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Year 2006 - Selected Emails from Users for
Questions and Comments on Our Services and Packages


***** Email from PingHuang on 12/28/2006

Dear William,

First of all, I want to thank you for your help. I am very interested in the NIW packages in your company. In order to save the time, can I order the packages by Email and pay them by credit card? I will be greatly appreciated for your quick and kind answers.

I am plan to file I-140/I-485 concurrently. I came to USA with F-1 visa 11 years ago, it's already expired 6 years ago. Now, I am H-1B visa status. Even though my visa status was changed, I've never gone abroad in 8 years. Since I've never gone abroad in 8 years, I do not have H-1B Visa Stamp in my passport.  I just have expired F-1 visa stamp in my old passport. Is this a problem?

I am looking forward to your help.

***** Email from PingHuang on 12/16/2006

Dear William,

Thanks you very much for your previous help!

I just want to confirm with you whether using Advance Parole (based on pending I-485) makes H1b status invalid. Some lawyers think I will still keep H1 status after using AP to enter U.S., as long as I continue to work for the same employer. I am going to visit China this summer. If that's true, then I will not bother to apply for H1b visa in China.

By the way, I am in H1 status but no H1 stamp in my passport, because I never left U.S. after I changed my visa status to H1. Does that make any difference for this issue?

Thanks you very much again. Your kind response will be appreciated.

***** Email from Teng on 11/25/2006

Hi Williams:

I purchased your do it by yourself package and I found it very helpful. I would rather apply for my green card by myself, but I have already retained a lawyer, who did not do much for me and I have to do a lot by myself.

I had Form I-140 and a job offer letter signed by my employer. But I have been waiting for two more papers to be published. My question is: which is better if I file application right away and add that two articles to be published or wait until they are out? 

Thank you very much.

***** Email from Jinsuk on 11/12/2006

Dear William,

I had contacted you before about best option for me to apply for green card on my own. At the time (a few months ago) I had three first author paper on Journal of Biological Chemistry as a communications paper. 

I was recently promoted to Scientist II by my company, three years into my employment. Before that I obtained my Ph.D of Biochemistry and M.S. of Computer Science. I have a total of 3 first author, 2nd author, 1 third author, one technical paper, participated in a few conferences with one poster (no speaker session), evaluated a couple paper for a Bioinformatics conference, no organization membership, current field is Computational Biology research and development. Please let me know if you think NIW is the best route for me or I should try EB-1A?

Thanks a lot.

***** Email from Naraj on 10/4/2006

Dear Madam/Sir,

I hit upon your website while searching for green card application procedures and information. I am very much impressed with the testimonials on your website. My case is a bit different than others. I came in J-1 status and my wife joined me as J-2. While I was working during my academic training session, my wife got her asylum protection application granted. We can apply for green card later this year following the asylee track. However, it will take us about 8-10 years before we can get the green card according to some source.

Some friends say we can apply for green cards based on my employment with a local health department. Is it so? If it is, do you have a package that contains information in this respect? 

Thanks in advance for your time and response.

***** Email from Cindy on 9/17/2006

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am very interested in the packages in your company. I also want to confirm with you whether using Advance Parole (based on pending I-485) makes H1b status invalid. Some lawyers think I will still keep H1 status after using AP to enter U.S, as long as I continue to work for the same employer. I am going to visit China soon. If that's true, then I will not bother to apply for H1b visa in China.

By the way, I am in H1 status but no H1 stamp in my passport, because I never left U.S after I changed my visa status to H1. Does that make any difference for this issue? Thanks you very much. Your kind response will be appreciated.

Thank you very much.

Best Wishes,

***** Email from Pam on 9/5/2006

Dear Williams:

I have worked Public Power Company since 2003 as an electrical engineer. I have tried to get a green card through sponsoring by employer, but it was hard for me to move HR into the right directions. Now a days, I am looking for the way to get a green card without recruitment process. 

