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Year 2005 - Selected Emails from Users for
Questions and Comments on Our Services and Packages

1. Email from Alexander on 12/21/2005

Dear Sir,

With the help of the useful information I got from you, my I-140 petition through "Outstanding Researcher" (EB-2) was just approved. It took about 5 months, shorter than the receipt says. Now I begin to prepare for I-485 application for both my wife and myself. My wife holding H4 visa is currently with me in the US. But I have a few questions especially regarding my wife's I-485 petition.

1. What are additional documents required for my wife's I-485 besides 2 photos, her birth certificate, our marriage certificate?

2. Someone told me that an "Affidavit of Support" signed by me is required for my wife ? If yes, which form, I-134 or I-864 ?

'Thanks for your attention and help in advance. Wish you have a wonderful day.

2. Email from Tamas on 12/10/2005

Dear Dr William:

How are you? I was recently referred to you by an old client of yours. He had successfully obtained an I-140 approval through the NIW Category. Since our credentials matched, he suggested that I write to you.

I had some questions primarily regarding National Interest Waiver (NIW) through Extraordinary Ability or VA employment category. Here is some background information about me:

I am an Indian National. I did my residency training in Pathology (1999-2004) on a J-1 visa. Subsequent to that I obtained a J-1 waiver through employment a VA Medical Center. I will finish about a year and a half on my first H1-B employment visa. Overall, I have three fellowship trainings with one board certification and two subspecialty board certifications.

I have published about 17 scientific papers (~ 50 citations). I have about 20 presentations at National conferences (either Platforms sessions or posters).

'Thanks for your review.

3. Email from XiuPing on 11/05/2005

Dear William,

With your help, I have recently received a copy of the recommendation letter for my J1 waiver of two-year residence requirement from the waiver office of the U.S. State Department.

However, I also received a letter from Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services in the Department of Homeland Security that assigned a new number for my waiver, and it seems that it is still under processing. I am a little confused. Do you know what this means?

Thanks in advance. 

4. Email from YieXiu on 10/25/2005


Sorry to bother you again.

With the help of your EB1-EA package, my I-140 was approved in 2004. Last November, I moved to Massachusetts from North Carolina because of my new job. 

Having followed your suggestion, I have sent a letter to Texas USCIS center in last November and ask them to transfer my I-485 application to Vermont USCIS center. Yesterday, I called USCIS customer center and I was told that my I-485 application was still in Texas USCIS center. What can I do next? Do I have to write another letter to Texas USCIS Center or just wait?

Thanks a lot. Your suggestion will be greatly appreciated.


5. Email from Raj on 9/12/2005

Dr William,

I want to buy the NIW DIY package from your site. Basing on the feedback you provided in the discussion forum I believe that I qualify for NIW. But to be more sure I would like your opinion, my profile is as follows:

Master's Degree in biochemistry and a Diploma in bioinformatics both from an University. (not a PhD). Worked for a Biotechnology company as a Bioinformatician for 2 years. Later worked for an Institute in the US in the field of Astrobiology, funded by NASA for more than 2 years, as a Bioinformatics specialist, currently working for a University in Medical research in the field of Infectious diseases doing both Computaional and Laboratory work, trying to identify potential Vaccine candidates. 

Attended 5 international conferences, 2 sponsored by NASA Astrobiology and presented posters. I have two publications in International journal and 2 articles in Indian journals. I also have a US patent to my credit. 

My VISA status is currently J1, and my H1-B is being processed, expect it to be approved in Oct. 2005. If you could kindly give me an opinion and suggestions it would be very useful. 

Thank you

6. Email from Mathias on 8/25/2005

Dear sir,

I see your web site by internet and I am glad after reading about your wonderful service for Green Card. I have been through your website www.greencardapply.com and studied it carefully. It has excellent and detailed information on what exactly I was looking for regarding National Interest Waiver green card. As I am interested in obtaining US Green Card through National Interest Waiver, I have some issues which I believe that you will surely solve.

