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Year 2010 - Selected Emails from Users for
Questions and Comments on Our Services and Packages

***** Email from Nindra on 12/29/2010

Dear Sir:

I want to purchase your do it by yourself package and to file my Green Card application.

I have 4 journal publications in ASCE Journal of Bridge Engineering and ASCE Journal of Transportation engineering and 1 conference proceedings. My research has been accepted in national standard (AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design specifications) as an amendment. I am reviewer to the ASCE Journal of Bridge Engineering. I am Licensed Professional Engineer (PE) and Ledership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional. 

I am PhD from UT Arlington In Civil Engineering (Fall 2008). I have 10 years experiences in the engineering field out of which about 6 years for Government. What category do you recommend for green card. Am I eligible for EB1? Does EB2-NIW needs to wait for priority date to be current. I am confused as in FAQ it says I 485 can be filed concurrently? whereas in another question it says priority date needs to be current. Your guidance will be highly appreciated.

Thanks you very much again. Your kind response will be appreciated.

***** Email from Liang on 12/18/2010

Dear William,

I had contacted you before about best option for me to apply for green card on my own. I plan to file green card through EB-1a or EB-1b with by DO IT Yourself package. Could you please give me some advice after you review my attached resume? 

Is EB-1a or EB-1b the best choice for my case? I don’t have many publications since 2007 because our company does not allow us to publish anything due to proprietary reason. I am working in an engineering department of our company but I am still doing some research work. My previous title is “electrochemist” but now it changes to “manager of product development”. Am I eligible for EB-1a or EB-1b?

You website says “the USCIS may deny your Adjustment of Status (I-485) or even revoke permanent residency after an Adjustment of Status (I-485) is granted”. So I have to work in the same area after my EB-1a is granted. How do we know our future? If I get green card next year, do I have to find a job with this limitation? Can I file green card with my family together?

Thank you very much for your help? Best regards,

***** Email from Liao on 12/7/2010

Dear Sir/Madam,

I hit upon your website while searching for green card application procedures and information. I am very much impressed with the testimonials on your website. My case is a bit different than others. My current employer is filing for PERM labor certification and I have been asked to bring employment letters from my previous company. 

My previous employer is willing to send me an employment verification letter that shows my salary history and title held in my position but unwilling to provide details on job duties/responsibilities although asking repeatedly. Is a letter with this details mandatory at any point during green card process? Can my current employer authenticate it or are there any alternate means to this. 

I would like to apply for green card under EB1/EB2 category. I am looking forward for your sincere advice on evaluation of my eligibility for the same. Please find my CV attached herewith.

Please let me know. Your help is greatly appreciated.

***** Email from Radadia on 11/24/2010

Dear Customer Service,

I am very interested in the packages in your company. I also want to confirm with you whether using Advance Parole (based on pending I-485) makes H1b status invalid. I did not apply for my green card yet. I was planning on applying last year, but decided to postpone it, to build a better CV. I might now qualify under all of EB1-EA, EB1-NIW, and EB1-OR, so I am investigating my best options. 

I have a PhD from a top US university, and am currently in H1B status, working as a post-doc for another top US university. I may start as a tenure-track faculty member at a major private US university in August 2011, which is why the EB1-OR option is now possible for me too (but previously was not, as my employer does not sponsor post-docs - which is why I did not buy the EB1-OR package last year). I was happy with your guides (so far), so I thought buying the EB1-OR would be a good investment.

I am simply a guy trying to get his GC. This process is hard enough already. Thanks in advance for your time and response.

***** Email from Solanki on 11/13/2010

Dear GreenCardApply Service:

I wrote to you a while back. I thank you for responding so promptly last time. I am a Doctoral Candidate at a University. I am an international student (India) on F-1 Visa and planning to join same university as a research associate after my Ph.D. 

I have several publications in international journals and conferences. Additionally, I reviewed papers of several international journals and received awards. Do you think I can apply for green card as EB1? Do you think nationality (Indian) will affect the time period required for processing my green card application (EB1)?

Kindly let me know.

Thank you.

