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Year 2008 - Selected Emails from Users for
Questions and Comments on Our Services and Packages

***** Email  from Sengar on 12/17/2008

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for answering my questions when I prepared my immigration petition (EB1-EA). I received RFE from USCIS. I have questions regarding how to reply the RFE. I am attaching the questions from USCIS and my strategy of reply. 

The paragraphs with bold fonts are the classifications; the paragraphs with italic fonts are questions from USCIS; the paragraphs with normal fonts are my strategies of reply; the paragraphs with underlines are the questions for you. Please give me advice at your early convenience. Thank!

I would like to order your RFE package, but I want to overnight a check instead of paying by credit card. Do you have an overnight address we can send the check to?

Thanking you very much for your help, in advance.

Kind regards,

***** Email  from Jia on 11/26/2008

Dear William,

Please let me know if I can apply on EB1 / EB2 based Green Card on the basis of US Issued Patent which has been also been referenced by two Japanese inventors in their work. I am currently on H1-B visa and working as a software analysts. I also have two masters degrees and have also applied for 4 more US patents.

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply me. I will appreciate your advice very much.


***** Email  from Nalaja on 11/14/2008

Dear Customer Service:

I am impressed by the amount of information available in your excellent web site.

I am working in a Pharmaceutical company in New Jersey as a Validation Engineer. I have been working in the US on H1B visa since December 2003, and I intend to file my Green Card petition at the earliest. I am a Chemical Engineer with PhD from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, Switzerland. I have consistently been advancing professionally in my industrial career. Please let me know if you could file my petition in the EB1 category.

Please advise if I can pay and receive the package on a weekend day (e.g. Saturday or Sunday) or I have to wait for a business day (Monday to Friday) and during which time period?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

With best regards,

***** Email  from Ming on 11/9/2008


I am interested in ordering two DIY packages for EB1-1A and EB2-NIW. 

I am a 5th year PhD student at UC Berkeley and am preparing to apply for immigration. Based on the attached CV, could you please give me an evaluation of my case to see whether it is appropriate for me to apply for EB-1A? Or it is more appropriate for me to apply for NIW?

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

With best regards

***** Email  from Vidya on 10/28/2008

Hello William, 

I want to apply for my green card through the EB2-NIW process. I would like to purchase the Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for EB2-NIW Petition.

Currently I have been strategically hired, based on my expertise and experience, by the Dept. of Revenue of a State to lead and manage two critical IT Systems that are important statewide as well as nationally. These systems maintain sensitive state and national Business and Excise tax data collecting and distributing close to 2 billion dollars of revenue yearly to businesses and government agencies and, provides critical reports to the state and federal government regularly. 

Should I go for EB2 NIW process? Thank you for your service in advance.


***** Email  from Durand on 10/15/2008

Dear Customer Service, 

I am very happy to find your web site helping others like me.

I am a visiting scientist working at National Institute of Environmental Health Science (NIEHS/NIH) at NC. The reason of this E-mail is to get your advice for my possibility to get NIW. I hold J1 visa subjected 2-year Home Country Residency Rule. My current DS-2019 will be expired at Next March and will renew for another one year (in the middle of processing for renewal). 

In these days, as far as I know, the processing time for J1 waiver is unpredictable (from several months to more than 1 year). What happened if my DS2019 is expired before getting the NIW approval? Can I apply H1 visa in this situation or do I have to go back to my country? (For my career development, I would like to stay at least several years more in USA)  If my NIW is denied, can I still apply H-1 visa? 

Thank you and have a great day.

Sincerely yours.

***** Email  from Pestov on 10/9/2008


Thank you for your very useful website, and it is very good for a lot of people like me.

I want to apply for green card through EB2 (NIW) category. I have earned MD from non-US medical school. I graduated with Masters in Public Health (MPH) degree from a US University. Currently I am working as a Research Analyst in a National Institute of Aging and American Heart Association funded research project that was started in 1973 and still going. This is one of very few of its kind in the US and World. I also have three publications in reputed journals, couple of abstracts and poster presentations. 

