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Examples of Approved EB1 Extraordinary Ability Immigration Applications 

Learn successfully approved immigration application cases in the category of EB1 Extraordinary Ability, filed on behalf of alien individuals conducting research in various scientific and engineering fields

A Research Scientist in Bell Lab

  • PhD from an University in Boston in Computer Engineering;

  • Five Journal publications;

  • Ten Conference papers, first author for most of them in IEEE journals;

  • Got more than 35 citations, some on international recognized academic journals;

  • Presented original research work on three international conferences;

  • Presented invited talks;

  • Have two pending patents;

  • Reviewer of other researcher's IEEE journal papers;

  • Taught a class at an University;

  • Several national research awards;

  • Currently working for Bell Lab for image technology research.

A Senior Engineer in Wireless Communications

  • Ph.D from an US University in Computer Science and Engineering;

  • 5 Journal publications and 10 Conference papers, first author for most of them;

  • Presented research work on 2 international conferences;

  • Did research in a DOD research lab;

  • One of conference paper was invited to publish on an international recognized academic journal;

  • Invited as a speaker on an international conference;

  • Reviewed other researcher's paper for an international conference.

  • Got numerous awards as student in school;

  • Currently working as a senior engineer in wireless communications.

A Ph.D from China in Materials Science

  • Received national level award;

  • Several national research fellowships;

  • One Post Doctor international scholarship award;

  • Many publications in 6 international journals;

  • Several paper presentations at international conferences

  • Have reviewed peer's work;

  • Research work has been cited by peers and scientists

  • Provided recommendation letters from scientists from China, Japan, and US;

  • Worked in the area of fuel cell related materials for five years;

  • Currently in US on H1B:

A Scientist in Electrical Engineering and J1 Holder in a Top US University

  • Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from a top US University;

  • Four published papers for original contributions;

  • Many citations, including citations in 'Science';

  • Got strong reference letters from independent experts;

  • Worked for National Research Institute and NASA for biosensors research;

  • Member of the IEEE;

  • 10 published papers;

  • 3 international presentations;

  • Awards for academic excellence and research achievement from US Universities.

A Post-Doctor in an University 

  • Ph.D in Molecular Genetics, current Post Doc. in the same university 

  • Fifteen papers in English;

  • More than 40 citations;

  • Four US national meeting presentations;

  • Two international memberships;

  • One major award in US;

  • One national award in home country China, 

  • Several awards during Ph.D studies from school.

A Research Assistant Professor in an University

  • PhD in Civil Engineering from US;

  • Worked as a Research Scientist for two years in industry in US;

  • Currently working as a Research Assistant Professor in an University;

  • Have ten publications in international journals; 

  • Seven conference presentations;

  • Reviewed journal articles for international and US journals;

  • Cited many times by other published articles.

  • Two awards from University;

  • Member of American Civil Engineering Society;

  • Several Scholarships.

A Scientist and J1 Holder in Top US University

  • PhD from Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • 5 National and International Awards, including US National Science Foundation and US National Laboratory. 

  • "The excellent PhD thesis Prize" by the Department of Education, China;

  • Member of American Chemistry Society ;

  • Published in intentional journals and Chinese journals

  • 15 papers on intentional journals; 4 papers on the No.1 Chemistry journal; Most articles are indexed by the SCI; 

  • 7 conference presentations.

  • Many citations; 

  • Several times of invited talks;

  • Got waived the two-years home residence requirement. The J-1 waive was based on the "No Objection".    

A Research Associate with H-1B visa at a Small Company in Bioengineering

  • PhD in Bioengineering;

  • One year Post-doc researcher at an University;

  • Six published papers;

  • Two submitted journal papers, first author;

  • Five conference papers;

  • Three issued patents;

  • One patent pending with other people;

  • Got 7 letters of references;

  • Two Memberships in biomedical field;

  • Reviewed other's scientific papers;

  • Currently working with H-1B visa at a small company in Bioengineering at San Diego area.