I have completed my Masters degree in Aeronautical engineering and has around 2 years of work experience. Currently I am  working in reputed Airlines in India. So If I want to apply for NIW visa, how should I apply for it from India itself? Who are the people whom I need to contact for the application?? 

I urgently need to solve these issues.

Best Regards

7. Email from JinDong on 8/8/2005

Dr William,

Thank you for operating such a wonderful site. I appreciate all the information you have provided us with. I was wondering whether you would know if the following process was legal. 

I work for a pretty big company (HP) any my Green Card process is still at the State labor certification stage (It has not gone to the Regional/Federal level yet). I have a Masters Degree and my company filed for my LC under the normal route (Non-RIR). I recently met a sales person at another consulting company where he offered to do my green card processing with a pre-approved labor certificate for a small sum of money. The deal was that I would still be working as a permanent employee of HP (And not as a contractor of this consulting company) and do the green card using this pre-approved labor cert. independent of HP. 

Would you know whether it is even legal to work on a H1-B with one company and use another company's labor certification to get your Green Card?

Any advice in this regard is greatly appreciated. Irrespective of what advice you give, I promise to advertise a link to your website on my website :)

Thank you so much William

8. Email from Junglas on 7/22/2005

Dear Madam/Sir,

I am a client at your service. I have bought a Do-It-Yourself based on which I have applied for the green card. Now I have obtained the Employment-Authorization Document (EAD) with which I am working actually. 

I just wonder if I can apply for a H1B visa again. I worked on H1B during 2.5 years only. If yes, how should I do it. My worry is that if my application fails, my EAD will be removed. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes,

9. Email from Marcin on 7/3/2005

Dear William, 

I submitted I-140 with your help as a EB1-EA case. Then, I received the receipt of application from USCIS after 10 days of my submitting. Also, I received an accept letter of the waive 2 year home residency requirement as a J1 status. 

So, if possible, I hope to apply I-485 and EAD also. May I filing I-485 without a job at U.S. ? I can support myself financially. It requires me a Affidavit of Support or Employment Letter. Should my wife need to file I-485 separately? Now, I am J1 status at a University in USA now. What else should I do? Thank you, 


10. Email from Munukoti on 6/19/2005

Dear William,

I found your website and knew that you provided excellent services for many people. I have several questions to ask you about my green card application. I am working for a start-up company and filed I140 under NIW last year. My I140 got approved last month. I want to file my I-485 with my fiancée together after we get married. She is a F1 student and already got an assistant professor job from a university in US. Here are my questions:

1) She is planning to graduate in May next year. If we submit our 485 now, she needs a visa to stay in USA. We don't want to change her status to H4 because there are too many risks there. Can she apply OPT now and use OPT to stay in USA while she is applying for green card? 

2) Or I can wait until she get her own H1B, then we apply together. How long can I wait before we apply 485? (in other words, what is the validation period of I140?) 

3) I am in California service center. When I am eligible to change my job, am I allowed to move to the area which is in a different service center? What should I do to get my green card if I changed my job and location?

Thank you, 

10. Email from Girsha on 6/2/2005

Good morning William,

I saw your excellent website and looked up some FAQ's about J1 waiver and green card application. I'm a PhD in Pharmacy (medicinal chemistry), working at an US university as a pos-doctor on drug design and dynthesis of new active molecules on central nervous system (e.g. atipsychotics, anxiolytics, antidrepssents, etc..). My research also includes drugs of abuse (e.g. amphetamines, etc.). I work for a big name in this field and under NIH grants.

This is my second year in USA as a pos-doc and the fourth year in general (I was here for 2 years as part of my PhD program). I hope to get at least 4 new papers from my first year(2 in writing already) and some more from this year. In total I hope to finish this program next year with about 8 papers. I'm under J1 visa, with no waiver so far.

My question is: as long as this research sounds to me of national interest (how can I check that?) and is funded by NIH, do you think the NIW is an appropriate way to file an GC application? I want to highlight that I'm not a PI (principal investigator) nor my name is cited in this grant. My boss is the guy on that, but the money I got come from this source.

Looking forward to hear from you.