I also have some research experience in my home country while earning my MD. Moreover, I am a principal investigator of a project currently in the second phase. I will appreciate if you could tell me whether I can be eligible for NIW or not.

I am interested in the NIW Petition Package.

Thank you!

***** Email  from Woo on 9/29/2008

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thanks for your reply. I'd like to order the complete Do-It-Yourself Package for I-485 application package, how long may I receive that?

For the I-485 application, for each person, I heard from a friend that that I-94, Birth Certificate need 2 copies; Marriage Certificate needs 3 copies, and Job Verification Letter need 4 copies. 

Can you tell me is this correct? why so many copies are needed? 

Thank you!

***** Email  from Asma on 9/18/2008

Hello William,

I would like to thank you you for your outstanding website and NIW Do-It-Yourself package. I have a question about my pending I-485 approval, and was wondering if your office can provide me with any help. 

I am considering transferring both I-485 applications back to Boston because although I work in NYC, I consider my permanent address to be in Boston. I spent 95% of my weekends with my wife in Boston. According to an officer in the Boston USCIS office last week, as long as I can prove that I live in Massachusetts, I can transfer my case
back to Boston. 

I would like your advice on whether it is feasible to transfer my case back to Boston, and is there any help/service that your office can provide. 


***** Email  from Muraka on 9/3/2008

Dear Mr. William,

I will be starting my internal medicine residency soon. I have already applied for J1 visa by ECFMG as I did not have results of my USMLE step 3 exams. I should be getting the results in 15 more day. My question is:

Can I immediately apply for H1B (premium processing) after sending request to cancel the application of J1 visa ? Cancellation request for J1 will take almost 15 days to 1 month so, it won't be possible to wait for J1 to get canceled and then apply for H1B.

Hope I was clear explaining the situation. I am highly obliged to hear from you.

Thank you.

***** Email  from Natalia on 8/21/2008

Dear William:

I am writing to thank-you very much for your help with the DIY I-140 package. Your package was extremely useful. My I-140 was approved without any RFE questions.

I now have to apply for I-485. I have more than 2 years on my H1-B. Since I am single and may get married in my home country within the next year, will I be able to add my spouse's name on the petition, if my I-485 is not approved by the time I am married?

Appreciate your help.

Best regards,

***** Email  from Suzuki on 8/14/2008

Dear Customer Service,

I want to order your packages of EB1 Extraordinary Ability and EB2 National Interest Waiver. But I am not sure whether I should apply both  EB1-EA and NIW, or just one category. Which one fit me most? Or, should I apply for both to increase the possibility? 

Could you give me any suggestions? Here is my personal situations: J-1 visa holder subject to 2-year rule; Ph.D in sociology and Master of Architecture from a very good University; two international fellowship awards, both of them presidential awards, one in France, one in US; 5 national thesis awards from organizations, several municipal awards during school times.

Please help me figure out.

Thank you very much for your time. I'm looking forward to your reply.

***** Email  from Mantena on 8/3/2008

Dear William

I came cross your Webster, it is quite attractive to me. I am very much interested in application of the National Interest Waiver. Here are my qualifications:

Ph.D. degree in Chemistry. Project can apply to environmental clean up, like air and water decontamination; 2 years of post-doctoral research funded by the US Department of Energy; 11 publications in US leading journals, did not working in chemistry for the past 7 years; 7 years of experience working as software engineer.

I applied NIW 2 years ago by myself, but failed to provide with a reference letter from independent member/party. By reading letters from your successful clients who used your "Do-it-yourself" package, I have got strong feeling that I should try it again.

Please advise me on this. Your time and consideration is greatly appreciated.