A Research and Development Engineer Working in a Semiconductor Company

  • PhD in Electrical Engineering from US university;

  • One foreign patent;

  • 11 journal papers;

  • 15 conference papers;

  • One major award;

  • About 8 citations;

  • Member of IEEE;

  • Got reference letters from universities and industry;

  • Co-reviewer for one conference and one journal;

  • Working in a semiconductor company as a Research/Development Engineer;

  • 2 years Research experience abroad;

  • 4 years Research Assistant in an US university

A Research Scientist With J1 Visa in Computer Engineering

  • PhD and Bachelor degrees from a leading university in China;

  • Hold two prestigious awards by several ministries of China's state government;

  • Got several top awards from the University;

  • Got an excellent paper award from an international conference.

  • Co-authored one award-winning text book in computer engineering;

  • 14 technical papers appeared in international and China national journals;

  • Worked as reviewers for two prestigious Chinese technical journals;

  • Reviewers for several international conferences;

  • Member of ACM - Association for Computing Machinery;

  • J1 Visiting Scholar in a USA National Lab.

A Post Doctoral in Electrical Engineering Working as a Senior Scientist

  • Working in a company in New York State as senior scientist in R&D center;

  • PhD in US, Master in China;

  • Post Doc. in Magnetic Resonance Imaging areas to diagnose various brain diseases;

  • 5 US journal papers;

  • 4 Chinese Journal papers;

  • Not many citations;

  • 4 conference research papers in the area of image processing & pattern recognition;

  • Contributed one chapter for a well-known book in computer vision;

  • One patent pending for image recognition;

  • Chinese Ministry Prize  - Scientific & Technical Progress Prize;

  • Currently H-1B visa as a Post Doc in a Research Center

  J-1 Holder in Research of Public Health and Medicine

  • Have a significant research background in Public Health and Medicine;
  • Currently on J1 visa;
  • MD from an UK University;
  • Working on a highly recognized Public Health program at one of the top-ranked US medical school;
  • 8 years experience in research;
  • Membership of JAMA and Public Health academic society;
  • 7 journal publications in leading journals;
  • 4 papers presented at international conferences; 
  • Several awards in medical school;
  • Research reported by medical news;
  • First author for most publications.
A Ph.D. Currently Working for Small Company
  • Ph.D. from top-15 US university in Electrical Engineering;
  • Three Year experience at a famous corporate research lab, currently working for small company;
  • Two IEEE journal publications
  • Six international conferences, most of them are IEEE;
  • Two book chapters;
  • Nine citations;
  • No major awards or prizes;
  • Six recommendation letters, 4 from US, 2 from Europe.

A Post-doc in Biology Research

  • MS and Ph.D. in biology;
  • Nine papers, 6 in English and 3 in non-English, first author 6 papers;
  • Six abstracts and four presentations in national conferences;
  • Reviewed 5 papers for 3 professional journals.
  • Two professional memberships.
  • Five requests for reprints of his papers.
  • One university fellowship and one Best Paper Award from a professional society in an International Conference.
  • Seven strong letters of recommendation,
  • School media reported his research.

A Chemical Engineer With Three Years Research Experience After Ph.D.

  • Ph.D. in Chemical  Engineering
  • Three years research experience after Ph.D.
  • Nine publications in journals;
  • Six conferences papers;
  • One international scholarship;
  • Several minor national awards;
  • Two Memberships in professional organizations
  • Six strong reference letters;
  • Detailed letter from employer about his qualifications

A Post-doc Researcher in Nuclear Engineering 

  • A MS and Ph.D. from USA university in Nuclear Engineering;
  • One and half year post-doc experience in UK;
  • Eight published papers, and two book chapters;
  • One US patent application;
  • One US national level award - best graduate student paper;
  • One international award for best paper (co-author);
  • Six expert recommendation letters;
  • Three professional society memberships;
  • Some magazine clippings talking about the work by technical journalists.

A Post-Doctoral Research Associate in a University

  • US Ph.D. in Chemistry;
  • Six publications in journals;
  • Two awards;
  • Two time journal reviewer;
  • Five presentations for symposiums and conferences;
  • Seven citations, copied from SCI citation data from Web-of-Science and selected journal papers which cited her work;
  • Two Memberships;
  • Seven reference letters.

A Research Associate at a U.S. National Laboratory

  • MS. in Biomedical Engineering from Spain, and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from US;
  • Working as a research associate at a national laboratory;
  • 18 journal papers, first author for 9 papers, 12 of them are published in peer-reviewed US journals;
  • Have been cited more than 80 times by other researchers in 11 countries;
  • Three reviewed articles for books;
  • 8 international conference papers, first author for 5 of them;
  • Reviewed 4 papers for a US scientific journal;
  • Two international conference presentations.

