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Year 2007 - Selected Emails from Users for 
 Questions and Comments on Our Services and Packages

***** Email from Namik on 12/25/2007

Hello William,

I visited your web site and like it very much!

I have a PhD, and now working in a senior full-time position in the industry since last year, I also worked as research assistant/teaching assistant for 4 years, and I worked for the UK government in health for 4 years and could supply evidence that I worked on the Foot & Mouth disease outbreak and managed a major program.

I also have 6 months work in WHO in China and worked in Iraq for the British government for 10 months. Which category should I apply for? EB1- Outstanding researcher or Labor Certification?

Thank you.

Yours sincerely.

***** Email from Raddy on 12/10/2007

Dear Sir/Madam

I am thinking of purchasing your package for EB1 EA and just have a few questions that would help me decide whether to move forward with this.

I am wondering whether I have a reasonable chance of being awarded the EB1 EA Green Card and would like your opinion. I am an Australian with PhD in science, 7 years in research and 5 in government and am currently completing a Masters in Public Health at a US University. 

To fulfill the criteria for the EB1 EA application I have the following: I was awarded a prize by the Queen (of England) this year for my work in the reconstruction of the health service in Iraq (I was seconded there by the British Government). I was made a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE).

My last job was with the World Health Organization in China and I acted as a consultant on a World Bank Mission to judge the work of the Chinese Ministry of Health in laboratory diagnostics. I worked in research for 7 years and have published 7 papers in international academic journals plus 16 articles related to health in newspapers and magazines.

I would very much appreciate your input on these questions.

Thank you for your assistance.

Yours sincerely.

***** Email from Anu on 11/27/2007

Dear William:

I solicit your suggestions regarding my green card processing. I am working as as a research scientist (permanent position) in one of the university and thinking to apply for GC. 

My qualifications: Ph.D from India, 4 years of post-doc experience in USA, 17 research publications of which 25 are first authored ones, manuscript reviewer (judge) for more than 6 journals, employer is ready to sponsor, can get 6 reference letters from different countries supporting my research, and at least 20 citations of my work in journals.

Now my question is : with the retrogression in I-140 processing for Indian nationals, what options do I have for my GC processing?. Which is the best strategy for me ?. I have only two years of my H-1 B left. 

Thank you very much for your suggestions and I greatly appreciate your help.


***** Email from JunLian on 11/14/2007

Dear Dr William:

I am considering to apply for Green Card in EB1 Extraordinary Ability, using your Complete Do-It-Yourself Package. But I have
several concerns and hope to get your advice.

I live in the US and am currently on a F1 PhD student visa and my course will end this year. Firstly, am I eligible to apply for EB1 EA while on a F1 visa and living in the US? On the ETA 750 Part B form do I say that I will apply for 'adjustment of status' rather than applying abroad? 

Does this mean then that I need to stay in the US after my course finishes until I find out the status of my application? I would very much appreciate your input on these questions.

Thank you for your assistance.

Yours sincerely

***** Email from Shili on 11/8/2007

Dear Madam/Sir:

Thank you for sending me the EB1A products, which are very helpful.

While EB1A will be the category that I am planning to submit my Green Card application under, I am also interested in the two EB2-NIW and NIW-RFE packages just to see how exactly the National Interest Requirements are defined and whether my case could fall under that (I think given a lot of my properties esp. awards, EB1A will be a better fit). I find the RFE package along with the regular package to be helpful to truly understand the nuances the USCIS is looking 

Also, if my H1 expires on Mar 31 next year, what's the best time to file for EB1A or NIW in order to get priority day more than one year? Meanwhile, my employer had sponsored Labor Certification based EB3 before for me. I think the challenge would be to keep application materials consistent in both filings. Am I correct?

Thank you very much.

***** Email from Gitonga on 10/28/2007

Dear William:

I am a PhD in physics with over 12 publications and several (10+) conference presentations. I can get reference letters from at least 5 professors and researchers. I am planning to apply for EB1-EA (will use your DIY kits). 

I have a question. Presently I am working in the industry. The company's main business is in computers/networking but they do conduct research in several areas. Does it pose a problem? - USCIS officers may assume that I am working in a different field.