I have Master Degree of Electrical Engineering. Prior to being a full time employee, I have more than 2 years R&D and Transmission Planning experience while I was pursuing my master degree. I am also an member of IEEE. Since the company I have worked for is Power Utility, one of the most important goals is to provide reliable power to public. I have several things like letters, recognition, paper more that might be useful for my case. 

Can I file EB1-EA? Do you have any recommendation about my case? I am strongly considering to use your Complete Do-It-Yourself Package

Thanks and regards.

***** Email from Jignesh on 8/27/2006

Dear Dr Williams,

I'm a professor of physics in a University, and I wanted to inquire if I qualify to apply for the Green Card based on the national interest waiver. I have a demonstrated research ability with a good publication record and a patent.

Please look at my resume. If you think it is possible, I will be more than glad to order the DIY package

Best Regards,

***** Email from Ting on 8/16/2006

Green Card Service,

I filed I140 and I485 concurrently in EB1 extraordinary category through self-petition. Recently, I received a Request For Evudence. The letter indicates and I quote: "Please submit material that discusses the merits of your work, your standing in the field. or any significant impact that your work had on the field."

I'm in the process of responding to the letter, could you please give me some advice?  As an expert in this area, could you estimate how long it will take them to process my response? 

Thank you in advance,


***** Email from Sushant on 8/3/2006

Dear Sir/Madam,

A few months ago, I got a Complete Do-It-Yourself Package-EB1 from you and I submitted my I-140 application to Nebraska  Service Center. Since my H-1 Visa will expire in February, 2007, I do not think I can get the result before my visa expire. 

Since I have Canadian green card, I am thinking about going to Canada to find a job. Can my I-140 be transfer to be processed in US consulate in Canada, or I have to wait for the approval of my I-140 application before I leave?  If I want to submit another I-140 application, can I submit the I-140 petition in Canada?

Thank you very much.

***** Email from Rosa on 7/25/2006

Dear Mr William,

I am a post-doc and working on a University. I have applied a I-140 form on July 2nd, 2005. But some thing did wrong by my  lawyer. I tried to apply a national interest waiver, but My I-140 form labeled a outstanding professor or research. So I  got a letter as below.

"The petition has been reviewed and has been found to be deficient. In order to establish the beneficiary as  a professor or researcher who is internationally recognized as out standing in the academic field; submit evidence that  addresses the deficiencies below, or submit additional evidence relating to satisfy and how he or she would qualify for  the category specified. Also, separate the evidence according to each category sought. If any of the evidence is in a  foreign language, please also submit a certified English translation."

So What Can I do now? and Can I get a help from you? Thank you very much.


***** Email from Leeyean on 7/11/2006


I wrote to you a while back. I thank you for responding so promptly last time. Once I am married to my foreign fiancée, and we apply for the green card, what are the chances she will get the green card? Is it completely based on chance? Once  we are married does that solidify our chances? In your opinion is it worth hiring a lawyer, and do you know usually how much it costs to get a lawyer? Thank you so much for all your help.


***** Email from Arthur on 6/30/2006

Dear William

I am a PhD student funded by my home country government. I am J1 and subject to HRR. Given my credentials, I think it is very likely I will find a job in U.S. industry. My embassy will not issue a No Objection statement, unless I pay back the agency that funded me. I am willing to pay them backm, if the chances of getting a J1 waiver are good.

One of my friend had used your J1 waiver package get her J1 waiver before. How hard is to get a J1 waiver in my case? Will your J1 waiver be useful in my situation? 

Thank you in advance.

***** Email from Jack on 6/23/2006

Dear Sir:

I am thinking of buying your NIW do-it-yourself package. but I have some questions and wondering the package will help me. The question is: Can I change job if the I-140 is approved but I-485 is sill pending? I am thinking of submitting the I-140 and I-485 together. 

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Yours truly.

***** Email from Kim on 6/17/2006

Hi Customer Service,

I already had a PERM Labor Certification & I-140 approval, thank you very much for your great help before! I then file for I-485, and I received a transfer notice saying preliminary processing of the application has been completed, they transfer it to L.A. office, then we got an interview last week. 