***** Email from Verma on 11/6/2010


I am thinking of buying your NIW do-it-yourself package. but I have some questions and wondering the package will help me. I like to get your assessment on my case, options I have and fee estimations in some services. I am on H1-B for 2.5 years after getting a U.S. graduate degree. I am now weighing three career options, but need your advice on how each affects my green card future.

I move to another job, still as engineer in a very similar area If my NIW and EB1A both get approved AFTER I start the new job, will they be negatively affected when I file I-485 in future? If NIW and EB1A not working out, when I start my new job, can my new EB2 LC filed by new employer still use my old PD?

I am also applying Business and Law schools in U.S. If I enroll a school, is F-1 still possible after I have applied green card? What visas could I use to get enrolled? How much does it cost to retain your service?  Assuming NIW/EB1A approved (before I enroll), will my future I-485 be negatively affected?

So What can I do now? and can I get a help from you? Thank you very much.

***** Email from Qin on 10/26/2010

Dear William,

I am currently working as a Research Scientist at a University. I am a foreign Science graduate subject to the J-1 visa two-year home country residence requirement. I am in the process of J-1 waiver application for the two-year home country residence. After the J-1 waiver approval, what are possible options for a me to apply for U.S. green card status? 

I went through the website. But still I am not sure which category will best fit to my application. I am more interested to apply in the EB1-Extraordinary Ability category. I am attaching my CV. If you could kindly donate some of you most valuable time to review it and give me an advice I will order that particular package. Thank you in advance for your help. 

Thanks and regards.

***** Email from McHugh on 10/14/2010


I am unsure which DIY package I should order or if I qualify to apply? (i.e. I need to be in the US already or have a job offer)

My situation: I'm an UK citizen and born in UK, I've a Ph.D. (2009) and Masters degree in Microelectronic and Software engineering, and keen to pursue an academic or engineering career in the US. With the scope of my research in the UK, my work leads in its area, with relevant publications and has raised 3 terms of funding at the $1m level from the UK and EU under the supervision of my Professor with involvement of large microelectronic corporations. 

The last of which we came first in the whole of the UK out of 110 applications for funding to develop technology for 1 year to test commercialization. I developed this solely and I also hold the UK patent in hand with my current university for this in my area covering a unique technology, the international & US patent are pending. This project is now drawing to an end, my university is pursuing outright sale of the technology rather than a start up. I also previously worked for SHARP European Oxford Research Labs in their microelectronics division.

Kind Regards.

***** Email from Chuang on 10/8/2010

Dear Williams,

Thank you very much for your very helpful web site.

I have MS / PhD in Mechanical Engineering from UNC Charlotte, NC. I have 2 Journal papers as first author and 2 as a second author, few conference papers, 1 US Patent approved and 1 International Patent pending. My area of PhD research was Preservation of 'Donation after Cardiac Death' Livers for transplantation.

During the course of PhD, I passed SAP certification. I was unlucky to not to find a research job in industry so I took job as SAP BI consultant. For past 2 years, I am working as a SAP BI consultant, which has nothing to do with my research work. However, I am highly motivated to pursue my research interest in liver preservation. Due to visa problems, I don't have free hands to carry on my research interest.

I request you to guide me, if I am a suitable candidate for EB2 National Waiver application (by my self and not by my current employer).

Thanking you for your time and help,

Best regards.

***** Email from Yadaiah on 9/27/2010

Hi, William,

I got green card 4 years ago under the category of EB1-EA with your help of the great DO-IT-YOURSELF package, and now planning to apply for citizenship. I understand there will be finger print invitation after few months of submitting the application, and the total process take, at least, 6 months. My question is the following:

Is there any problem with international travel once I submit the citizenship application? Is there any problem with international travel after finger print is 

Although I am aware that you deal only with green card, I believe I can  have an authentic information from you on citizenship questions. Thank you.