What kind of evidence I have to submit. Most of the work we do is confidential and employer will not explicitly allow me to send any documents but might give me a broad letter describing what I'm doing. Is it enough (does not have patents from the company yet). 

Thank you.

***** Email from Nanda on 10/13/2007

Dear Sir:

Thank you for your answer!. I am glad to see your web site helping other immigrants like me.

A friend of mine's lawyer told him he had to file the same as the PERM filing, which would be EB3. After emailing you, I actually called the USCIS, and they told me that my I-140 filing has to match the minimum job requirements for the PERM job offer, and not the alien's qualification, but I still think this is not what the law says... and I am not even sure this would be enforced.

I do not have anything to lose filing EB2 anyway, the worst that can happen is that the send me back the form denied, saying I need to file EB3, so it is worth a try! I will let you know how it goes

Thank you again for your time.

***** Email from JinGuo on 10/1/2007

Dear William,

I would like to express my appreciation for your kind and detail answers regarding my EB1-EA green card application. By the way, I have one more questions before start the application, and they are as followings:

In the case of I want to change my job (which is in different company but the same field), when I am considered as a status of permanent residency. I am little bit confused if it is after I-140 approval or I-485 approval.

Also, can I travel outside of USA during the application process? and How many reference letters.

I look forward your kind answers again.

Best Regard,

***** Email from Anning on 9/24/2007

Hi Sir,

I visited your website. Great website! Good work!

I did my Masters in Computer Science and joined a federal research organization (National lab) and working as a Senior Research Scientist. I've more than 3 years of experience in this field and working in this research lab (with nearly 3000 scientists) for almost 2.5 years.

I've only one constraint. I'm a Masters and not a Ph.D and even though I completed my masters. Can I consider applying Green card thru' Outstanding Researcher category ? If so, please let me know. Any help in this regard is appreciated.


***** Email from Fushan on 9/10/2007


Your response is greatly appreciated!

It's very good that I can reach you through email. I submitted the I-140 petition through a recognized lawyer who suddenly dropped my case and told me he was just completely overwhelmed with work. 

Once again, your time is greatly appreciated, and it's fortunate that there exists good hearted professionals like yourself. 

***** Email from Divey on 8/15/2007

Dear William.

I am very glad I've found what I was looking for. The cases in your web site look to me very convincing. I'm very interested in your "Do-It-Yourself" package, but before that I would like to hear your advice and suggestion to my case. However, I'm not quite sure whether I could qualify for EB-1 Extraordinary Ability.

I'm an athlete (Athletics, triple jump) from. 4 times National Junior Record holder,12 times Adult Record holder. The winner of Pan-Armenian Games; 3rd place(2003) and 2nd place(2004) in European cup Championships. Also, I am the participant of The Olympic Games in Athens.

In spite of that I do satisfy almost all conditions ("other comparable evidences") for the Alien of Extraordinary Ability. I have published articles in journals within my field. But I don't know the way to form all that required documentation (letters of recommendation ets.).

Do You think that I could apply under EB-1 classification? I would appreciate your attention and suggestion.

Thank you.

***** Email from Shong on 8/2/2007

Dear William,

You have helped us in the past by answering my questions. Your answer/suggestion really helped my wife to plan for the future accordingly.

My wife is on H4 visa; she joined me in August 2006 after completing her two years home residency requirement (J1 visa condition). Recently she has been offered the position of Pediatrician at a Hospital in Connecticut. The employer is ready to sponsor her for H1-B visa. However, H1-B visa has been caped for the year 2007. My question to you is does Hospital can qualify as a H1-B visa CAP Exempted Employer?

Looking forward to hear from you. It will be a great help.

***** Email from Aihhua on 7/14/2007

Dear William: 

I visited your Web page and found it is very very helpful. I hope to get your help for my question. My National Interest Waiver (NIW) based I-140 and I-485 are still in pending, I got EAD and Advance Parole. But I am still in H1B status. Can I use my Advance Parole for an international trip? If I use the Advance Parole to re-enter US, my H1B is still in effect? If I-140 is denied before my reentry, what is the other way for reentry? 

I have a question about the ''do it yourself package for RFE of National Interest Waiver, for petitions of NIW, do you have some sample letters or answer question strategies for cancer researcher? The recommendation letter for RFE could be different as the letter for original submission, is that the case in the package?