On the interview, everything are OK but the officer was asking for the degree evaluation w/c I don't have on the time of interview. My question is: do I really need an evaluation for CAD designer? and since the preliminary processing are done. Why they did not ask it before.

Thank you very much.

***** Email from LanyLar on 6/11/2006

Dear Madam/Sir,

I just want to confirm with you whether using Advance Parole (based on pending I-485) makes H1b status invalid. Some lawyers think I will still keep H1 status after using AP to enter U.S., as long as I continue to work for the same employer. I am going to visit parents this summer. If that's true, then I will not bother to apply for H1b visa in my home country?

By the way, I am in H1 status but no H1 stamp in my passport, because I never left U.S. after I changed my visa status to H1. Does that make any difference for this issue?

Thanks you  very much. Your kind response will be appreciated.

***** Email from Chaitanya on 6/2/2006

Dear William,

Thank you for the suggestion. Is that true that if I apply for another NIW and EB1-EA, I will need two different sets of recommendation letters (EB1-EA and NIW have different requirements)? Also, two separate I-140 and I-485 applications? Thanks.

Also, do you have the service to review people's DIY application with a reasonable fee? Thank you!

***** Email from Wayne on 5/25/2006

Dear Sir:

I am interested in ordering "Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for PERM Labor Certification Application". I filed a NIW application 2 years ago by a lawyer, but it is denied recently. I like to try the PERM Labor Certification through my employer sponsorship, because my field is very basic research. 

Thank you.

***** Email from HuiJi on 5/13/2006

Dear William:

You have been helping me all the way through our green card application. Thank you! I have filed application following your instructions. I also filed I-485 for me and my wife. Since we plan to go back China to visit for the summer, I have applied advanced parole and received approval for both of us. 

Someone told me it is bad to travel abroad while applying or holding OPT. Do you think this will affect our travel, since we already have advanced parole? If OPT is bad for travel, shall we apply for working permit through I-485, then?

Your help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

***** Email from Leslie on 5/2/2006


First, I like your website and service. Very clear and user friendly. I am about to buy your NIW package. Before I do that, I would like to ask you a few questions

1. May I file I-140 and 485 concurrently? Someone told me that 140 and 485 cannot be filed concurrently after April 1, 2006. I do not know if it is true.

2. My company has previously filed an application for a labor certificate for another employee, who now no longer needs it. I may be able to take his application, and file for I-140. His labor certificate is still in processing. Is there rule that once the labor certificate has been approved, the application for 140 has to be filed within a certain period of time? If so, how long is it?

Basically, I am evaluating the best way for me to apply the Green Card. NIW needs more work form my side, however, I have more control. Labor including PERM is mainly in the hand of my employer. 

Thank you very much!

***** Email from Lixing on 4/20/2006

Dear Sir,

I'm so happy to get your answer so soon. I trust your suggestion based on what I read from your website and the package. I have two more questions. I would like to have more of your suggestions.

How many reference letter do you think is suitable for my case for EB-1? I can only get 2-3 from my colleagues in a state agency. I'm not working for any project. I'm just working as an intern for the state plan and redevelopment plan. Can such kind of job be connected with NIW?

And if I can't get a "no objection " letter here, I may have no choice. Do you think I'd better come back to wait for the approval of I-140? May it be risky that the consulate won't give me an immigrant visa later?

Thank you very much.

***** Email from Hesheng on 4/14/2006

Dear Dr William:

Good afternoon, I hope you are keeping well. I finally received 4 complete reference letter. I am waiting for another one from my former Graduate school professor and I have the School President and Campus director for more references.

Does the fact that I do not have any official publications work against me? With help from external colleagues, I have compiled/edited info sheets/wraps/brochures with financial aid and scholarship information. Also we have created a financial aid portal/website. Can these work? By the way, I just received my second H1B approval. Please help me with more strategies.

Kind regards.

****** Email from Sergey on 4/5/2006


I received following RFE on my NIW case filed at Texas Service Center. 