***** Email  from Arvind on 7/29/2008

Dear Customer Service,

I am trying to decide whether I should apply for EB1-EA or NIW. Although filing both is an option. I learned about your website from a friend and I found it truly helpful. With your help, I hope I can decide which package to buy. Below is a brief description me.

I earned my Ph.D. In chemistry from a top 5 University in USA last summer and currently working as a post-doc at a Cancer Center in the New York City. I have seven publication in top chemical journal including one in Science, four in Journal of American Chemical Society, one in Angewandte Chemie. I also reviewed a couple of chemical articles with my supervisor, which he can write a proof letter.

As for reference letters, I am confident that I can get some strong ones including letters from members of National Academy of Sciences. I can also get letters from NIH and industry, or from Europe and Asia.

Am I thinking correct that I may meet four of the 10 conditions required by EB1-EA? 

Your help will be highly appreciated. Thank you very much.

***** Email  from Ychen on 7/17/2008

Dear Sirs,

I found your site extremely helpful.

I am a Neurologist, faculty at a US University under O1 visa, and I am planning to start the process of 'Complete Do-It-Yourself Package' for the immigration category of Alien with Extraordinary Ability.

However, in order to renew my medical license in New York, I need a letter from an immigration lawyer stating that I actively pursue permanent residency status or that I am in the process of meeting the citizenship requirement.

Could you provide this for me after I start the procedure (I plan to start with form I-140)?

Thank you in advance.

***** Email  from Mudliar on 7/6/2008

Dear William,

Really impressed with the immigration information available on your website "greencardapply.com" and your help extended to the candidates thro the email answering program. Thanks. My question is as below:

I have a concurrent I-140 and I-485 (for both me and my wife) filed and pending with a USCIS Service Center for last 6 months in EB3 (Professional and skilled) category. I am the primary applicant sponsored by my employer in this I-140 application. 

We also have approved EAD, Advance parole thro these pending I-485 applications but not using them as we both are on separate independent H1-B visas from our different employers and currently working for them. My wife recently got her I-140 application approved sponsored by her own employer which they filed without I-485 application a month ago. 

I wish to substitute my old unapproved pending I-140 with newly approved I-140 from my wife to already filed and pending I-485 applications of both of us so that we do not lose our I-485 priority dates. Would it be possible to do that? 

I am desperately looking for an answer to this question and would highly appreciate your prompt reply as my employer is exploiting me just because he has sponsored my I-140 which is pending now and he knows that I can not leave him as long as this is under processing. 

Many thanks in advance.

***** Email  from Kaivan on 6/25/2008

Dear William:

I successfully got I-140 EB2 National Interest Waiver approved by the help of your Do-it-yourself package. However, my J1 waiver of IGA has been denied by Department of Health and Human Services. Now I am out of J1 status, and prepare to leave the US soon. I have some questions regarding my situation.

Since I have to meet 2 years home residency requirement, I will be absent in the US for two years. During these two years, is my current approved I-140 still available for next step application, like consular processing?

Also, I applied for I-140 based on my employment in the US. If I leave, I won't have any job in the US, would it affect my I-140 status and subsequent application of green card?

Thank you very much.

***** Email  from Leonor on 6/12/2008


I self petitioned I-140 EB1-EA and I-140 NIW using your 'do it yourself' packages. Thank you very much, they are very helpful!

I see from the USCIS web site that the processing time for both categories is much ahead of my submission date. Till now I have not received any information from the USCIS, or case status check also does not show the status. I tried to call their customer service, but they also did not give any status report.

How could I know about the status of my case? Thanking you for your time.

***** Email  from Sathyan on 6/4/2008

Dear William:

Just today I discussed my case with my friend, and he offered to sponsor O-1 visa. Do you think it is good to get the visa first and after go-on for the EB1-EA?

I heard that to file I-129 you need to be in the US for 60 days and I can only pick-up this visa abroad. It looks like additional complication. Do you think it is correct? Do I need to follow this route? I would rather prefer to get O-1 in Mexico. From other hand, people say that having O-1 it is much easier to get EB1-EA. Is it correct? I will appreciate your advise. 