Thank you so much for your help.

Sincerely yours,

***** Email from Ashutosh on 7/7/2007

Hi Dear Sir,

I am a Medical Researcher at a School of Medicine. I am interested to buy your "Complete Do-It-Yourself Package", for (1) Extraordinary Ability "; and (2) for Outstanding Researcher or Professor".  As it is mentioned the package contained sample reference for the Medical Researcher. Therefore, those sample letters will be useful for me as Medical researcher. I am looking for get the packages after sending you the money.

With thanks and Regards.

***** Email from Maika on 6/11/2007

Dear Sir/Madam

Thank you very much for your answer for my question. I don't expect your answer in a day. I purchased the one package from you - the EB1-Multinational Executive/Manager DIY package.

I understand your answer like this. First, try to get L1A petition from company A (mother company). Second, move to company A and then renew L1A visa under company A. Am I correct? It means that I can take over current GC process without EAD (if I can get L1A approval).

I think that my case is same as find a new job because company name will be changed. 

Thanks again.

***** Email from Veikila  on 5/21/2007

Dear Sir/Madam:

I found your website while searching for immigration help on Google. To me, you are an expert in the EB1 and NIW visas. I want to find out if I can be considered for EB1 or NIW. I am not sure if my achievements meet any standard, but per my vision, my achievements are extraordinary compared to my peers.

I am currently doing my PhD in the field of Computer Architecture at a University. My supervisor is one of the most well-known 
computer architects in the world and doing research with him is considered very prestigious.

I got my BS in Computer Engineering from the same university with Highest Honors (Top 1%). I finished it in 2.5 years. I have received several honors, awards, and a scholarship for academics at the University. I have three publications in national and international journals (I am not the first author on these). I have a fourth one to be submitted that does have me as first author.

I have a patent application that is going to be filed by the University sometime soon. I played a key role and still support a research project being used by NASA in a satellite that was launched last year. The project was well known in the community.

I was nominated by the University's Who's Who Among American Students publication. Only ~50 students were nominated out of 50,000. I have worked at two different companies during studies.

I have taught and I have also evaluated other's work for a small research journal. I have led student organizations and honor societies. I think I can get four to five letters from experts in my field saying that they evaluate me higher than other individuals of my age and experience.

Can I qualify for an EB1 or NIW? Please advise.

***** Email from Suleman on 5/12/2007

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your quick response. Thank you for offering free evaluation to my qualification. Attached please find my CV. 

In brief, I have Ph.D degree and have published several papers as first author on international journals. I have a patent and used to review MS for two international journals. I also have a book published as a co-author. In details, please go through my CV. Your suggestion would be valuable to me. 

I will be ordering your EB1-EA or NIW package shortly.

Kind regards, Thanks

***** Email from Qiao on 4/22/2007

The information provided on your website is very impressive. I am interested in your "Complete Do-It-Yourself Package". I want to apply for Extraordinary Ability (EB1-EA) or National Interest Waiver (NIW) (My application can not be sponsored by my current employer).

I appreciate if you can evaluate my background and give me some suggestion. My background is as follow:

1. Ph.D. in Optical Engineering (from China), and a Ph.D. in Chemistry (from US).
2. Currently, work as a research associate at a national laboratory.
3. 21 journal papers, first author for 15 papers, 12 of them are published in peer-reviewed US journals and have been cited more than 50 times by other researchers in 16 countries.
4. One reviewed article.
5. 4 international conference papers, first author for 3 of them.
6. Reviewed 2 papers for a US scientific journal.
7. No presentation, no patent.

Thank you for your time. Your suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

***** Email from Yasmin on 4/15/2007


I have a question and would like to ask for your suggestion about my I-485 application. With the help of your EB1 EA-package, my I-140 of EA was approved and then I submitted my I-485 to USCIS Texas Service Center last June. Now I am transferred to a company in Boston, Massachusetts, which belongs to USCIS Vermont Service Center. My questions are:

1) what will happen to my I-485 application? What should I do next?

2) Should I ask the USCIS Texas Service Center to transfer my I-485 application to USCIS Vermont Service Center besides filling the form of changing address (Form AR-11)?

3) Is there any delay about the I-485 application because of my changing employer?

