journal of repute.

What is my best bet for green card?

*** Email from Huifang on 6/2/2012


I had submitted I-140 by myself with your Complete Do-It-Yourself Package. The USCIS received my application and issued an RFE. I saw it online, but the RFE letter is on the way and I should be receiving by the end of this week. I have no idea what to do about this. 

Does this mean that the case is weak? If so, can I withdraw the petition? Or, is it likely that most of the applicants get RFE. If so, I would like to submit the response to RFE letter. What type of responses are required? Can you help in this regard? Because they may give me limited time, shall I hire a lawyer? Please advise. FYI, I have a PhD in Applied Physics, and am working in Intel.

Thank you so much.

*** Email from Mahajan on 5/27/2012

Dear William, 

How are you? I was recently referred to you by an old client of yours. I completed my PhD in Material Science and Engineering and currently working as a Research Associate in University on non-tenure track. My PhD work specialization is in Composites, Nano-materials and I worked on government projects. I am in US since last 8 years completed my MS and PhD here. I also worked as an Instructor for a year during my PhD on curriculum practical training. 

I have published 15 Journal Articles and about 20 conference papers along with a book chapter. I was funded all through by my University and also a Government-EPSCoR funding for exceptional student. My name appears in renown research lab magazine and on website. Additionally, I have done some extra curricular activities and has 2 diplomas. I am hoping to get at least 4/5 more Journal publication in a year or so. Kindly suggest me whether I am eligible to apply for Green card and what are the positive chances of acceptance. I would definitely like to use your services for applying this if chances are bright.

'Thanks for your attention and help in advance. Wish you have a wonderful day.

*** Email from Novotny on 5/15/2012

Dear Sir,

I need the help of your EB1-OR package. I am planning to apply for EB1-OR and would like to know your comments on the following questions. I have also given a brief background about myself at the end of this email.

The company I work for was started in 1925. The company was sold to the new owners. The company name was changed  to a new name. There are a total of 72 patents that belong to the old firm. The new management bought all the patents from the old company. There are no new patents issued to this new company. There are also no academic publications.

2. We have a small engineering team (20 members) that includes about 7 engineers. 2 engineers have PhD (including me) and rest have bachelors degrees in engineering. A few of them have patents to their credit but under a previous job. All these people were hired by the new management during expansion of the company.

Given the above scenario, do I satisfy the requirement for EB1-OR that states that the employer should have proven track record of academic accomplishments?

'Thanks for your review.

*** Email from Huang on 5/2/2012

Dear Customer Service:

With your great help, I have recently received a copy of the recommendation letter for my J1 waiver of two-year residence requirement from the waiver office of the U.S. State Department. I am in the process of preparing an EB1-EA application and am considering upgrading to the premium package. What I am looking for is for your team to review my finished application and advise changes if necessary - i.e., to read my cover letter, the recommendation letters and some of the pieces of evidence that I will be submitting. 

I am quite confident that I have done a good job with everything, thanks to the superb guidance of your package, so I am quite sure there it won't require a lot of your time. However, it would help fine-tune the case.

Thank you in advance for your response.


*** Email from Jiang on 4/22/2012


I bought the I-485 package on behalf of my husband. We had also bought the EB1-EA package earlier. Thanks to your package, our green card application (filed by my husband) was approved in the EB1-EA category, thank you so much.

So, it will be very helpful if you could answer the questions for our I-485 application (with my husband as the primary applicant and me as his wife). The I-485 package we bought from you is very helpful but there are a few questions (which I sent in my previous email) which are not clear.

Thanks a lot.

*** Email from Raghu on 4/13/2012

Dear sir/Madam:


With the help of the useful information on your excellent web site, I have learned a lot about Green Card application.


I am currently I am in H1B visa. I came in USA in May 2007 and completed my Ph.D Degree from Environmental Science and Engineering. Now, I am working as an Environmental Engineer in a consulting firm it processed my H1B visa. According to the company policy, I can not process my Green card by myself. Company will process my green card application using the Company’s Corporate Lawyer but not now. They told me to wait at least couple of more years because of the economy.


Therefore, I am looking forward to the other possibilities such as in EB-1 category as I do have the following key characteristics:


Ph.D in Environmental Science and Engineering with a GPA 4 ; Publications – In Journals, Proceedings, and Book Chapters. One of my research papers in Microchemical Journals was listed in the Top 25 Articles; Applied Research – Contaminated land cleanup using Green Technology (Innovative and relatively very new); Best Phytoremediation Ph.D Research on Mine Tailings in North America in last year. I received an award both in plaque and monetary; Presentations in national and International Conferences all over the world– 15 presentation (Oral and Poster) in three years (Only during Ph.D study_) Best presentation award – First Place , Award of Excellence, etc….