"The evidence the Self petitioner has submitted does not clearly establish the national interest would be adversely affected if labor certification were required. The record does not establish that self petitioner's accomplishments are substantially greater that other researchers working in his or her field of expertise. The self-petitioner must demonstrate how his or her documented achievement are more significant/noteworthy by comparison to others in the field and are above that normally attained by somebody at his or her current level. Prospective benefits may not be considered." 

Can you please help me understand there questions and what more I need to provide USCIS? Although I do have a Attorney but I feel they are not help much. I would appreciate your help.

I about to get my RFE answered from Attorney. I collected 12 more independent letters, 80 more citations to my work. 2 more publications, 3 more presentations. Let me know what more should I do in order to satisfy USCIS.

Thanks in advance. 

***** Email from XinLu on 3/25/2006

Dear Sir:

Thank you for answering everyone's visa questions so tirelessly and professionally. I have read through many of them, but can't find answer to my particular case.

I am a Chinese citizen who came to the US with a J-1 visa after completing a Ph.D. degree in UK in 1991. I filed an EB1-EA application in 1995 while in O-1 status, it was approved. However, the subsequent I-485 application for adjustment of status was denied based on the two-year rule, but the NIS allowed me to get back on the O-1 status.

Since then, I married to an American citizen 1997, and left for China in 2003 to serve my 2 year requirement. I am ready to file another application for Green Card. Is my previous EB1-EA is still valid, or I shall forget it and file a family-based application anew? Do you have a DIY kit for me, too?

Thank you in advance,


***** Email from Woochul on 3/15/2006

Customer Service,

Thanks for maintaining what is arguably the most informative Green Card site on the net. It's excellent.

I am a Canadian, and I work for a high-tech company in Pittsburgh, PA, who are sponsoring me for a Green Card. I'm currently on an H1. My Labor Certification was filed locally on 1/23/05, and was received at the regional office on 2/24/05.

The "45-day letter" was received by the lawyers, who confirmed that I still wish to proceed. At this point, nearly 2.5 years after filing, I'm starting to wonder if perhaps I should scrap this application and file again from the very beginning.

Can you comment on this situation?

Thank you

****** Email from Xue on 3/7/2006

Dear William:

I found that everything on your website are very helpful. Currently I have some questions about my I-485 application. If you do have excellent idea and I will need order one package and premium petition service to get them, please let me know. I am excited to hear them. Below is my situation:

I applied I-140 based on NIW on 11/29/2005, priority date is 12/2/2005. Receipt date is 12/5/2005 and notice of approval date is 5/18/2005. I filed application by myself. 

My new employer is a University. They also applied H-1 for me. So that means before my I-140 got approved, I changed my job. But my I-140 is based on NIW, which allows for changing  job. However I do feel unconfident with my I-485 application.

Is there any extra work I need do so that USCIS will not reject my application or question my employment? How do I need write employment verification letter? 

I really need you: Provide guidance and suggestions for my specific questions before petition; Present effective strategies and professional arguments for my petition problems; 

Thanks and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards

***** Email from Xiaohan on 2/27/2006

To whom it may concern:

Great informative website, and very helpful. Quick question, I would like to order the Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for the EB1-Multinational Executive.

To confirm, I am currently on a L1A visa in the US and employed under a new branch office in the US (you must wait 1-year before you can apply for the EB1) - does the above package apply to a newly opened US branch office in the US and does it outline the steps in order to apply from this perspective? Or does it more specifically relate to an individual who is being transferred to a US branch office that has been in business for more than one year?

Also, I would like to receive this via email as soon as possible, do I simply make a payment through PayPal to service@greencardapply.com?

Thank you so much.

***** Email from Anant on 2/12/2006

Dear Madam/Sir,

Thanks so much for your help.

I have been lucky since my company submitted concurrently the I-140/I-485 forms and they were approved on the same day just after 4 months of filing for the OR category. I purchased your package and it was essential for the whole content of the application. I have two questions:

1. How long will I have to wait after these 2 approvals to get the stamp in my passport and the green card?

2. With these two applications approved, can I change employers now? Even not with the exact job description? Or I have to wait for the stamp and green card. Can my employer revoke the approvals due to my job change?