***** Email from Mikhaylov on 9/16/2010


You have been helping me all the way through our green card application. Thank you! I have filed application following your instructions. I just wanted to know your advice for the following questions:

I do have a job offer but I have not heard from the USCIS regarding my I-140 in fact, they sent a letter to my former employer responding to our call to the USCIS, telling that we should have a reply in about 6 months. To work with the new employer I will apply to get a new O-1 visa. Is this new visa putting in jeopardy my I-140?

Do I need to replace my I-140 to put the new employer or can I wait for a response to the current and pending I-140 and then proceed with the change of the employer? Based on some of your answers in your website, looks like the I-140 would not be in jeopardy as long as my current employer does not withdraw the request, right?
If I use my common sense, the issuance of a new O-1 should not jeopardy my I-140 because I would have a job offer that should be considered permanent job offer.

Best regards and looking forward to hear from you!

***** Email from Karki on 9/5/2010

Hi Dr William,

As a Post Doctoral Associate in a University, I have to admit I was attracted by the many testimonials suggesting that Do-It-yourself program seems to work for some, if not all. Nevertheless, truth be told I am still feeling the waters, so to speak. I am on H1B and its 3 years extension has just been approved. My family including spouse and older two children are on H4, while the youngest child was born in the states last year. I have been offered by my current employer to apply for NIW status including the attorney fees up to $5000 dollars. He does not want me to quit his laboratory where I am a post-doc because I am vital to his almost half of the research projects that is funded by the NIH.

But I want to apply for the green card (NIW) on my own, including the expenses incurred in the process. So, I have been researching in the market and I have been asked for fees ranging from $2,000- $15,000 by consultants and law firms. And with 4 dependents on a post-doc salary, I don't have enough to run the household much less for these ridiculous fees. I don't want to take my employer's offer either because that will inhibit me from quitting this job in search for a better one. I would be obliged to work longer for the employer if the offer were to materialize.

So, in the midst of all this I came across your excellent website, I had seen it before (long time back, maybe last year) but never thought of trying it seriously.
Therefore, here I am writing you for your advice. I am on H1B, post-doc, received my PhD in life science in the USA and have been in US. I have a reasonable number of peer reviewed scientific journal publications ( around 10) and several abstracts and oral presentations in national meetings etc. I have been advised that I might have chance with the NIW program, so the question to you is, is this a reasonable approach and would you advise me to apply using your Do-It-Yourself package?

Thank you in advance.

***** Email from Yang on 8/27/2010

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you very much for your wonderful web site and J1 Waiver Application information. I am a J-1 holder and I will complete my MS degree in Computer Science this semester. My DS2019 is still valid till September next year. I got married here to a Green Card holder who is also a nurse.  

I have applied for advisory opinion and it was confirmed that 2-year HRR (2-year home country service) applies to me because my course is in the skills list of my country. I am NOT being sponsored with  US or my home  country government money. I am however frustrated as I don't know the way I can change my J-1 to either  work visa or Green Card. I heard about no-objection process, but I am not sure if my company (in my country) will be ready to sign such letter for me. I urgently need your help and I want to know if you can help me overcome this barrier with your "Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for J1 Waiver Application"

Looking forward to reading from you.

Thank you.

***** Email from Ondachi on 8/16/2010

As a Research Associate with PhD at a University's Department of Cellular and Integrative Physiology, I am planning to apply for my green card using your DIY package, because of a very good feedback from my friends about your services and packages. 

Could you please tell me: 1) a rough estimate of how long it would take to get the green card IF I were to apply within the next 2-3 months (I was told the time frame depends on the applicants country of origin). 2) Do you provide assistance after buying the packages.

Would highly appreciate an early answer.


***** Email from Madhok on 8/5/2010


Thank you for the service you provide. Your web site has always been a help to me. I have a question about my Green Card application

I recently completed my PhD. in Industrial Technology. During the education, I also work for Kentucky Space as Satellite Systems Ground Operations Engineer to track satellites, and other space related Projects. I got good funding from University and as well as from Kentucky Space. I have IEEE Publications, for Project launches, my Name appear in News papers, and went NASA Ames for training and White Sands Missile Range, defense System for rocket launch. 