I have attached my CV for your kind review. Please let me now your HONEST Opinion regarding my possibilities through EB-1 category without letting know my current Employer.  Thanks




*** Email from Songko on 4/9/2012


Dear William,

I am working as a Postdoc in a University in USA. I have completed my Ph.D and started my postdoc at Purdue University. After working there for 1 1/2 years in Purdue, I shifted to another University. I am in J1 visa and I got waiver from the 2-year country rule. I am planning to go for immigration Green Card application and when I was browsing I came across your website with Complete Do-It-Yourself Package. I was very much impressed and interested in your website. I am working in the field of Alzheimer's disease.


The problem I have now is I am not sure enough to which category I fit into. I have 11 articles published so far in international journal in which 2 are in press (update for today), 2 abstracts presented in the conference published as a supplement copy in an international journal and 1 Indian National journal. I have given about 29 presentations in both national and international conferences including my Ph.D and postdoc work so far.


These are the awards I have so far First Prize for the Best Postdoctoral Poster presentation. Selected for the position of Project Fellow in the Universities Grants Commission (UGC). Best Young Scientist Award at the 20th Annual Conference of Indian Society for Comparative Animal Physiology (ISCAP) and Symposium on Physiological  Approaches to conserve Biodiversity and to Tackle Environmental Health Hazards.


Please help me in finding the category I just fit into with my J1 visa and any suggestions are welcome in this case. If I can identify the category then I can go for ordering the Complete Do-It-Yourself Package and start the process.

Thanks a lot. Your suggestion will be greatly appreciated.


*** Email from Sastry on 3/29/2012


Dear Green Card Service:


I want to buy the DIY package from your web site. Basing on the information you provided in the web site, I believe that I qualify for Green Card application.


I am currently working under an L1A visa. My wife and children are living with me under L2 visa. My wife has applied for and received her work permit. My two sons are age 14 and 11. My oldest son wants to get a part time job at some point in the near future so I would like to determine the most efficient way for him to obtain a work permit.


From what I have read on your outstanding web site, it looks like I will need to apply for permanent residency and once approved then my wife and sons can also apply for US permanent residency. Is this correct? Can my wife continue working while this application process takes place?

Thanks for your help with this.

*** Email from Kwon on 3/15/2012

Dear William,


Thank you for the wonderful immigration application service you provided. Your web site is very helpful in regard to my questions about immigration matters. 

I'm PhD in Computer Security and have 7 years of work experience  supported by almost 22 publications, and recipient of couple of awards. I am on L2 visa with EAD in USA. I want to submit my green card under extraordinary category and  through help of your Do-It-Yourself package. My question are: 


1) I was thinking to apply for a green card claiming  Extraordinary Ability or Outstanding Researcher qualification. Given my  Doctorate, my publication record, and my work experience, is it possible  to obtain a Green Card ? If so, could you please expose or direct me to  some good information source relating to my concern.


2) How many steps and what is next step towards my GC status? How much time it may take to get green card? 

Any advice would be deeply appreciated. Thank you for your time and valuable advise.


*** Email from Lee on 3/4/2012


Dear William, 


Thank you very much for the expert suggestions, and I have got 2 complete do it by yourself packages: EB-1A and EB-2 NIW. I have read both of them and it is so impressive with lot of information. I have some questions regarding this 


1) If I apply for both EB-1A, and EB-2 NIW categories, can I use the same reference letters (with same content of matter) or should I need to get two different letters with different contents and matters. Do I need to use original reference letters or can make copies of one reference letter from each expert and submit in two categories or do I need to get two original reference letters from each expert. 


2) If I make ready of petition letter or any necessary documents related to the process, can you help me in correcting or suggesting the alterations in the whole process or can you help us in making the documents ready. 


3) I am herewith attaching my full resume for your review. Can you help me in suggesting is my credentials good enough to start the process for EB-1A or EB-2 NIW immediately or do you want to wait for few more months and improve my resume so that it can fit in EB-1A category? 


I need suggestions from you to go through the process successfully. Any help is highly appreciated.


*** Email from Novikov on 2/22/2012


Dear Customer Service


Thank you very much for your excellent web site for information. I would like to know if there is any contact more information that I can have to discuss in further. 


Also, my immigration application was filed under EB3 back in 2009( with priority date of 2008, I-140 approved). Apart from few duties that I listed, my duties also include performing "virtual surgery" which will help the orthopedic surgeon to perform the surgery in a more efficient way.


I believe this duty itself can be a milestone in improving the health care by assisting the surgeon perform the surgery in a better way. So I believe that I can be filed at least in EB2 NIW Green Card application. I just want to know if I can also port my priority date and using your NIW package. 


I would appreciate if I can get back some feedback/suggestion. Thank You.


*** Email from Saygili on 2/11/2012

Dear William, 

I am very interested in your Do-it-yourself-packages. I would like you to ask in helping me to choose the proper application path. 