***** Email from Folagade on 2/3/2006

Dear William, 

I'm very interested on ordering one of you green card application packages but I'm not sure what will best apply to my 
situation. Could you please advice me on this.

I'm 30 y/o. I obtained my MD. I'm currently a research associate senior in the Department of Physiology at the University of Louisville in KY. I've had this position for a year now under a H1B status. Previously I did a two year fellowship in plastic surgery research in the Department of Surgery.

I'll graduate from a PhD program in physiology by the end of the summer. I do not have yet any first authorship publication. Although I'm an author on more than 7 manuscripts (second in two of them) that are published in internationally recognized journals.

I'm a first author on a poster that got the first prize in Research Louisville (a local competition) among other 70 posters in the category of graduate student. Also second author in a first prize poster in the med student category in the same competition. I'm one of the authors (second author in two) of 5 posters/abstracts presented at the Biophysical Society meeting held in Washington last year.

I would be more that grateful if you could help me on my decision. Then I'll order the corresponding application package to begin the my application process.

Thank you


***** Email from Chun on 1/29/2006

Dear William,

My EB1-EA petition has been approved. Thank you for your Do-It-Yourself-EB1 package. As I said (below, the previous emails), I wanted to go to Canada, and you told me I could adjust my status in Canada. I also heard that adjusting  status in Canada is fast than in US. But I-824 may needs some time to be approved. 

1) Do I need to be in US to wait for the I-824 approval before I go to Canada? 

2) I wonder which way is faster or better for me. If I file I-485 in US, whether the processing is a little fast for EB1 than for other types like NIW? If my I-485 can be approved in one year. I prefer to file I-485. Thank you for your assistance.

Thank you, 

***** Email from Sayaka on 1/22/2006

Dear Sir:

I am writing in connection with my endeavor to get permanent residence based on my scholarly achievements (EB1-outstanding professor/researcher ). I have been on J-1 visa in US from 1999-2004. I spent three years in my home country and therefore, I am not subject to the two year home residence. 

Last month, I got a new J-1 research visa and should be in US before the end of this month. As indicated on my new Visa, I am not subject to 212 (E). Also, I cleared criminal background and security checks. This process took almost two years. Could you please let me (Once in US) know how I can apply for the Permanent Residence? How soon I can get it based on my scholarly achievements (the time from submitting an application to holding the green card in hand)? and Is it possible to start this process at your office now ? I would greatly appreciate an urgent response, thanks.

Looking forward to hear from you.


***** Email from Vitali on 1/9/2006

Hi, William:

Thank you again for your valuable information on the web, I have another question that I need an advice from you, please give me your suggestions for this problem.

I heard that if I have accepted public assistance, I will have trouble to get a green card. I did accepted 2 years ago for a sliding fee program for medical purpose, I am worried whether I will be denied since I got the public assistance. I was unaware during that time that I should not accept any public assistance, please advice me how can I resolve this problem. Is there any method to pay back the balance, if so I would like to know the details.

Have a nice day.


***** Email from Manjushree on 1/3/2006

Dear Madam/Sir,

I am interested in applying for Permanent Residency in the United States under the EB1 -(Outstanding Professor)

I am a citizen of India and I will be soon starting to work as an Assistant Professor of Physics in a Nationally Ranked Liberal Arts College. This is a Tenure Track permanent position. I have a PhD in Physics from a US University and have several years of experience in teaching and research in Physics from reputed universities in the US. I have 12 publications, and co-authored a chapter in book on research methods, and I have served on panels and organization committees of several research symposia. I have research collaborations with many research groups both in USA and abroad. I have won both teaching and research awards.

With this brief description of my background, I would like to seek your guidance in applying for Permanent Residency. I would appreciate if you could provide me with any information that will help me decide to opt for your services to represent my case.

I looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.



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