11. Email from Yuri on 5/22/2005

Hi, William:

I found your website very impressive and well-designed. And all of the user's comments make me have more interest to try your Do-It-Yourself package. I'm wondering could you help me to figure out which package will be appropriate for my status?

I'm a graduate student, Ph.D candidate, in Immunology department, in US University (research-based), expecting to get Ph.D degree in less than six month. I have BS and MS degree from non-US University. I have years research experiences and have publications, papers, conference posters and oral presentation.

I'm going to continue the research job as postdoc after graduation, but will be at different school. Please let me know if I can start green card application now and what category will be better?

Thanks very much for answering! Really appreciate it,

Have a nice day

12. Email from Yujuan on 5/10/2005

Dear William:

I visited your homepage and found it is very helpful. I hope to get your help for my question.

I work on my EAD which depends on my husband's Green Card petition. However, my husband's I-140 and I-485 petitions are still in pending. Recently I got a new job offer, I can use my EAD for the new job, but if my husband's I-140 petition is denied, my EAD will be invalid. My friend suggests me to ask the job offer applying H1 for me. 

My question is that if I submit H1 petition, my husband's I-140 and I-485 petitions will be affected? Thank very much you for your kind help.


13. Email from Xuefen on 4/13/2005

Dear William,

Thank you very much for your "do-it-yourself packages" for I-140 and I-485. Yesterday, we got the I-140 approval notice from USCIS for EB1-EA case that at least one year earlier than the processing date published on USCIS homepage.

Two month ago, we had submitted our Form I-485 to USCIS with the receipt of EB1-OR. Could you please tell us what we need to do to replace our EB1-OR receipt by EB1-EA approval notice? Do you have any sample letter that can attach to us? Whether the USCIS will give us any notice when they receive our EB1-EA approval notice with the letter?

We really appreciate for your kind help!

Sincerely yours

14. Email from Yijun on 3/23/2005

Dear William:

You have helped me with my I-140 application. I have filed my application following your DIY package samples and instructions. Thank you very much! Now, I am ready to file the I-485 and I-131 forms.

I have a question regarding the form: On both forms, they ask for A# or A file number. What is this number? Your help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

15. Email from Riaz on 3/11/2005

Dear Customer Service,

Thank you very much for your DIY package. My I-140 for NIW just got approved!

I'm ready to file my Adjustment of Status (I-485). I have the following two concerns:

1. On my I-140, I put "Pharmaceutical Researcher" in the "Proposed  Employment" field. However, I'm currently employed as a software engineer  although I'm actively seeking employment in the "Pharmaceutical Researcher" field. My question is: what is the chance for my I-485 get approved by the USCIS? 

2. If my I-485 petition is denied, can I still lawfully stay in my current  non-immigration status (H-1B)?

Thank you again for the great DIY package and thank you in advance for your  kind assistance.

16. Email from BinShong on 3/3/2005

Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for your email. I really appreciate your prompt reply.

I am writing to order the "complete Do-it-Yourself", and join the "premium petition service program" as well. May I order it by email (I can pay the fee through www.paypal.com), or I have to mail the check by post office? If Yes by email, can I pay the Do-it-yourself package and premium service together? or separately?

Thank you for your reply

17. Email from Janice on 2/27/2005

Dear Sir,

It was very informative to go through your website. Thank you so much. What a great advise from your website! My friend and I were getting great information whenever we have questions.

I am a tenure-track Assistant Professor. I obtained my PhD in Computer Science from an University of in Texas and am interested in applying for a green card under the EB-1 outstanding researcher category. I would like to know if I qualify for this category and if I should be applying under it before I order the "Do-it yourself" package. 

Thank you,

18. Email from Lynette on 2/21/2005

Dear Sir/Madam,

I came across your web site and found it is very informative on the issue of applying for a Green Card through the National Interest Waiver category. I would like to purchase a Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for National Interest Waiver (NIW) Petition. However I just wanted to make sure that I would qualify for getting such a petition approved. A summary of my background is as follows:

Post-doctoral fellow MRI and tissue engineering research at NIH; PhD Biomedical Engineering, University of Iowa; 1-year French Govt. research fellow conduction research in Biomechanics at Ecole centrale de Lyon, Lyon, France M.Eng; Materials Science, National University of Singapore (NUS); B.S.E. Bioengineering, Arizona State University; Total years of full-time research working experience: 2, Post-doc at NIH (1yr); Research Engineer at NUS (1 year).