My role is a lead of Ground Operations Engineer, and as well as have good Reference letters. Presently, I working as Research Assistant on Remote Data Handling Systems for Satellites at Space Science Center. I have enough qualifications and skills, however, most companies or contractors work for NASA and other Private companies requires US Citizen or Green Card. Based on this and above qualifications and skills can I eligible to apply for Green Card? Based on brief explanation above, can eligible to apply for Extraordinary Ability (EB1) Category? How to determine, which Petition Options are better for me i.e., I will fall in EB1-Extraordinary Ability or EB1-Outstanding Researcher?


***** Email from King on 7/29/2010

Dear Sir,

I came through your web site and I got interested in purchasing do-it-yourself package. I came to know from your website about your extraordinary knowledge on EB1-EA, EB1-OR, and NIW. I am a graduate student in atop university in U.S. doing PhD and on F1 Visa. I am planning to apply to EB1A Green Card. May I ask you about the eligibility and possibility of getting green card through EB1A in my case, if I apply.

I have: 5 published papers; 3 submitted papers; 4 poster presentations; membership in two organizations like American Association for Advancement of sciences and International EPR Society; given 3 oral presentations at my University; done two internship, One at Hewlett Packard at CA and Other at UNH, New Hampshire; gotten two awards, one for best poster presentation at American Chemical Society's Central and another a student appreciation award; gotten very good evaluation for my teaching [ When I worked as TA]

I sincerely appreciate if you could give me some guidance about this.

Thank you very much,

***** Email from Liu on 7/15/2010

Dear William:

I am your customer, I ordered PERM Labor Certification package from you before. I have been looking at your site for years, and see that many people are satisfied with your service judging from the testimonials.

I got approved labor certification last month, I want to go into I-140 / I-1485 application based on the approved PERM Labor Certification (Thank you very much for the Labor Cert. approval!) But as the economy is not good, my company is trying to file bankruptcy chapter 7. 

I am still working here, and people said I would be still working in my company even though they file the bankruptcy because we need to finish our work for clients. I know bankruptcy affects on I-140 and I-485. Is there any difference according to the chapter 7? After filing bankruptcy I’m still belong to this company to work. I heard I can move the company 180days after I filed I-485. Is this true?

Please respond my email. I will really appreciate it. 

Thank you.

***** Email from Galvis on 7/8/2010

Hi William,

I am an assistant professor in mathematics at a University. I do not have an impressive list of publications but all my papers are in the top journals of the fields which probably speaks for the quality. With the help of the very useful information I got from you, I want to start my I-140 petition through "Outstanding Researcher" (EB-1).

My second H-1B visa expires next year August and I am thinking about applying for the Green Card.  The problem is that during the summer and 2010 I will not be in the country. Do you think that I have a chance of getting the card by the end of this year?

From what I gather I need to fill the outstanding researcher or professor but I would like to double check with you on this.

Thanks very much for the support.

***** Email from Yan on 6/26/2010

Dear Sir/Madam,

With your great help, I have applied for a NIW at March and am expecting to get news about it within the next month or so. If it's approved, I will move forward and submit an I-485 application based on the NIW.

I am interested in purchasing a DIY kit or EB1-Outstanding Researcher from you, but I wanted to make sure that it will cover my specific situation.

I currently work as a researcher at an academic institution, but have gotten a great job offer at a private startup biotech company. They understand my situation, and are happy to wait for my I-485 based work permit to come in before the transition. The company is in the exact same field as what I do now, and my job will be identical to what was described in my NIW petition. Do you know if, when filing my I-485 via NIW I still need some sort of "support" declaration from an employer, and if so, should I use my current employer or my future employer who offered me the job?

Thank you in advance for your help!

***** Email from Rantham on 6/15/2010

Dear William,

I was recently referred to you by an old client of yours. He had successfully obtained an I-140 approval through the NIW Category. He suggested that I write to you.

I am currently in an Emergency Medicine Residency program with J1 visa sponsored by ECFMG and approaching the end of the first year training.  Due to personal reason, I am planning to enter an ACGME accredited Hand Surgery Fellowship program that starts from 2010.  