Thank you so much! With best regards.

***** Email  from Park on 5/23/2008

Dear William,

I want to thank you for your very useful website.

Currently, I am a Ph.D. student majoring in Environmental Science. I am planning to apply for the green card as NIW. I just finished one NSF funded project to kill bacteria using electrostatic means. The article has been submitted to Environmental Science and Technology, a high impact journal. At the end of 2008, I may have 5 or 6 journal publications.

I have attached a copy of my resume for your evaluation to see if I am qualified for NIW. I can get very good reference letter from US Department of Transportation since I have one journal publication on Transportation Research Record, the most authoritative journal in transportation.

I got my Master degree in Environmental Engineering, and did some traffic emissions modeling work. I am also the charter member of Microsoft Certified Application Developer for .NET, among the first 100 people who got it.

I am not sure how I can combine the research work of my Master and Ph.D study. I would appreciate if you could give me some hints. I will order your do-it-yourself package once I receive your reply.


***** Email  from Feng on 5/11/2008


I filed I-140, self-sponsored, 10 months ago with help of the package purchased from you. I am still waiting for decision from USCIS.

I have been living in California for the past a few years. I filed my I-140 at California service center. I recently changed job in the same technical field and now I am working in Washington State. But I still have my family and house in California. I commute back to California every 3 weeks. Here are my questions.

Do I need to inform California service center about my job change? If I do, can I still be classified as CA resident? If I am classified as Washington resident, is USCIS going to transfer my files to Nebraska service center? 

Any helpful advice from you is very much appreciated.


***** Email  from Kostin on 5/2/2008

Hello William,

I am interested in buying your do-it-yourself package for applying for a green card. However, I am confused whether I should apply in EB1 or EB2 category.

Perhaps you are the best to judge in this. I am doing post-doctoral research for last two years in developing self-decontaminating coatings (project sponsored by Army Research Office) at the University of Pittsburgh. I now have H1B approval. Also previously I have a years experience in post-doctoral research in synthesizing biomedical polymers at the University of Washington. 

Two famous professors have agreed to write letters of recommendation for me. So fat I have 18 publications and 8 US patents. What are my best chances? EB-1 or EB-2? Based on your reply I will buy the appropriate package.

Thank You.

***** Email  from Shiva on 4/24/2008

Hey William:

I would like to buy the EB1 Extraordinary Ability DIY package. I already sent the money through paypal. I am a PhD in Mechanical Engineering (MEMS technology), would you please send me the recommendations letter and petition letter in same area in addition the letters you list in your website?


***** Email  from Sutton on 4/14/2008

Dr. Sir/Madam:

I submitted application of NIW (Only I-140, not concurrent I-140/I-485) using your do-it-yourself package on April 2004. I am a postdoc. I have the following questions. Your help is really appreciated.

My H-B is going to expire on end of Sep. In fact, I am going to transfer to H-4 dependent on my husband. Does that mean my I-140 will be denied if I do not get another postdoc position ASAP

If I am lucky to get I-140 approved before my last working day (Sep. 30), can I hold a little longer time to submit I-485 till I get another position. But I like to apply EAD. If I am working on EAD, and my I-485 is denied, can I still transfer my status to H-4 without leaving US.

Do you think it will be helpful if I submit I-485 now.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you very much.

***** Email  from Haiying on 4/3/2008

Dear Dr William,

I filed a petition of I-140 NIW/advanced degree by myself. If this case get approved, could I change my job? I mean, a similar research position in another university. I haven't filed I-485 yet. Can I use the I-140 approval notice from Nebraska Service Center to file I-485 in Ohio or New York?

I appreciate your help, and I'm considering purchasing the I-485 package from your company.

Thanks in advance. 