A PhD Student in Nanotechnology 

  • PhD student in Physics, field in nanotechnology;
  • Fifteen journal papers, 16 conference papers;
  • 4 international conference presentations;
  • Biography in the Material Research Society as leading experts in the nanotube field;
  • More than 65 SCI citations in the past four years;
  • Membership of Sigma Xi, the honor scientific research association;
  • Reviewer of three conference papers for the Materials Research Society;
  • Got numerous awards as a student in school;
  • Will be a postdoc at a good university working on a NSF funded nanotechnology research.

A  Post-doctor Researcher at National Institute of Health (NIH)

  • PhD from an U.S. University, in Biomedical Engineering;
  • Three Journal publications and 16 conference papers, first author for most of them;
  • One paper published in Science;
  • Presented original research work at three international conferences;
  • Three of conference paper were invited to publish on internationally recognized academic journals;
  • Have two pending patents and was invited to be a speaker on an international conference for the patents and their research;
  • Reviewer of other researcher's paper for an international conference;
  • Got numerous awards as student in school;
  • Joined National Institute of Health (NIH) as a post-doctor researcher for cancer cell structure research.  

A J-1 Researcher at a U.S. Federal Government Research Organization

  • Not a PhD, but extensive research (10+ years). Non-US education;
  • Nine Journal papers and 11 conference research papers in the area of Optical Networks.
  • Two patents;
  • Got good letters of references;
  • Membership to Sigma Xi (Member), IEEE (Senior Member) and SPIE (Member);
  • Reviewed six papers;
  • One national level prize;

A Senior Researcher at a Telecommunication Research Company

  • PhD in physics from China;
  • Post doctoral research in China for three years before came to USA;
  • Three years of teaching and research experience in a university in China; 
  • 16 publications in scientific/engineering journals in English and in Chinese; 
  • One patent; 
  • Two USA scientific memberships; 
  • One award for best PhD paper from China and its scholarship; 
  • As a senior researcher for three years at a telecommunication research company in USA;
  • Got good recommendation letters from PhD advisors in China and from current employer and another PhDs. 

A Post-doctoral Fellow at a University's Health Science Center

  • Have a PhD in Molecular Biology from University in Canada;
  • Working as a post-doctoral fellow at a University's Health Science Center;
  • Have 11 publications in peer reviewed journals, five of them are in the current field of research and five from PhD research;
  • Presented research work at national and international meetings;
  • Get seven good reference letters from current employer as well as others in the field;
  • Reviewed 3 papers for 2 professional journals;
  • Two professional memberships.

A J-1 Visiting Scientist Working for a National Lab

  • PhD from an Indian University;
  • Gold medal and a award for best PhD thesis;
  • Two fellowships in MS and PhD, one International public health fellowship;
  • Nine first authored research papers; 
  • Seven co-authored research papers;
  • One co-authored research paper at Science;
  • Total 38 citations of research papers;
  • Six conference presentations, and one invited talk;
  • Membership in 4 US professional societies;
  • Nine strong reference letter from US, Australia, Japan, India;
  • Total 10 years research experience in India and US.

A Materials Researcher Working for a Small Private Company

  • A scientist working on nano-materials in a small company which develops the fuel cells;

  • Has funding from National Science Foundation and several U.S. government agencies for numerous projects;

  • Has continued employment and offered salary with a company;

  • Substantial evidence has been submitted to claim that he had published academic articles in international journals;

  • Acted as a judge of the work of others by reviewing papers for professional journals;

  • Received international recognition through the citations that his work had received from researchers in the U.S. and around the world;

  • Several strong recommendation letters from experts in the field were submitted to USCIS with the petition documents;

  • Recommendation letters confirming his significant contributions in the field;

  • This EB-1A petition was approved with 48 days.