Thank you very much. I look forward to your response.

With best wishes,

19. Email from Alexej on 2/16/2005

Dear Sir,

Recently, I purchased I-140 RFE (Outstanding Professors or Researchers) package from you service. First of all, I would like to thank you. I followed the suggestions in you package and my I-140 was approved within 45 days of mailing the RFE. I will also recommend my colleagues to use your package and pass the word to my university's International Scholar's Office so that they can guide others about using your service.

I would also like to purchase your I-485 package. Will I be able to purchase it at a discounted price, since it is my second package?


20. Email from Horatiu on 2/9/2005

Dear Dr William: 

Thanks so much for your prompt and informative reply! My research project is funded by Howard Hughes Medical Institute, a national wide nonprofit medical research organization. I hope it will help me to qualify for the NIW.

I will start my application now. The last question is: in pending period after my application, do you think I can renew my H-visa over 6 years?

Thanks a lot again and hope you have a wonderful day!

21. Email from Youngho on 2/1/2005

Dear William,

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I have ordered your EB1-EA and NIW packages from www.paypal.com yesterday. I will purchase I-485 package right after that. I am so glad to hear you will mail the package to me on the same day of my order.

Now I have another question. I will file two I-140s, one for NIW and the other one for EB1-EA, and I should receive two receipts from USCIS. My question is: how many I-485 do I need to file, one or two?

Thank you very much again for your first email. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


22. Email from Nitin on 1/23/2005

Dr William,

I like the greencardapply.com website a lot and have already found it very helpful. 

I bought your NIW-140 package before and I found it really helpful. Now I am considering to do concurrent filing and looking for a I-485 package. Your I-485 package looks good to me. Before order it, I have some questions on the I-485 application: 

1) suppose I apply for EAD for myself (H1) and my wife (H4) together with I-485, and later (after we get the EADs) I am laid off, does my family have a legal status here? 

2) if yes to question 1, can I still work using my EAD after a period of unemployment (say, 3 month at home)?

Your kind reply is greatly appreciated.

23. Email from Sadeep on 1/15/2005

Dear William,

I recently filed I-140 by myself and I am planning to file I-485 now. I am thinking to purchase your I-485 application package. 

Now I have a question about where I should send my I-485 application to, district office or Nebraska Service Center (I am in Ohio). I checked the processing data through USCIS website and found for both EAD and AP, Nebraska Service Center is much faster than district office. So do you suggest me file my I-485 through Nebraska Service Center? What are the major differences in processing procedures between district office and service center?

After I hear from you, I will purchase I-485 package using my PayPal account. Could you let me know when I could receive the package after I purchase online?

Thanks. Your earliest response will be highly appreciated.


24. Email from Vijay on 1/8/2005

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your prompt reply. I just change my visa from J-1 to H1. I started my research (NIH grand) two years before but not in federal agencies.

Do you still think NIW is easier than EB-1 EA for me? For NIW, who needs to do the petition? If I do the petition, may I change my job/research to other federal funded project?

I am preparing for the materials for applying I-140 using your DIY package. I'm wondering whether these are enough or not for getting an approval. How about your feeling of my application materials? Please see my attached cover letter.

May I get your comment. I'll appreciate it.

Best Regards, 

25. Email from Vasantha on 1/3/2005

Dear Dr William:

I would like to congratulate you for the outstanding job you are doing, and the information you are providing is always worth a lot for us!

I am considering buying your Do-It-Yourself package and start the NIW application. I have good confidence that I will succeed NIW application, the problem is: there is a good chance that I will have to change job while I-485 pending, possibly out of the service center where I will file I-485. 

Even if I stay in the same center, I may still have unemployed gaps in-between research funding. Will taking a similar job out or the service center or be unemployed in-between funding hurt adjustment of status?




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