***** Email  from Defu on 3/23/2008

Dear William:

I would like to congratulate you for the outstanding job you are doing and the information you are providing is always worth million.

Just I got a letter from USCIS that notice me my I-140 is denied. They question that my record does not appear to indicate that my work resulted in a patent, breakthrough or a change in the way of my field. But I have Ph.D and M.D degree, and published over 15 peer-journal papers, and am working on medical study on cancer. Would you kindly tell me if I will appeal or will re-apply I-140 again in this case? Which way is better for me. Now I have H-1B visa .

Thank you very much.

***** Email  from Xiaoyan on 3/16/2008

Dear Sir:

The information provided on your website is very impressive. I am interested in your "Complete Do-It-Yourself Package". I want to apply for Extraordinary Ability (EB1-EA) or National Interest Waiver (NIW) (My application can not be sponsored by my current employer). I appreciate if you can evaluate my background and give me some suggestion. My background is as follow:

1. Ph.D. in Optical Engineering (from China), and a Ph.D. in Chemistry (from US).
2. Currently, work as a research associate at a national laboratory.
3. 21 journal papers, first author for 15 papers, 12 of them are published in peer-reviewed US journals and have been cited more than 50 times by other researchers in 16 countries.
4. One reviewed article.
5. 4 international conference papers, first author for 3 of them.
6. Reviewed 2 papers for a US scientific journal.
7. No presentation, no patent.

Thank you for your time. Your suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

***** Email  from Chuan on 3/5/2008

Dear Customer Service:

I bought a "Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for EB1-EA" about 3 months ago from your website. I believe it is very helpful. I also want to apply for the NIW at the same time to increase my approval chance. But I am not quite sure whether I am qualified for EB2-National Interest Waiter. My background is as follows:

1. PhD in Physics (field: nanoscience and nanotechnology);
2. Thirteen Journal papers, 4 conference papers and 24 international Conference presentations;
3. Biography in the Material Research Society (MRS) bulletin as leading experts in the nanotube field;
4. More than 40 SCI citations in the past two years;
5. Membership of Sigma Xi, the honor scientific research association;
6. Reviewer of two conference papers for the Materials Research Society (MRS)
7. Got numerous awards as a student in school.

I am now a postdoc at a good university working on a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded Nanotechnology 
Interdisciplinary Research Teams (NIRT) project on semiconducting nanowires. 

Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

***** Email  from Zhigang on 2/27/2008

Dear William,

I got most of valuable information from your well designed web-site and DIY I-140/ I-485 packages, and successfully filed I-140 and I-485 last year. I got my EAD card also. 

According to my friend, I heard that the 1-year EAD will be extended so that we don't have to apply several EAD cards until we get Green Card. Please advise me when the new regulation will be effective so that I decide to apply new EAD card right now or wait until new regulation for extended EAD card has been effective.

Thanks again for your kind help.

***** Email  from Manasa on 2/14/2008


We would like to purchase package of EB1-EA or NIW. I am a PhD student, and I was nominated by the University's Who's Who Among American Students publication. Only ~50 students were nominated out of 50,000. I have worked at two different companies during studies.

I am a system architect and Lead developer of system developed under a grant with a US university which would be deployed in all hospitals throughout state in august 2009. I have at least 3 papers in this area of which submitting two for publication later this year

I have taught and I have also evaluated other's work for a small research journal. I have led student organizations and honor societies. I think I can get four to five letters from experts in my field saying that they evaluate me higher than other individuals of my age and experience.

Please evaluate my case. Thank you.

***** Email  from GuoXing on 2/3/2008

Dear Sir:

I found your website while searching for immigration help on Google. To me, you are an expert in the EB1 and NIW visas. I want to find out if I can be considered for EB1 or NIW. I am not sure if my achievements meet any standard, but per my vision, my achievements are extraordinary compared to my peers.