In this situation, is it possible for me to discontinue the current Emergency Medicine Program and go back to Japan temporarily for one year until 2010, and re-apply for the "second" J1 visa sponsorship for the hand surgery fellowship? 

My concern is the Two-year Rule that I am subject to. I am worried that I must remain in Japan for two years until I become eligible to apply for the "second J1-visa" for another program (Hand Surgery) in case I leave the current program and go back to Japan.

Since this is extremely important decision to me, I would greatly appreciate if you could give me the right answer.


***** Email from Kumar on 6/3/2010

Hi, William.

Before I ask you a question about the Green Card issue, I would like to thank you very much for your kindness in answering questions in the midst of your busy time.
I am writing to in the hope that you could shed light on an issue that I am currently facing. I received my Green card last year and with the great of PERM Labor Certification DIY package and I-140 package. When I started working for my company at any stage neither I nor them had any sort of written agreement/documentation where by, if I quit my job with them I was bound to restitute them fully for fees they paid on my behalf. 

My inquiry is, "Is it possible for my company to impose retroactively a condition? And second I am bound by law to their condition if my company had no such contract in the first place? 

Thank You and Best Regards

***** Email from Mittal on 5/28/2010

Customer Service:

Thank you for your very informative Web site and great services. I have a question regarding the Green Card application. I am currently under a visa L1B for 2 years.

My employer want to convert my visa to H1B, because they think that if the Green Card process takes more than 3 years, then I will be able to stay in the U.S. with H1B (unlimited renewal) instead of running out of my visa L1B.

A friend of mine was under L1A and said that during the whole process of getting the Green Card, she got a temporary visa that would allow her to stay in the U.S. even if her L1A expires during the duration of the Green Card process.
I would like to know if L1B visas gives me the same temp visa guarantee please. In that case, there is no need to worry about running out of time on the visa L1B. Otherwise, do you think it is possible to convert my L1B in L1A and then apply to green card? 

Thank you very much for answering those questions.

***** Email from Lee on 5/13/2010

Dear Sir:

I visited your website. The information is excellent, and I would like to purchase the package from you. I think I will need 2 packages. Please confirm.

This is the case:  I Pastor a Portuguese Church, and we also have a Radio Station (Licensed by the FCC.). We broadcast in English, Portuguese and Spanish. I’m in charge of everything here, and I need a person to help me in the Church, and also on the radio station.  Paul is the person I have been looking for.

Two years ago my wife’s nephew (Paul) came here, from Portugal, to visit us for 1 month, and he became very interested in what we do. Last November he went to Israel with us (me and my wife), and a group from our church, and we developed a very good relationship.  Two months ago he came to the USA as a visitor. 

I need a person to run the radio station. A person who can speak English, Portuguese and Spanish. A person who knows the Portuguese culture.  A person who knows the Bible, because this is a Christian Ministry. A person who is loyal.  Paul has all the qualifications we need, and I would like him to work for us. Paul would like that very much.

I would like to know what packages I need to help me with all the documentation, for him to stay here and work for us.

Thank you.

***** Email from Fernandes on 5/8/2010

Hello William,

This is the second time I write to you. I just received my first H-1B visa 3 weeks ago with your very helpful answers for my questions.

I do research for Georgetown University in DC in the area of drug discovery of cancer and central nervous system agents. I have already talked with several lawyers and decided to do this Green Card application on my own. I plan to do under NIW, possibly also under outstanding research, but not sure. My wife can't work now, due to the fact she hold an H-4 visa along with my two kids.

My first question is: which packets should I by from you for the entire process? I assume, NIW, I-485. Not sure if I would need to buy for I-140. Is it not included in the NIW packet? Second: since I have this working visa, does it make sense to ask for a work permit for me in addition to the one my wife needs?

Thanks in advance for replying. I plan to start this process ASAP.


***** Email from Araujo on 4/26/2010

Dear Sir,

I am interested in ordering EB2-NIW package from you. I have 5+ years of work experience across Aerospace, Defense and Space. Currently I am working as subcontractor for primary structures Airbus aircraft. Work involves analysis and sizing using classical hand calculations and finite element tools.