An Assistant Professor in Physics at a State University 

  • An assistant professor working at a U.S. university in the field of Physics;

  • He has been employed by the university for more than four years;

  • Has an assistant professorship in the tenured-track position and his continuous employment with the university;

  • He met the requirements for 4 of the 10 criteria of EB-1A

  • 11 scholarly articles and 6 conference presentations for authorship of scholarly articles in the field; 

  • 6 recommendation letters from experts in the field for his significant scientific contributions to the field;

  • Submitted evidence of participating as a judge of the work of others;

  • A citations report for his 56 citations received from researchers in U.S. and around the world was also submitted with the petition documents. 

  • With the USCIS' Premium Processing, his EB-1A petition was approved within 14 days.

A Communication Researcher Working for a Company 

  • MS degree in telecommunications and electronic engineering;

  • Works for a large company;

  • He had 6 years of experience as a researcher specializing in telecommunications;

  • Claimed 4 EB-1A criteria with supporting evidence;

  • The petitioner provided documentary evidence of scholarly articles, citations, and peer-review work;

  • The petitioner has shown that he had made original scientific contributions to the field;

  • Published 9 scholarly articles in international journals;

  • Pad participated the judge of other's work through the peer-review;

  • Several strong reference letters from experts confirmed his international recognition in the field. 

  • The petition was approved after a RFE response.

An Researcher in Biology Working for a Small State University 

  • An researcher in Biology who was sponsored by his employer which is a small state university;

  • Has a research position at the university;

  • Has a relatively low citation numbers in this field which is Medical Biology;

  • Has documentary evidence of his original contributions in the field;

  • Has evidence of participation in peer-review work; 

  • This employer received Request For Evidence (RFE) notice from USCIS after the petition material submission;

  • To claim his international recognition in the field and reply the RFE requests, several additional reference letters from the experts;

  • The case was quickly approved after the RFE response.

A Material Engineering Researcher Working for a Private Company

  • Has a Ph.D. degree in Material Engineering;

  • Had been employed at a large technology company for more than 3 years;

  • Submitted evidence that beneficiary met 4 EB-1A criteria;

  • 8 publication of scholarly articles in international journals;

  • Receipt of a major award in recognition of his original contributions;

  • Participation as a judge of the work of others in the field;

  • A citation report of over 46 citations from researchers around the world has been submitted with the petition documents, indicating the international recognition of his excellent research work. 

  • Several recommendation letters are submitted to USCIS to explain his extraordinary ability in the field;

  • This petition was quickly approved.

A Pharmaceutical Researcher Working for a Research Company

  • A researcher with Ph.D. in pharmacology;

  • Work for a pharmaceutical research company, and research focused on drug formulation and delivery;

  • Published 11 journals, presented 3 conference papers, and edited 3 reference books; 

  • Publications were cited 84 times; 

  • Has 3 drug patents and a commercial license agreement on the patents;

  • The petition was approved without an RFE.

An Computer Imaging  Researcher

  • Has Ph.D. in computer engineering from a prestigious university;

  • Published 10 journal articles and 5 conference papers;

  • Publications were cited 35 times;

  • Reviewed 5 journal manuscripts;

  • USCIS issued an RFE after the EB-1A petition submission;

  • Responded with additional supplemental information about publications and regular service as a reviewer for multiple journals;

  • The petition was approved thereafter.

A Pharmaceutical Researcher

  • A pharmaceutical researcher with Ph.D. from a state university in U.S.;

  • Published 8 journal articles, 2 book chapters, and 6 conference papers;

  • Publications were were cited 45 times;

  • Reviewed 3 journal manuscripts;

  • Was the chief inventor in 2 patents; 

  • USCIS issued an RFE on the issue of original contribution in the field;

  • The petition was approved after RFE response.

A PhD Student in Cyber Forensics

  • PhD student in cyber forensics at a US University;
  • Have seven publications, and a couple more on the way;
  • have served on a journal review committee;
  • Chaired a cyber forensics session in a major national conference;
  • Wrote for a couple of news papers and magazines;
  • Two major televised interviews about cyber forensics;
  • Have numerous educational awards;
  • Recognized by three organizations for achievements and accepted their memberships;
  • Nominated for an outstanding teacher award;
  • Got experts in the field to verify the importance of research contributions in the field.

 A J-1 Scientist at US National Laboratory as Postdoc

  • Working at a US National Laboratory as postdoc;
  • J1 visa with the two years rule;
  • Have a Master of Science degree from Italy;
  • A PhD from the Stockholm Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden);
  • 13 published and 3 submitted articles in high quality international journals;
  • Seven international conference contributions as first author, 
  • Worked for IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) for three years;
  • Two year teaching experience at a Sweden University.