I am currently doing my PhD in the field of Computer Architecture at a University. My supervisor is one of the most well-known computer architects in the world and doing research with him is considered very prestigious. I got my BS in Computer Engineering from the same university with Highest Honors (Top 1%). I finished it in 2.5 years. I have received several honors, awards, and a scholarship for academics at the University. 

I have three publications in national and international journals (I am not the first author on these). I have a fourth one to be submitted that does have me as first author. I have a patent application that is going to be filed by the University sometime soon. I played a key role and still support a research project being used by NASA in a satellite that was launched last year. The project was well known in the community.

Can I qualify for an EB1 or NIW? Please reply. Thank you very much!

***** Email  from Mikhail on 1/29/2008

Dear Customer Service:

I have recently visited your web site and was impressed by the amount of information available. Of particular interest is the option of applying for green card under the National Interest Waiver program. I'd like to get your opinion as to whether I qualify for that before I determine which package to purchase.

I have a PhD in mathematics from Canada; six papers published in mathematical journals; 3 paper published in a finance journal; Currently working for a US bank (4 yrs) on H1B; have previously applied for Labor Certification and was approved (changed employer and starting again); new employer will sponsor Labor Certification. I'd like to concurrently apply via EB1 Outstanding Researcher or NIW.

Thank you for your time.

***** Email  from Sunita on 1/27/2008


Your web site about National Interest Waiver is very helpful, and I am interested in ordering "Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for EB2-NIW". However, I am still not quite sure whether I have the qualification. I was wondering if you can give me some suggestions. My background is as follows:

1. In US on F1 Student Visa MS (Information systems for professionals);

2. MS (Computer Science) from US University, BE (Computer Science & Engineering) from foreign University;

3 Journal publications and 4 Conference papers, first author for most of them;

4. Presented original research work in two international conferences;

5. Program committee member on 2 international conferences;

6. Reviewer of other researcher's paper for one international conference and a Scientific Journal of Super computing.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

***** Email  from Shiva on 1/15/2008

Hello Sir/Madam:

I am very glad to see your web site helping other immigrants like me.

I am graduating with PhD in August 2008 and I plan to continue to support the current project in my capacity as a professional. However this is only possible if I do not have to go through rigorous procedure of Labor Certification as this project is time sensitive, and I am the one who is responsible for system design and any changes or delays would hurt the state of New York (as well as others) ability to address the critical issues in bio terrorism preparedness.

I can provide letters of reference from various state agencies involved in this project and already we have two requests of deployment of the system including one from National Guard service.

Do you think I could qualify for EB1-Extraordinary Ability or EB2 with NIW? Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

****** Email  from Yuan on 1/8/2008

Hello William,

First, I would like to congratulate you for your outstanding website and NIW Do-It-Yourself package. I have been admitted as PhD student in EE. I am currently admitted in the US with a H1B visa. That visa is sponsored by my current employer. I am right now at the final stage of the Self-Green Card NIW process. I have both EAD & Advance Parole. I am scheduled to get fingerprinted next month. 

As you may well understand, I would like to finish my current green card process, given the advantages for my future academic career of being a Permanent Resident. Also, I would like to enroll to a University as PhD student.

If possible, I would like to hear from you a solution that would allow me to enroll to University this coming fall without compromising my green card process, if such green card is still pending.

Thank you so much. 


****** Email  from Sammons on 1/3/2008


First of all, I want to thank you for your very useful website and it is a good guide for a lot of people who don't exactly know what to do next. I am currently working as a Research Assistant , and going to finish my PhD next semester. 

I am on F1 visa now. I really don't know what to do next concerning my immigration status. I am applying for faculty positions in the states, and most of them ,have the question : "Are you legal to work in USA"? First of all , am I legal to work??, because theoretically , i am for one year (OPT). Second, is there a way to apply for green card, before I start working .

I have a great number of publications (15-20 papers , journals and conferences) and I have been working as a researcher for almost 3 years. I would appreciate your help and i would be grateful for any information that would further assist me.

Thank you.


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