I hold Masters Degree in the field of Civil (Structures/CAE) Engineering at University of Alabama . I worked as a Graduate Research Assistant in Department of Civil Engineering for 2 years. My work involved Development Of Hi-Fidelity Computational Models And Parametric Studies Of Masonry Walls Subjected To Blast for US Air Force using finite element codes like LS-DYNA, ANSYS and NASTRAN.  This experience and my coursework have helped me develop strong practical and theoretical finite element skills. The work in published with the US Airforce and reported by Pentagon.

Based on the attached CV and the profile above could you please give me an evaluation of my case to see whether it is appropriate for me to apply for EB-2-NIW? I am looking forward to hearing from you.

With best regards

***** Email from Shah on 4/14/2010

I see your web site at Internet and I am glad after reading about your wonderful service for Green Card. I have been through your website www.greencardapply.com and studied it carefully. It has excellent and detailed information on what exactly I was looking regarding National Interest Waiver green card.

My employer applied for a labor certification for me, since I am on H1B visa, the problem that I may get laid off, due to the company’s financial hardship, so I want to purchased your package for Green card based on NIW.

Now my labor certificate got approved, but my employer may not apply for an I-140. Can I apply for the I-140 myself using your NIW package or the USCIS will deny it. 

Please advice. Thank You.

***** Email from Halm on 4/6/2010

Dear William,

I received RFE notice for the National Interest Waiver from USCIS. I will send my check today to order the RFE package. Thank you very much for your "do-it-yourself packages". I have a few questions.

When I applied for the NIW, I was searching a job. It has been passed about 2 years since my application of I-140. Right now I am working as a faculty member at a university. The school has ranked as the 15th in our discipline and as the 3rd in more narrowed discipline. My salary increased last year considerably (10.5%: the highest increase among assistant professors at our school). Do I have to write about this? Or I should not write about this because it is not related to national level interest?

I have 11 publications (first authors in 7 publications) and 28 presentations at national and international conferences (presenter in 12 of them). I has reviewed articles for three national and international professional journals (10 for 5 years). I received three grants (1 from American Heart Association--about $260,000; 1 from a professional foundation in our discipline--$7,500; 1-postdoctoral fellowship-$84,000). How do you think and what I should emphasize?

Thank you so much for your consideration. I really appreciate for your kind help!

Sincerely yours

***** Email from Seongkum on 3/22/2010

Dear Greencardapply,

You have helped me with my I-140 application. I have filed my application following your DIY package samples and instructions. I would like to tell you that my I-140 NIW has been approved. Thank you so much for your service.

Now it seems to be the time to apply for I-485. I heard that Chinese citizens (of which I am ) can only apply for I-485 after the process data becomes current. I copied the table with the dates below from DOS Visa Bulletin. Is that true? If that is true, does it mean I can apply for I-485 only after my priority is current?

Your help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

***** Email From Dighe on 3/13/2010

Dear Customer Service,

I am PhD candidate in the Department of Chemical, Biomedical and Materials Engineering at NJ, and will be graduating in August or December this year.

I wanted to ask you if I can file for a green card by myself. I was looking into the categories published on your website and see that I satisfy all criteria to file for a green card for myself under EB-1 (under E12) category. I have attached a most recent copy of my CV for your perusal that details my qualification and elucidates further into my achievements.

Please suggest if I qualify for the category. I will order the DIY package and thank you in advance for your  kind assistance.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

***** Email from Valmikinathan on 3/5/2010

Dear Sir or Madam,

I emailed before on my friend's good recommendation few months back, for your excellent service and packages. 

To give a brief background about myself again, I am an Electrical/Software Engineer in DC at FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Federal Government. Now, although I was hired by my department for a civil service position, I am a Canadian citizen. So I have to get my TN1 renewed every year, which I find really annoying. I have a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering (from Canadian University on Scholarship) where I specialized in Software/Systems development.