I am an Assistant Research Professor at a University and I started this position in May 2009 on H1B status. Prior to that I was working as a postdoctoral appointee for four years on J-1 at Argonne National Laboratory and then at my current place. My wife has a PhD degree in organic chemistry and for four initial years on J2 she was eligible to work as a postdoc and then Laboratory Manager at another University.

When I received a job offer from my Department we did not think we will stay longer than a couple of years in U.S. Therefore we did not apply for the Green Card right away even though my wife lost her work authorization getting H4 status. Life however changed our course and now we are thinking of green card application. My position is not tenure track position since I am working in government funded research laboratory that is affiliated with the University.

I was thinking to apply for a green card claiming Extraordinary Ability or Outstanding Researcher or NIW qualification. I do not really know which path is the best for me. I know that I want to do it myself having bad experience with immigration office at my current place. Any advice would be deeply appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


*** Email from Grace on 2/3/2012

Dear Customer Service,

I want to ordered two packers from you for I-140 and I-485. I also need to find more information for sponsoring your wife or including your wife along with your I-140 and I-485 petition. Can you please help me with this. I have been married for 5 years now and my wife is a PhD student graduating in February next year. Can I include my wife in my petition for both and if so what is the procedure. Will my wife get Green Card along with me if I am approved or she has to wait longer.

I am from India and is there a wait period for 1-485 (backlog). I am applying in EB1-A category. Some one told me that once my I-140 is approved it only takes 3 months for me to get I-485 approved and get Green Card. Is this true.

Thanks for your help.

*** Email from Novotny on 1/26/2012

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am interested in buying your do-it yourself package. I work at a large company as a lead combustion design engineer (currently on 6th year H1B) and am looking to apply for EB1-EA. 

I have one patent pending (I am co-inventor) in combustion design. I can get some good recommendation letters from my principal engineers and managers about the work I do. Some of the cutting edge technology includes tuning gas turbines remotely that generate most of the US power and make sure they are within emissions requirements and have highest availability (no black outs or brown outs). I am one of the few engineers (may be 40 - 45 in the US) who is qualified to bring the gas turbines within emissions compliance and troubleshoot units that trip on various reasons. I can get that in the recommendation letters.

I have a masters in Mechanical engineering and my work (Thesis) is a basis of at least 4 other publications. My professor can give me a recommendation letter explaining the above. Unfortunately, I don't have any other publications on my name as I left the school early for my job.

I am interested in buying your Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for EB1 Extraordinary Ability Petition and Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for RFE of Extraordinary Ability. Please let me know what you need to assess my application and how you can help me with my application process. I am attaching a latest resume.

Best regards.

*** Email from Huang on 1/15/2012

Dear Sir,

First of all, thank you very much for your excellent web site and best wishes all of you.

I just finished my Doctorate program and I just received my OPT card. My husband is a Green card holder. I would like to ask you a few short questions and I would be really grateful if you could please give me an answer:

1) If I am not able to find a job for several months and my husband sponsors me, can I still be hired by a company later on? In other words, can I change my status down the road from being sponsored by my husband to being sponsored by a company if I get a job offer after my OPT expires? 

2) Do I have to have an OPT card which is still valid in order for a company to apply for my H1B visa or they can hire me directly with an H1B visa? I think it is not possible to be sponsored by my husband and still be able to work, correct? It has got to be a company which sponsors me, right?

3) Finally, if my husband has to sponsor me, how long before my OPT expires should we apply for it?

Thank you for your time.

*** Email from Jiang on 1/7/2012

Hi William,

I want to buy the EB1C - Executive/Manager DIY package from your great site. I am working for European multinational company in China as a business controller. The company is considering to assign me to the US branch as Senior Controller. I am in the process of negotiating the contract with the US branch. I would like to the company to sponsor me for the green card through EB1Multinational Executive or Manager. I have 3 questions:

1) My friend told me that getting EB1 directly from China will take quite some time (about 1 year). It is better for me to get L1 visa first. Then after landing in the US, I can start EB1 application immediately. Is his suggestion correct?

2) If my friend is correct, as L1 visa is a non-immigrant visa, I suppose that the contract that the US branch will offer me should be a temporary job offer (e.g. 3 year contract), otherwise US embassy may reject my L1 visa application, because they would suspect I want to immigrant which is not the purpose of L1. However, after landing when I start the EB1 application, USCIS would require a permanent job offer. So what kind of contract should the US branch offer to me, a 3 year contract or permanent employee contract?

3) I read from your website that "The USCIS frequently focuses on the number and level of subordinate employees when evaluating if a position is managerial. If there are few or no subordinates, then petitions are routinely denied, even if the prospective immigrant is the highest level employee and responsible for an essential function. Further, the subordinates must themselves be managers, supervisors, or professionals."

However, I have no subordinates in both my current job as business controller in China and future job in the US branch as Sr. business controller. What should I do to prove that I am in a managerial position?

Many thanks for your help!



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