An Research in Analytical Chemistry: The NSC approved an EB1-EA application filed on behalf of an individual conducting research in the field of analytical chemistry. While he had published some articles, there was also proof that he was invited to author a chapter in an up-coming book. Additionally, he had presented his work at leading conferences and was a member of leading organizations in the field. His works have been cited by others in the field and he had been given supervisory authority in his home country.

This person had also received travel grants and a substantial research grant from his university while pursuing his Ph.D. The researcher had received admission into highly elite educational institutions in his home country as well as in the United States. He has continued to play a critical role for organizations with a distinguished reputation while in the United States.

A Reliability Research Engineer: The applicant worked for one of the major automobile manufacturers in the U.S. He now works for a major automotive component manufacturer. He is instrumental in the development of reliable electrical components for automobiles. Respected throughout the world, he is a reviewer for two professional scientific journals.

A Post-Doctor in Biomedical Research: The applicant is a post-doctor in biomedical research. He has a Ph.D. in Biomedical Science, and his research work is to develop medical rehabilitation process to benefit individuals with disabilities, especially for neurological illnesses and injuries. The applicant has many publications. The applicant developed innovative interface paradigms and modeling strategies for surgical simulation, which have many application in surgical training and education.

Assistant Professor in Human Genetics: His research concentrates on human genetics, and was awarded two grants from NIH for his ground-breaking research. His contributions to the field are cloning the hereditary prostate cancer gene. The applicant has a Ph.D. in Biology.

Post-Doctor in Biofuel Research and Development: The applicant has Ph.D in Chemical Engineering, and he specializes in biofuel development and its application. He was awarded grants for his innovative research. His achievements in bio-energy production technology is critical to US and have applications in developing fuel alternatives, and reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Research Scientist in Immunology: The scientist works on immunology research. Her research focuses on musculoskeletal disorders present in the population. The applicant has many years of research experience and many publications, and has significant contributions to the field of immunology. Her contributions in the area of prevention of autoimmune diseases has a major impact on improving the nations health care, and may save millions of dollars of medical expenditures. Her work has been published in many international journals.

A Ph.D. Student in Environmental Research: The Ph.D. student works on decontamination of hazardous materials. The applicant has major contributions in the decontamination of hazardous biochemical materials, and its applications in existing nuclear power plants. His research helps the understanding of the effects of various bio-hazards on the environment, and to develop efficient methods of decontamination at hazardous sites.

A Researcher in Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer: The applicant has a Ph.D in Aerospace Engineering, and specializes in computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer. The research and development of advanced modules of computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer is an essential contribution to the field, and has application in atmospheric sciences and environmental engineering. His expertise in mechanical and aerospace engineering is critical to the research project and its application.

A Research Associate in Biomodular Material Research and Development: The applicant has a Ph.D in Biology Science, and specializes in biomodular research and development. Her research and development in biomodular apparatus and material have application in material property testing, which would improve many chemistry materials by making them safer and more durable, and would have financial savings of millions of dollars each year for industry. The applicant 's work has been cited nationally and internationally.

A Biomedical Researcher in Molecular Biology: The applicant has a M.S in Biology Science, and he is currently a biomedical researcher in an institute. The research field is genetics and molecular biology, and it has substantial intrinsic merit. The applicant has several strong reference letters for his ground-breaking research on the gene cloning, and he is presently working on two National Institutes of Health (NIH) sponsored research projects in this field. 

A Research Assistant Professor in Neuron Science: The research area is neurology, brain tumors, and its applications in diabetes. The applicant has strong reference letters from by leading experts for his unprecedented contributions to the field. His pioneering research has had a significant impact on the field, and was awarded grants for his innovative research.

A Senior Engineer in Wireless Signal Processing: The applicant received a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. His achievements focus on emerging technology, such as wireless technology and its signal processing. His research was shown in many published papers that it has an international impact on wireless technology and significant economic improvement.

A Research Scientist in Multimedia Information: The applicant has Ph.D in Computer Science, and his research focus on multimedia information systems. His fundamental research is valuable to the development of new information technologies in next generation of Internet.



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