After graduation I worked for almost 4 years in Biomedical/Biotechnology field, where I was the lead Systems Engineer designing software in compliance with FDA software regulation. Now, I will be finishing up MBA soon (funded by the FDA) and would like to see what is the best course of action to obtain my green card. Is it EB2 NIW, EB1, etc?. Should I start gathering my references and when can I apply. Please let me know.

Thank you for your reply

***** Email from Payne on 2/24/2010

Dear Dr William,


Thank you for having extensive information on Green card. It was very informative to go through your website. Thank you so much. What a great advise from your website! My friend and I were getting great information whenever we have questions. I have some questions for which I did not find answers directly.

1) I understood from contents that my L1A visa status qualifies me for EB1C green card application. Can this be self sponsored? What are approximate experiences? Looking at current business down fall employer may not immediately sponsor.

2) What is the minimum length of Service in USA required before application? Rest all criterion are fulfilled at earlier employment I had worked in senior managerial position, current USA employer has more than 5 years relations with home company etc. What is the expected time frame for completion of Green Card process? 

I would like to know if I qualify for this EB1 C category and if I should be applying under it, before I order the "Do-it yourself" package. 


***** Email from Vikas on 2/18/2010

Dear Sir/Madam,

I came across your web site and found it is very informative on the issue of applying for a Green Card through the National Interest Waiver category. I would like to purchase a Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for National Interest Waiver (NIW) Petition. However I just wanted to make sure that I would qualify for getting such a petition approved. 

I am writing to seek your opinion and guidance with my immigration issues, and assess which of your Do-It-Yourself packages I can purchase from you.

I am a CPA, licensed in Virginia, and a Chartered Accountant (Fellow) of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants- UK. I have more than 10 year of progressive work experience in audit and assurance, financial reporting and audit of internal controls and have spent this entire time with one of the big 4 Audit Firms. I have lived in the United States on a L1A Visa. And just as my employer was about to file for my Green Card under EB1-C, the economy tanked and my employer has had to change plans. 

I strongly believe that I am a person of exceptional ability and would contribute to the economy of the United States, particularly in my field of accounting, where there is a shortage of CPAs.

I was wondering if I could do it myself, either under EB1 Exceptional Ability or under EB2 NIW. I have attached my resume for your reference. Please advise which of your packages I could but that would succeed without the involvement of my employer.

Thank you very much. I look forward to your response.

With best wishes,

***** Email from Muhota on 2/11/2010


Recently, I purchased PERM labor Certification package from you service. 

I have a question on filing my PERM labor Certification through my current employer. I have read everywhere that a position requires Masters degree OR Bachelors degree + 5 years of experience to come under EB2 category. My position requires Bachelors degree + 5 years of experience so I am thinking the position fits under EB2 category. 

My concern is if I am qualified to file under EB2 category because I have a Bachelors and Masters degree in the same field and 3 years of experience from past employer. 


***** Email from Qiang on 2/4/2010

Dear Dr William:

Due to my budget problem, I had to file NIW myself. Thanks so much for your prompt and informative reply! My research project is funded by a Medical Institute, a national wide nonprofit medical research organization. I hope it will help me to qualify for the NIW.

This afternoon I mailed out the NIW application package to Texas service center. But there is one thing about assembling that is still hanging over my mind and bothers me. 

I used fastener sets to hold together all documents. Because the pins of fasteners I bought were too short to hold all the documents, I divided the documents to two parts, and bound them separately to two piles with the fasteners. Then I stuck the two piles into the mail package without using rubber bands to hold the two piles together. I am under the impression that the immigration officials can be sloppy and often make mistakes like losing documents, misspelling names and mailing address et al. I am worried that they may lose the pile without the I-140 form. 

Is this something problematic? If so, are there anything I can do? Or I am just worrying too much. Thanks a lot again and hope you have a wonderful day!

***** Email from Zvonic on 2/1/2010

Dear William,

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I want to order your EB1 - Manager/Executive packages. I will purchase I-485 package right after that. I am so glad to hear you will mail the package to me on the same day of my order.

I am currently working in Europe for an American company. My current employer is planning to send me back to the US under L1A status and sponsor my Green Card process.