Thanks a lot. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


***** Email from Bedoya on 4/5/2007

Dear Sir,

I got the package. It is really great. I have two questions regarding the EB1-EA petition:

1. Should I put my own name and address in both Part 9 (information about the person or organization filing this petition) and Part 2 (Information about the person you are filing for) of I-140 if I petition for myself?

2. What is the best way to send all the evidence along with my petition (in a binder, stapled, bound etc..)


***** Email from Yang on 3/18/2007

Dear William,

I used your Complete Do-it-Yourself package and filed I-140 (EB1-extraordinary ability) in August 2006. Then I got RFE in November, 2006 
and I submitted evidence in January, 2007. Today, I was notified that my application was APPROVED!

Thanks and Thanks.

With best regards.

***** Email from Rajesh on 3/10/2007

Dear William,

You have a great site here helping people with their question. I am from India and currently on J1 visa doing research at an University. I have applied for the J1 home residency waiver requirement and have received the J1 waiver waiver with the help of your very helpful package.

My question is, can I apply for Green card without H1?

Please advise. Thanks.

***** Email from Emma on 3/2/2007

Dear Sir, 

I am an Assistant Professor of a university. My husband's H1B visa will expire in December 2006. The company attorney won't petition the Labor Certification for him because he thinks it's too late to file now. I am now preparing the paper work for applying for EB-2 with special handling for me right now. My questions are:

1. Can I apply for EB-1 EA on myself using your DIY package, when the my employer is petitioning EB-2 for us?

2. Once I file our I140 and I485 forms, can my husband apply for his 7th-year extension of his H1B? or EAD? If not, is there any other option to keep him legally stay in the U.S.?

Thank you very much for your help! We really appreciate the information you posted on the web site. It may have helped thousands of people like us. Thank you again for the good work!


***** Email from Sheth on 1/22/2007

Dear William,

I will complete collecting the evidences for the NIW petition soon. I am now filling out the form I-140. But, I have a question to ask you. In Part 1, I know that "IRS Tax #" means Internal Revenue Service Tax number. But where and how can I find this number for me?

Sorry to ask you this simple question. Thank you for your time. 

Looking forward to your reply soon.

***** Email from Sashidhar on 1/9/2007

Dear William,

I purchased a Complete Do-It-Yourself package for EB1-OR a few weeks ago.

We would like to purchase another package J1-visa waiver package. We are in the process of applying and will purchase your J-1 visa waiver package in the next few days via money order, and also we will pay the $109 premium petition processing for a J1-visa waiver.

We have the first feedback from the Waiver Review Division and we are required to provide legal copies of all DS-2019 forms covering the period for the exchange visitor, a statement regarding the exchange visitor's reasons for not wishing to fulfill the two -year residency requirement, Form G-28 from law firm representing the visitor and the No objection statement from the exchange visitor's country.

Thank you and we look forward to get help from you,

***** Email from Haiying on 1/5/2007

Dear William,

I am very glad to find your website on green card application and I am sure it is very helpful for people like us. I am writing this email to get your best suggestion for our situation.

My husband is a PhD student in one of the best universities, and he is planning to work as a postdoc starting from this coming summer, and carry on until he finds a job. We wonder when it is suitable for him to apply for Green Card.

Thank you so much. I am looking forward for your reply.

***** Email from Vilija on 1/2/2007

Dear Sir:

I bought a "Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for EB1-EA" abour 3 months ago from your website. I believe it is very helpful. However, I also want to apply for the NIW at the same time to increase my approval chance. But I am not quite sure whether I am qualified for EB2-National 
Interest Waiter. My background is as follows:

1. PhD in Physics (field: nanoscience and nanotechnology);
2. Thirteen Journal papers, 4 conference papers and 24 international Conference presentations;
3. Biography in the Material Research Society (MRS) bulletin as leading experts in the nanotube field;
4. More than 40 SCI citations in the past two years;
5. Membership of Sigma Xi, the honor scientific research association;
6. Reviewer of two conference papers for the Materials Research Society (MRS)
7. Got numerous awards as a student in school;

I am now a postdoc at a good university working on a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded Nanotechnology Interdisciplinary Research Teams (NIRT) project on semiconducting nanowires. 

Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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