Can my Employer file an EB2 petition while I live in my home country in Europe working for my Employer’s parent company in Europe? Can I start going through her through the labor Certification or PERM process while living and working in Europe?

I have a PhD obtained in Europe and 12 years professional experience in related industry. Do I need to go through the labor certification step? Do I need to certify my foreign degrees? If yes, how can I get an accreditation?

Thank you very much again for your first email. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind Regards,

***** Email from Pantazinis on 1/25/2010

Dr William,

I am a graduate student at MIT Sloan school of Management and School of Engineering. I am on F1 visa. I would like you to help me evaluate two scenarios given below. Attached is my resume for your consideration. Please let me know if any further information is needed to help you evaluate my situation.

EB-2 National Interest Waiver (NIW) International Recognition: 1 Paper published in IEEE, an international technical journal. Filed provisional patent on a product.

Research Experience: Worked for 3.5 years in Indian defense research and development organization, working on anti-tank missiles; 1 year of experience in semiconductor industry; Working as Research Associate (RA) in MIT for last 6 months on a project funded by McKinsey & Co.; Helped startup firms of MIT to address their business concerns.

Job Offer: A startup firm in Hitech industry has asked me to work full-time from.

H-1B Visa: A startup firm based in Cambridge, MA is likely to offer me full time job position in June. As economy is bad, I want commitment from them by asking them to help me get H-1B visa. I believe papers need to be filed in first week of April. How much time & money would be needed to do it?

Thank you and best regards,

***** Email From Zhang on 1/16/2010

Dear William,

I like the www. greencardapply.com website a lot and have already found it very helpful. 

Please help me with an answer to this question. Briefly: I am an MD, PhD who worked as a postdoctoral associate for 1 year and now I am a medical resident in Internal Medicine program, University of Florida on HB1 visa. My plans are to follow a dual position of physician scientist and I have very very good support among the faculty and physicians at University of Florida.

I plan to apply for EB1- EA. I have reasonable good supporting documents for at least 3 requirements on the check list for application. Can you tell me if is a good idea for me to apply EB1-EA? My only concern is that I currently do not work as researcher but as a physician and I cannot wait to finish my medical training because my visa will expire.

Thank you for your help. Your kind reply is greatly appreciated.


***** Email from Nisheeth on 1/9/2010

Dear Sir,

I will prepare for the materials for applying I-140 using your DIY package based on my frifend's recommendation. I am currently working in one the largest and well-reputed civil engineering consulting firm. I have a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering. My current job is not research related, rather it is design related. By reviewing the criteria for EB-1A, I believe I qualify for this category. here are some of my key qualifications:

Appeared in well-reputed journals/conferences (3 journal & 10+ in conferences); I have reviewed papers written by others (although I have proof of just one); I have carried out research and prepared reports for Kansas Dept. of Transportation funded research project. My professor can verify that these research projects are my original work; Other people often cited my papers (as shown on my CV); I won a scholarship from the Govt. of Japan to purse MEngg at AIT, Thailand (not sure whether it can be considered something important).

However, the problem is that I can't collect too many recommendation letters since I am not in research anymore. Can I apply for NIW arguing that my current job benefits local and US economy.? I am a roadway project engineering who designs traffic signal and roadways. I am quite well known to various local government agencies (counties and cities) and probably one of the best in this reason. My company will not sponsor me. However, I will be able to get recommendation letters from my supervisor and department manager. I will also be able to have recommendation letters from various people of the above-mentioned local agencies.

I look forward to hearing from you. 


***** Email From Siddique on 1/2/2010

Dear Dr William:

I am an assistant professor in mathematics with a Ph.D from MIT and a post-doc at Northwestern University.

I do not have an impressive list of publications but all my papers are in the top journals of the fields which probably speaks for the quality.

My second H1B visa expires next year in 2011 in August and I am thinking about applying for the green card. The problem is that during the summer and 2011, I will not be in the country. Do you think that I have a chance of getting the card by the end f this year?

From what I gather I need to fill the outstanding researcher/ professor but I would like to double check with you on this.

Thanks very much for the support.




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